Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poll Update - 6 Days to go...

To my Conservative Friends:

HANG ONTO YOUR BUTTS!!!!!! It’s getting CLOSER!!!!!

Ok, here are the facts as of now – with 6 days to go….. I will spare you any literary prose for this update….

If you look at all the polls and exclude all the polls that are “one shot polls” meaning that they are not tracking polls that conduct interviews every day. They are just isolated polls that do not have rolling or tracking avgs.

The tracking polls, by no surprise, tend to be the most stable and predictable of all the polls… These “one-shot” polls which have Barry ahead 10, 12 or even 13 pts. (who the hell is Pew Research???), I don’t buy them for a minute. And I tell you that neither do my Dem friends (yes, I have a few, sorry…. I am converting them as we speak).

The tracking polls show a much more stable and closer race, while still showing Barry ahead, but to lesser, less erratic degree…. I see it this way: Like anything in life, if you do something every day, you will do a better job than somebody who does it once in a while…. If a polling company conducts polls everyday for months on end, it’s natural to say they will get better at it each day, refine their assumptions and percentages and, in the end, be a better predictor of the results…..

So, with that being said, here is what the everyday tracking polls say today:

Rasmussen – Obama 50/McCain 47
Zogby – Obama 49/McCain 45
Gallup – Obama 49/McCain 47
IBD – Obama 48/McCain 44
Battleground – Obama 49/McCain 46

Average of all Tracking polls - Obama 49.0/McCain 45.8 or an Obama lead of 3.2pts….

This is I believe, is the lead that the Messiah has with a week to go and this is the hurdle we must climb by election day…. I think McCain needs to reduce that 3.2 to 2 pts to get this done…. I think if he gets this avg. down to 2 pts, the momentum will be ours and it could be enough to carry the day in the swing states….

One more thing that I think could really help the situation, if there is one poll that comes out between now and election day, just one poll, any poll that shows McCain ahead (even by a point), I think it would be a tremendous psychological blow to Barry and his supporters and energize our base to really work to get our vote out…..

The thing that is interesting in analyzing all the numbers is that in all the Democrat primaries, the last poll before each of the individual primaries, the percentage that Barry received in the last poll was the actual amount he received in the vote…. Meaning, If Barry was not polling above 50% in any of the polls, he did not win the vote… All the undecided’s went to Her Thighness Hillary and I think McCain, likewise, will get the majority of the undecided’s…

So, I find it interesting that Barry is not over 50% in the tracking poll analysis above…. I think that if people are for Barry they are saying it, if they are saying they are undecided, mark my words, they’re probably not voting for him now….. This is what I think the pundits are missing in the poll data analysis…. Is it enough to win, not yet, but it’s much closer than the media is reporting – surprise!!!!

So, like I said, just the facts….

GOP Mike

Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Update - 8 Days to go.... Do you believe in Miracles???

To my Conservative friends:

All of us remember the term “Do you Believe in Miracles???? YES!!!!” uttered by sportscaster Al Michaels during the 1980 Olympics when the USA Hockey team beat the vaunted Soviets in one of the greatest upsets in sports history…. Well, hold that thought…..

As I walk the streets of Manhattan this cool October afternoon and the sun peeks in-between the skyscrapers onto the liberal streets of the big city, I see the giddiness on their liberal faces, a glint in their eyes. I sense a bounce in their gate and a tiny voice that is growing in their loins that screams out “We are about to kick the old man’s ass and take over this goddamn country!!!!”

Their excitement is palpable and as you walk by and faintly catch a murmur of their conversations. As you pass by the NYU student wearing a ski-cap (it’s 60 degrees today) with his I-pod draped around his neck chatting with the upper east side intellectual with his man-scarf and fat-free skim-milk latte from Starbucks ($8.75, plus tax), you can hear the Messiah’s name being uttered and words like “over”, “finished” and “Thank God!!!” - Yeah now they believe in God!!! - Even the homeless are sporting Barry buttons and card-board box stickers (they don’t have bumpers) thinking after Barry’s election they are moving into that 2-story Brownstone on 83rd and Lex....

Yes…… All will be right with the world after the Chosen one takes what is rightfully ours…..

I keep saying to myself “keep talkin’ , keep talkin’’’’..

When you watch the news, you can’t help but notice the Libs are determined to sell the Obama victory as already happened and nothing you nasty Republicans can do about it…… They are writing the Republican’s party obituary with glee and contempt for everything we stand for…… Screw Keith Overbite and Tom Broken-jaw - liberal-pinko Commies!!!! They are only one vote and we know what that vote will be!!!!

I keep sayin’ – keep talkin, keep talkin…..

John McCain is fighting the perfect storm – A bad economy, an in-the-tank determined media and 8 years of extreme liberal rage that they can’t wait to unleash on the old war-hero from Arizona…. He’s behind in every single poll conducted and in every battleground state survey taken…. However, I am seeing something in these numbers that gives me hope and pause.

Most Republicans are not apt to take to the streets or argue policy and polls with their left-leaning neighbors (your friendly author and recipients to these emails excluded). I believe, there is a silent majority out there that know that even though John McCain is not their be-all, end-all, this Obama is a fake, a phony and a fraud - And they can’t wait to finally have their say next week… Again, these poll numbers are telling me something that I think is being missed and I will share it with all in my next article to you soon…..

So you ask me – Do I believe in Miracles? ……..Yeah, maybe I do….

GOP Mike

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election Update - 2 weeks to go....

To my Conservative Friends:

It’s two weeks to go and the polls are looking as dismal as the economy….. It is my unhappy duty to inform you that things ain’t lookin’ so good right now!!!! avg. has the Messiah up 7.6 points up as of this morning….. Just 2 days ago it was down to 4.8 and shrinking….. So, what has happened in the past 48 hrs.???????

I have a theory why this is happening and it comes in 3 parts:

1. The media started freakin’ out when the polls started to shrink and I, and others have noticed a huge effort not only to spin any news for Nobama but to already start writing about “the demise of the McCain campaign” and he “should campaign the last 2 weeks respectfully knowing he’s going to lose like Mondale did in ‘84”…. They are trying to tamp down any enthusiasm for McCain and demoralize Republicans so they said “who cares”… The media is not going to allow Nobama to lose without an all-out effort on their part to rig this thing for their boy and give him and his running mate Joe Plugs each and every benefit of the doubt…. To not made a big story of Plugs’ comments’ that “Mark my words, we will have a crisis to test this guy within the 1st 6-months!!!!” was the most obvious bias there could be… Imagine Gov. Palin saying something like that!! They would have been all over that like a cheap suit!!! This stuff said by Biden was the same thing he and Hillary, her Thighness, Clinton said in the primaries that this clown is nowhere near ready to be President!!!!

– BTW - I used to have no problem watching the Clinton News Network (cnn) or MSDNC (msnbc) to keep tabs on the enemy’s argument and to see how deranged they have become, but the last week has become unbearable to the 10th degree….. Could you imagine if Fox had a guy as deranged and hateful as Keith OverBite or if Fox had a panel of 5 people and not one liberal voice???? Why do we always feel the need to be fair when the other side is not???? We have to get tougher!!!! How many times do we need to be slapped in the face before we take a shovel to the back of their heads????

2. The polls not tightening is also partly because of the massive spending difference. Nobama has raised $150 million in September alone and over $600 million in total…. McCain has abided by his pledge (Barry reneged – never called on it by the media btw….)to accept federal funds and is limited to $84 million for his entire campaign!!! So with this massive dis-advantage, McCain is being outspent more than 6 to 1 and Nobama has flooded the airwaves with his infomercials of how “cool” and “hip” he is and how McCain is Bush, Bush is McCain blah blah blah…… and the economy is in the tank and even though we did it, blame them – (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!!!!)

– Isn’t it amazing the libs think they are so intelligent and cool with their Lattes, rimmed glasses, goatees and copy of the NY Slimes while they think all us Republicans are dumb-ass rednecks at Nascar events…

3. The libs see a potential for a consolidation of power they have not had since the 30’s…. If the Messiah can win and they pick up 30 seats in the house run by Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi and pickup of 9 seats in the Senate headed by Harry “the Body” Reid, they will have a filibuster-proof congress that will pass anything it wants with no Republican check whatsoever…. This excites them in a way they have not been since FDR and the New Deal. I don’t want t depress you guys even more than I already have, but if this happens, the ramifications on the country would be dramatic(basically grab your ankles and kiss your _SS goodbye!!!). This, I believe has energized the left more than normal and has made them more apt to be polled because of their enthusiasm…. The Republicans are less enthused about John McCain and it is showing in the polls….. It may not translate to election day, but right now, the polling is reflecting this gap of enthusiasm (or hate-filled rage to be accurate).

So, is there a plan to avert disaster????? I would say yes, but it is a long shot….. First McCain has to get the National avg. down under 5 before election day. If that does not happen, it does not matter what strategy he implores, it won’t be enough….

The strategy for the election is this….. McCain must win all the Bush states (less Iowa and New Mexico – he gave up on them long ago – why, I don’t know….). This would give him 274 electoral votes and squeak by, however, he is slightly behind in 6 of these states (in order of safest to most in danger of losing IMO):

1. Florida (down 2pts)- McCain should carry it with the senior and military vote and a good portion of the Jewish vote….
2. Ohio (down 3pts) – McCain should carry it with a lot of Joe the Plumber types and social conservatives….
3. Missouri (down 2.7 pts) – McCain should pull out this quasi-southern state with gun owners and social conservatives…
4. Nevada (down 2.3pts) – McCain should carry his neighbor state based on big retired military population…
5. Colorado (down 5.4 pts) – Will be very tough to carry – Weird state – Ralph Nader got 5% of the vote in ’04. Dems had convention there – spent a lot of time and $$$ - Obama knows he can win the Presidency flipping this state blue. A lot of “Progressives” there now…. Progressives???? Why don’t they just call themselves what they are – Liberal Pinko Commies!!!!!
6. Virginia (Down 8pts) – Toughest pill to swallow here – State has become more Northeast in recent years with Dem Gov. Kaine a big Barry supporter and a large and growing black population (20% of the state – National avg. is 12.6%)…. Just a quick question - Recent polls have Nobama getting 98% of the black vote – why is this not called racist????? Your telling me only 2 out of 100 blacks have an independent thought in their head????? C’mon – the Dems have exploited them for years now!!!!
– Democratic motto – “Keep ‘em poor, keep ‘em needy, get their votes…… Start all over again!!!!”

Bottom Line – McCain has to run the table (the equivalent of drawing to an inside straight for you poker players) on these 6 states to get to 274. If he loses any one of them, he loses the Presidency….. Nobama has really targeted the last 2 – Colorado and Virginia and Barry’s campaign has basically said they guarantee wins in both…

However, the McCain campaign has a contingency strategy….. They have been spending time and dollars in Pennsylvania – I believe because this is a real blue-collar, gun-owning state that they think they can switch Red….. Miss Cankles ripped Barry a new one here in the primaries by 9 pts. If they are able to turn Pennsylvania red, then they could lose Colorado and Virginia and still win with 273….. As of this morning, they were 10 pts down in the keystone state (Kerry beat Bush by 4 in 2004), but with a big push at the end, they could flip it…. And with Rep. Murtha (a big Obama supporter) calling the western part of his state racists and rednecks, it has given McCain a second chance there….
(go to to play with the interactive map and see what I am talking about).

So it comes down to these 7 states – Nothing else matters…. McCain need the six Bush states above or to flip PA red if he loses VA or CO. That’s why you will see all the candidates in these states for the last 2 weeks…..

It’s a long shot now (I would say a 20-25% chance) and nobody in the media thinks it’s possible….. I think we can still do it and it will be all the more satisfying if we do…..

GOP Mike

Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Update - The Powell endorsement....

To all my Conservative Friends:

I received a bunch of emails and calls over the weekend asking me what my thoughts were on this and I have to say, after hearing the General’s explanation on why he endorsed Nobama, I have to call bullshit on him……

He claims that he tremendously respects Senator McCain and his vast experience and believes he would make a
fine President, but he has watched Obama during the past 2 years and he feels NoBama has “showed he is ready”…..

Are you kidding me????? What has Barry done for the past 2 years – Run for President!!!! And of course, he chooses Meet the Press to announce this so that the in-the-tank liberal Tom Brokaw would not ask any tough questions to absolutely and fully obliterate his arguments…. Such as:

1. So General, you claim that this endorsement is not about race, but can you tell me any other white liberal, or for that matter, white democrat that you have endorsed in your 40 year career???? I am sure the list would total to a big round number – ZERO (0)!!!!!!
2. General, you claim one of the reason’s your endorsing Senator Obama is that John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as VP concerns you because of her “lack of experience”. Well General, doesn’t Senator Obama possess that same “lack of experience” and he is running for President. Again, there would be no answer other than for the General to repeat his line “ he has intellectual vigor” – whatever that means!!!! Next time you go on a job interview and they say you don’t have enough experience, say “but I have intellectual vigor!!!!!” See if that line gets you the job!!!!!
3. General, you claim that one of the reasons for your support is you know Senator Obama will work with Democrats and Republicans alike to face the very tough challenges we face as a nation today. Now we know Senator McCain has done this many times, but can you name one instance where Senator Obama has worked with Republicans and against the leaders of his own party??? There would be some tap dances around that question because he NEVER has and he NEVER will!!! Another Fake, phony, fraud reason to support BHO!!!
4. General, you claim that you would be concerned about more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court. Did you not support the nominations of Justices Roberts and Alito, two judges who are strict constitutionalists who Senator McCain has said he would model his selections after??? There would be no answer to this question because, again, he is just grasping for reasons to support Barry...

These are just a few of the points I would ask the General to un-mask the real reason he picked Nobama, which, of course is race……

I would have more respect for him to say “Yeah, I am endorsing him because he’s black and I’m very proud of the fact that we can elect the first black President!!! Done!!!! Don’t masquerade the fact that he’s ready and he’s a great transformational communicator that would bring us together as a country – BULLSHIT!!!! You want a black President, nothing wrong with that, just admit it!!!!!!

Any person that calls himself a Republican could NEVER truly support the most liberal, radical person ever to run for the highest, most powerful position in the world. He did not endorse him for the phony reasons he stated because it contradicts his entire 40 years in public service.

So I am calling bullshit on the General, because he lied and he needed to be called on it, but the media won’t do it, because God forbid you call a black man racist in this country!!!! Only whites can be racists!!!!! Again, BULLSHIT!!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to go over the effect of this on the polls and predictions for the final 2 weeks!!!!!

GOP Mike

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Update...The Final Debate Analysis....

To all my Fellow Conservatives:

First and foremost, let me say that John McCain won the debate last night by every objective measure… He was aggressive, honest, scored more points and he brought to the table many issues that should cause Americans to seriously pause before they vote for the Messiah. Did he win by enough to totally close the gap, I am not so sure….

That being said, I was sitting there and found myself saying several times after McCain engaged BHO on a topic – “That’s it????Follow up, pin him to the wall on that one, don’t let him get away with that answer!!!!!!! If it were a boxing match, I thought McCain hit Barry with several good shots, but knocked him down only once with, clearly his best line of the entire campaign when he said:

“Senator Obama, I am not George Bush, if you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have ran 4 years ago”

I said, finally!!!!! They have been pinning GB to McCain the entire campaign like a kryptonite necklace around Superman’s neck and he finally ripped it off!!!! I know all of you were sitting there saying “Yeah Johnny, tell him!!!!!” The problem is that he needed 2 or 3 more moments like that and, although he had the opportunities, he failed to follow thru on them that would have made a good win a potential knockout blow….

For example, I believe he missed several opportunities like:

1. When he brought up Ayers, he let Barry get away with his stock answer that he only served on a Board with “Professor” Ayers and he did these “acts” when I was only 8 years old”. McCain should have said “First of all Senator, “Professor” Ayers is a Terrorist and it doesn’t’ matter how old you where Senator when these acts were committed. To serve on a Board or associate in any way with an admitted, un-apologetic terrorist is unacceptable to me and the American people!!!”
· This would have been a bring the house down moment when you stand up and yell “Yeah, go get him John!!!” – But he let slip away….

2. When he brought up Acorn, he let Barry again give his stock answer that “I represented them in a motor voter case, blah blah blah”. McCain should have said “Did your campaign pay Acorn, a group under investigation in 11 states by the FBI for massive voter fraud, $800,000 this year????” And go silent and wait for an answer….. And if he doesn’t answer, demand an answer that his campaign is funding Acorn!!!!!!!
· Again, he brought it up and let him slither away like the snake he is……

3. On Abortion – This issue is very divisive and the country is mostly split down the middle on this one, but not on banning partial birth abortion which over 70% of the country favors (and the other 30% don’t really know how atrocious it is)… Again, he brought up the fact that Barry has voted, on more than one occasion against banning this procedure…. He let Barry give the standard “The bill did not allow for provisions for the health of the Mother, blah blah….” McCain should have said “I don’t care what provisions it had in it, this is a barbaric procedure that should be banned and you have consistently opposed it at every turn”….
· Again, this would have been another “Yeah, John” moment but he didn’t follow thru….

This was a pattern throughout the debate that McCain would bring up a good point and let Barry lawyerly talk his way out with his slick “eloquence”….. He scored well on taxes and brought up the “spread the wealth around” comment to Joe the Plumber several times….. Anytime McCain can bring up taxes, he wins…… Nobama’s claim that he wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans is so obviously a lie when app. 40% of Americans don’t even pay federal income taxes….. McCain never called him on that one….

Again, don’t get me wrong, I think John won the debate and I was happy to see him get aggressive and bring these issues to the forefront, but I left a little unsatisfied like it could have been better….

· A great analogy would be it was like when you send the new kid in the office to get lunch and he comes back with all the right sandwiches and drinks, but forgets the straws and utensils!!!! He did a good job getting lunch but didn’t go the whole way and finish the job!!!

So, overall, it was a good night that could have been much better…. It will move the polls closer and give him a shot, not a long shot but I would say right now a 40% shot….. I will analyze the post-debate polls and come back to you shortly with my predictions for the final 2 weeks to see if we can avert the disaster that would be President Messiah!!!!

GOP Mike

P.S. I am enjoying your responses to these emails I am getting as I am curious what you guys think as well, so keep ‘em coming….

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GOP Mike's train confrontation....

Just a little anecdote to bring a smile to my friends faces to raise our spirits on debate night….

I was chatting with my buddy while waiting for the train this morning about the election when quite rudely and un-invited, this liberal, hippie, loud-mouth interjected:

“It’s over – you Republicans better get used to President Obama!!!!!”

Well, I thought about debating this troll who was so ugly it appeared she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!!!!

Why is it all the ugly ones are liberal?????

Anyway, I thought about debating the effects of the sub-prime on the economy or foreign policy experience, but I opted for the feel-good, quick comeback since the train was coming and I can’t let these commie’s interfere with my train nap…. So I turned to her quite calmly and said:

“I don’t have time to debate the issues with you Miss, but I am going to the supermarket later and we can chat, so which cash register will you be working at?????”

Sometimes these people aren’t even worth the effort!!!!

Big night tonight!!!! We are down, but not out….. Don’t pay attention to 11 or 14 point polls….. The ones that matter, ones that track every day are the most reliable:

Zogby Tracking: Obama +3.8
Rasmussen Tracking: Obama +5
Gallup Tracking: Obama +6

So it’s basically a 5-pt gap…… Good debate, some Acorn stories, media saying it’s over and the race will tighten to 2-3 pts…. And then it’s anyone’s game…..

I will be back tomorrow with my debate analysis…..


GOP Mike

Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Update - 3 weeks to go.....

To my fellow Conservatives:

With 3 weeks to go as of tomorrow morning, the Main Stream, in-the tank for NoBama Media have already declared this race over, done, kaput, finished, put a fork-in-it dead-on-arrival!!!! The only thing they are debating is the magnitude of the Messiah’s victory and what shade of purple Michelle Obama is picking out for the White House drapes!!!!

Well, my friends (sorry John, but these people are actually my friends!!!) I am here to say that despite some of your pessimistic attitudes and worst fears, this thing is far from over…. The Country, and the media for that matter, loves a come-back story and John McCain has come back from the dead on more than one occasion…. He can do it, but he has to not just rely on the country not voting for Barry Hussein Obama (that will get him close, but not over the goal line), but also give them a reason TO vote for him..

And I believe it will start at the last debate and in the subsequent blitz of TV ads that he will undoubtedly run to emphasize his plan…. What is his plan you say?????? Well I believe he has to do 2 things:

1. First he has to remind the country, in the simplest of terms – because the country ain’t that bright, that the cause of this economic mess was the opening of the floodgates to every Tom, Dick and Harriet to get free money mortgages regardless of credit, down-payment or a stable job!!!! This was pushed hard by the Liberals (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Yes Barack Obama through his political sister company – ACORN…. Yes Acorn - The Entity under investigation in 11 battle ground states today for Voter fraud!!!! This was opposed by me and the Repubs in Congress years ago. I and 3 of my fellow Senate Republicans co-sponsored legislation in 2005 to put in strict reforms and regulations on the banking industry (specifically Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac) and it was defeated by the Dems in congress on a straight-line party vote in the banking committee preventing it from getting a full vote in the congress!!!! He should specifically state the name of the bill and date when the vote took place in ’05…

If you’re interested you can Google “Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005” and see that McCain actually was one of the 4 sponsors of the bill….

2. Secondly he should state he is the reformer that is best equipped to find, prosecute and fix this mess now!!!! He should state that “How can you trust the party to fix the mess that created it and failed to acknowledge that it was a problem when legislation was introduced to fix it?????

He should then state that he plans to fully go after the CEO’s, Politicians and lobbyists that caused this mess and he should say “I plan to appoint Rudy Guiliani as the Attorney General whose first and foremost priority is to find, prosecute and punish the culprits in this mess”. The country loves the “Get the bad guys” approach and who better than the vicious ex-prosecutor who took on the mob to lead the charge!!!

The he should state that the Treasury dept. has made some awful decisions and we need a proven business man who has a track record of turning economic disasters around and that man is Mitt Romney. Romney turned around a flailing Olympics into an economic success, a fiscally challenged liberal state and has resurrected mult-billion dollar corporations from the brink of extinction to profitable enterprises…

He should state that “I am the proven reformer and this is my team and my plan to fix this mess…. Please join me so we can start to fix this economic mess we currently find ourselves in.”

This can be done in 90 seconds if he were to just read my email above… No doubt that recent economic events recently have been blamed on Bush, and by extension McCain… He has to simply point out that this is not accurate and lay blame on Obama and the Dems - where it should be. He then need to present a simple, coherent plan and team to fix it…. It will put Barry on the defensive and make McCain look like the Leader the country is craving for right now….

It is true that a lot of the country will vote against Obama, but I don’t believe it’s enough to overtake the lead of 5-6 pts. right now and the perception that the race is over… McCain also has to give the country a reason to vote for him…. If he does that, the combination of the two will push the polls, media and perception in his favor and, I believe, be more than enough to bring about a victory in 3 weeks….

So, as I said, it’s not over – As long as John listens to my advice!!!!!

GOP Mike

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hollywood Conservatives really do exist....

To My Fellow Conservatives:

One of my new conservative friends was expressing his frustration at the typical Hateful Hollywood Liberals that constantly bash Bush and everything Conservative and he said “Everyone in Hollywood is Liberal!!!!!”

I told him that although almost all are, there is a solid group of Conservatives in Hollywood that I go out of my way to support. He asked me to email him some names, so here is my best shot at naming all the ones I know of – I thought you guys would enjoy….

· Gary Sinise, Actor
· Robert Downey Jr., Actor
· Chuck Norris, Karate/Pitch- Man
· Adam Sandler, Actor
· Mel Gibson, Actor
· James Woods, Actor
· Andy Garcia, Actor
· Dennis Miller, comedian ( my personal favorite!!!!)
· Ron Silver, Actor
· Ben Stein, author and former gameshow host
· Kelsy Grammer, former star of Cheers, Frasier and Back to You
· Healther Locklear star of Melrose Place and Spin City
· Patricia Heaton, star of Everybody Loves Raymond and Back to You
· Robert Duvall, film actor
· Sylvester Stallone, Rocky
· Tom Selleck, former Magnum P.I. star
· John Voigt, film actor
· Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right
· Kurt Russell, film actor
· Ted Nugent, rock star
· John Stossel, host of ABC's 20/20
· Angie Harmon star of Law & Order
· Elizabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of The View

If anyone knows of others, please let us know….

Also, the new movie out this week, An American Carol, is a conservative movie that makes fun of Michale Moore and his Liberal loons….. It looks very funny and starts Kelsey Grammer…


Gop Mike

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Liberal HACKS!!!!

To my fellow Conservatives:

They indicted the kid who hacked into Gov. Palin’s email……

Here is the link to the article with a picture of the radical, hippie in training…..
Why is it you can pick out these liberals from lineup….
Long, unruly hair, sloppy clothes, some sort of nasty, hateful wording on their freebie t-shirt and I bet he was wearing some sort of sandal or flip-flops…..

Is this outfit standard issue at the Liberal Loony-bin where they indoctrinate these kids to the warped hate-America ideology???

Remember the saying - If you are twenty and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart, but if you are 30 and not a conservative you don’t have a brain…..

I think the GOP better start educating these kids earlier to show them there is another, better way to view the world….

God help us if this Radical Nobama becomes the POTUS…. Can’t you see casual Fridays at the White House followed by all-night Bong-fests and Keggers at Education Secretary Ayers’ house!!!!


GOP Mike

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah's debate Analysis....

To my Fellow Conservatives:

Well, we all got nervous for nothing……. As you remember from my pre-debate analysis, I said Sarah had to lead off the bottom of the ninth and get on base….. Well, she lead-off with a game-tying homer to the deep center of Joe Biden’s gut!!!! She has now given John McCain a chance to win this thing….

Although I was getting many a text and calls from my nervous right-leaning compatriots that Sarah was not answering the questions and she did not seem as well educated on the issues, she won the debate, she won the spin after the debate and almost all of the media coverage analyzing the debate.. Even the libs agreed last night… I know most of you can’t and won’t watch the liberal networks to get their reactions…. Your stomachs can’t handle it…. I did and I tell, you, they begrudgingly gave her many a kudos and praise….

I have analyzed several of the polls of “who won the debate” from the right and left leaning networks and here is how it came down:

Conservative Polls:
Fox News Poll: Palin 86% - Biden 12% -- Palin +74
DrudgeReport Poll: Palin 70% - Biden 29% -- Palin +41

Liberal Polls:
CNN Poll: Palin 36% - Biden 51% -- Biden +15
MSNBC Poll: Palin 39% - Biden 51% -- Biden +12

As you can see from the polls, the most liberal networks only gave Biden narrow margins of victory and the people who voted in these polls are the most vile, hate-America, 9/11 was an inside job type of crowd you can find….. The Fox poll and the Drudge poll gave her an overwhelming vote of confidence as you can see from the numbers…..

What I think happened last night is simple….. You see going back to Reagan and W, the Libs think that knowing policy details, voting records and slick-talking guys with phony caps like Joe “Plugs” Biden (yes, he has hair plugs) are what America is impressed with…. And they are always wrong…. What resonates with most voters (inside the country, not on the liberal coasts) is real people who answer honestly and can relate to normal people. That is why Reagan won and W. and yes, Bubba…… That is why middle America loves Sarah Palin – she is one of them….

I am sure you are going to hear from your liberal friends that “she didn’t answer the questions” or “He knows the issues better”…… Yeah, Yeah….. These type of people, who score debates on policy knowledge and slickness, are never going to vote Republican…. The elections in this country are decided in the middle of the country where guys like Joey Plugs stick out like a sore thumb as a phony, self-centered snob who refers to himself in the third person (“there is no better friend to Israel in the Senate than Joe Biden”)…. Get over yourself, Pal!!!!

So, in summary, Sarah did what she had to do last night and what McCain absolutely needed her to do – She put to bed that she could not handle the position and has taken that issue off the table…. She re-energized the base that had gotten a little wobbly in the past 2 weeks and she has started the process of taking Nobama down and calling him what he is – A tax and spend Liberal who would devastate an already shaky economy with higher taxes and a weak-ass surrender foreign policy….

Now, All John McCain has to do is hammer the nail all the way into the board that Sarah punctured last night….

Can he do it??? I think he can….

God Bless America and the GOP

GOP Mike

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Election Update - VP debate tonight...

To my fellow conservatives:

I am not going to sugarcoat this but, it is not looking good right now….. All the polls are streaming towards Barry – including all the swing state polls…. McCain just pulled out of Michigan and the drive-by media will have a field day with the fact that we gave up on Michigan and what’s next Pennsylvania, Wisconsin????

This bailout/economic disaster has been dreadful for McCain and Sarah’s interviews are being spun like she is a buffoon!!!

We have to turn this thing around now (NOBama is up 6 pts in the polls on the Average and it has been steadily growing for 2 weeks now….) If the election was today, we would probably lose by a point or two – We have to pull within 2-3 pts to get a victory – It is ok if we are behind on election day, but not by 6-9 pts which is where the polls are headed…. I still believe there will be a 3-4pt. silent vote for McCain for people who will not vote for Barry Hussein even if they said they would in a poll….. (Remember the Bradley Effect!!!!) However, we don’t want to count on that….

So our chance starts tonight!!!! It starts with tonight’s sit!!!!! Sarah has to perform well and change the momentum at a minimum…. Even if the libs are not convinced she won the debate, she has to give a strong performance to get the conservatives excited again – They have been battered with Sarah bashing (SNL, and the mainstream media bashing her endlessly)…. So if she performs well and looks confident with her answers, we can turn the tide and the last 30 days the polls will tighten and the country will, by a slight margin, say no to Barry…..

Then John has to go after Barry hard on the last 2 debates and really ask the country who do they think is best prepared to handle this country….. The war-hero, maverick senator or the community organizer/lawyer????? Also, he has to tie this economic mess to the dems and show footage of him in 2005 saying this economic mess is coming if we don’t do something and also show the ’05 footage of the dems (Barney Fag, Harry, the Body Reid, Hillary, her thighness, Clinton, Nancy, Stretch Pelosi and the others saying there is no problem with Fannie Mae/FreddyMac. These commercials are starting today and they are great!!!

But first and foremost - it’s up to Sarah to lead off tonight….. It’s the bottom of the ninth and we are down a run….. She is the leadoff hitter and must get on base for John to drive her in!!!!

– Hey Cracco and Kenny – no sexual innuendo’s meant there but I know you both pretty well and I know your minds wandered there for a minute!!!!

But seriously, back to biz – This can and must be done and there could not be more pressure on our girl from Alaska tonight…. Can she do it???? My bet is she can!!!! She must or Fridays will be KFC night at the White House!!!!!

God Bless America and the GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP Mike

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Election Night 2008 - How it might Happen....

To all my Conservative Friends (and a few Democrats):

NOVEMBER 4 – Election Night…..

6:00pm EST – You leave the office and have heard all day and all week that all the most updated polls had Barry up 6-14 pts and all the news shows are talking about Obama’s cabinet and his first 100 days and how much of a landslide will this be…. The country “has moved to the left” they say and Obama could win 375-400 electoral votes and win the popular vote by double digits and have a “mandate”!!!! A “sure landslide of historical proportions” decries the liberal media talking heads!!!!

6:40pm EST - You stop by the local pizza joint and grab a pie and a bottle of diet coke and head home to watch the carnage with the family. It will be a train wreck you tell yourself – you should just go home and go to bed, but you can’t – you must watch because, hey, ya never know….

6:50pm EST – You get home and open the steaming pizza box as you turn on Fox News (MSDNC for my Dem. Friends) – As you twist open the bottle of Diet Coke you don’t realize its exploding all over your pizza because your fixated on listening to Brit Hume saying “we are ten minutes away from the polls closing in some key battleground states and we will be able to report some surprising results at that time.”
The screen then shows the polls that close include Virginia and Indiana and you start to remember that GOP Mike has said that if Obama wins Virginia it will be very hard for McCain to recover….. So you start to resign yourself to the fact that its President Obama!! Oooooh a chill just ran down my spine!!!! Sorry…
You grab a slice a pizza and angrily shove it into your mouth as Brit goes to a commercial break……

7:00pm EST – As you take a big gulp of your diet coke, the screen flashes – “Election Update” – and Brit comes on and says “Its’ 7:00 pm in the East and the polls have closed in some key states and Fox News has declared that John McCain will win the state of Indiana and its 11 electoral votes” As you see the screen flashing with a checkmark next to McCain’s name and the state of Indiana colored red on the map you say, Yeah - we knew Indian was ours!!! What about Virginia????
The Brit comes back and says “The polls have also closed in the hotly contested state of Virginia and Fox News has deemed that state too close to call”. You say to yourself - -Great, as long as we can hold off the inevitable, the better!!!!
Brit and the panel go into a discussion about why is Virginia so close when Obama was 8-12 pts up in all the polls… They start discussing the exit polls and saying how well McCain did with late deciders and among conservatives and self-described independents….. You start to say to yourself, hey wait a minute, this isn’t the Barry script, he was suppose to sweep everything and be crowned King of the World tonight…..
You start feeling a little giddiness, but stop yourself and remain claim….. You grab for another slice of what seems to be an ever-improving tasty pie…..

7:30pm EST
As you clean up the pizza and start thinking about dessert, Brit comes back and says “Its 7:30 in the East and the polls have just closed in the key battleground states of Ohio and West Virginia and Fox News can declare that John McCain has won the state of West Virginia and its 5 electoral votes. The polls have also closed in the ultimate of swing states of Ohio and Fox News has determined that this state is too close to call”
You say to yourself, Hmmmm, Obama really put a lot of effort into Ohio and if he doesn’t win there, well…. Naaahhhh….
The panel really starts to analyze what this means and analyzing the polling data that shows that Ohioans who had a positive view of Joe the plumber had voted for McCain 80-12….. Just as the Juan Williams is spouted off some Nobama talking point, Brit interjects “Juan, I hate to interrupt, but Fox News can now make a call in the state of Virginia…… and we can predict that Senator John McCain will carry Virginia and its 13 electoral votes.”
You can almost hear the giddiness in Brit’s voice as this is a major blow to the Obama camp as this was a major key to their strategy to pull this state from the Republicans…. Your phone starts buzzing with texts and emails from your friends about this unforeseen turn of events…. Could this actually happen?? Could the Messiah lose this election that was in the bag for weeks????? You say to yourself – Wait a minute…. There is a long way to go…Remain calm….

8:00pm -10:45pm EST
As the night draws on, the results become obvious, the blowout that the Democrats and their partners in the media had predicted has not materialized…. The youth vote, surprise, never showed up. The senior vote was extremely large this year in support of one of their own…. The Jewish vote has come out surprisingly strong for McCain and the independents and late deciders came home to McCain in the last 5 days…. And this proved to be decisive for the Maverick Republican….
As other polls closed, it was apparent the pattern, Florida to McCain, Ohio to McCain, Missouri to McCain and Minnesota and Pennsylvania (blue states) too close to call and, the final nail in Barry’s coffin, Colorado and Nevada to McCain to put him over the top at 10:45 pm ….. Fitting finish for the gambling fighter pilot from Arizona that Las Vegas had clinched the White House for him…
At the end of the night, McCain had carried all the ’04 Bush states less Iowa and New Mexico and won the popular vote by 2 pts… 51 to 49 and squeezed out a narrow victory in the electoral college of 274-264….

11:15 pm EST – As you switch over to MSDNC to hear what Chris “thrill up my leg” Matthews and Keith Overbite’s excuses are for their boy’s most stunning beat down, cameras show Barry in his motorcade on his way to his concession speech while you turn the coffee pot on for some java as you have no problem staying up late to revel in the glory of the Dems snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…..
Aaaah, what a great night sleep this will be……

A Pipe dream???? Maybe, but hey, ya never know……..

GOP Mike