Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Update - 3 weeks to go.....

To my fellow Conservatives:

With 3 weeks to go as of tomorrow morning, the Main Stream, in-the tank for NoBama Media have already declared this race over, done, kaput, finished, put a fork-in-it dead-on-arrival!!!! The only thing they are debating is the magnitude of the Messiah’s victory and what shade of purple Michelle Obama is picking out for the White House drapes!!!!

Well, my friends (sorry John, but these people are actually my friends!!!) I am here to say that despite some of your pessimistic attitudes and worst fears, this thing is far from over…. The Country, and the media for that matter, loves a come-back story and John McCain has come back from the dead on more than one occasion…. He can do it, but he has to not just rely on the country not voting for Barry Hussein Obama (that will get him close, but not over the goal line), but also give them a reason TO vote for him..

And I believe it will start at the last debate and in the subsequent blitz of TV ads that he will undoubtedly run to emphasize his plan…. What is his plan you say?????? Well I believe he has to do 2 things:

1. First he has to remind the country, in the simplest of terms – because the country ain’t that bright, that the cause of this economic mess was the opening of the floodgates to every Tom, Dick and Harriet to get free money mortgages regardless of credit, down-payment or a stable job!!!! This was pushed hard by the Liberals (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Yes Barack Obama through his political sister company – ACORN…. Yes Acorn - The Entity under investigation in 11 battle ground states today for Voter fraud!!!! This was opposed by me and the Repubs in Congress years ago. I and 3 of my fellow Senate Republicans co-sponsored legislation in 2005 to put in strict reforms and regulations on the banking industry (specifically Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac) and it was defeated by the Dems in congress on a straight-line party vote in the banking committee preventing it from getting a full vote in the congress!!!! He should specifically state the name of the bill and date when the vote took place in ’05…

If you’re interested you can Google “Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005” and see that McCain actually was one of the 4 sponsors of the bill….

2. Secondly he should state he is the reformer that is best equipped to find, prosecute and fix this mess now!!!! He should state that “How can you trust the party to fix the mess that created it and failed to acknowledge that it was a problem when legislation was introduced to fix it?????

He should then state that he plans to fully go after the CEO’s, Politicians and lobbyists that caused this mess and he should say “I plan to appoint Rudy Guiliani as the Attorney General whose first and foremost priority is to find, prosecute and punish the culprits in this mess”. The country loves the “Get the bad guys” approach and who better than the vicious ex-prosecutor who took on the mob to lead the charge!!!

The he should state that the Treasury dept. has made some awful decisions and we need a proven business man who has a track record of turning economic disasters around and that man is Mitt Romney. Romney turned around a flailing Olympics into an economic success, a fiscally challenged liberal state and has resurrected mult-billion dollar corporations from the brink of extinction to profitable enterprises…

He should state that “I am the proven reformer and this is my team and my plan to fix this mess…. Please join me so we can start to fix this economic mess we currently find ourselves in.”

This can be done in 90 seconds if he were to just read my email above… No doubt that recent economic events recently have been blamed on Bush, and by extension McCain… He has to simply point out that this is not accurate and lay blame on Obama and the Dems - where it should be. He then need to present a simple, coherent plan and team to fix it…. It will put Barry on the defensive and make McCain look like the Leader the country is craving for right now….

It is true that a lot of the country will vote against Obama, but I don’t believe it’s enough to overtake the lead of 5-6 pts. right now and the perception that the race is over… McCain also has to give the country a reason to vote for him…. If he does that, the combination of the two will push the polls, media and perception in his favor and, I believe, be more than enough to bring about a victory in 3 weeks….

So, as I said, it’s not over – As long as John listens to my advice!!!!!

GOP Mike


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