Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Update - 8 Days to go.... Do you believe in Miracles???

To my Conservative friends:

All of us remember the term “Do you Believe in Miracles???? YES!!!!” uttered by sportscaster Al Michaels during the 1980 Olympics when the USA Hockey team beat the vaunted Soviets in one of the greatest upsets in sports history…. Well, hold that thought…..

As I walk the streets of Manhattan this cool October afternoon and the sun peeks in-between the skyscrapers onto the liberal streets of the big city, I see the giddiness on their liberal faces, a glint in their eyes. I sense a bounce in their gate and a tiny voice that is growing in their loins that screams out “We are about to kick the old man’s ass and take over this goddamn country!!!!”

Their excitement is palpable and as you walk by and faintly catch a murmur of their conversations. As you pass by the NYU student wearing a ski-cap (it’s 60 degrees today) with his I-pod draped around his neck chatting with the upper east side intellectual with his man-scarf and fat-free skim-milk latte from Starbucks ($8.75, plus tax), you can hear the Messiah’s name being uttered and words like “over”, “finished” and “Thank God!!!” - Yeah now they believe in God!!! - Even the homeless are sporting Barry buttons and card-board box stickers (they don’t have bumpers) thinking after Barry’s election they are moving into that 2-story Brownstone on 83rd and Lex....

Yes…… All will be right with the world after the Chosen one takes what is rightfully ours…..

I keep saying to myself “keep talkin’ , keep talkin’’’’..

When you watch the news, you can’t help but notice the Libs are determined to sell the Obama victory as already happened and nothing you nasty Republicans can do about it…… They are writing the Republican’s party obituary with glee and contempt for everything we stand for…… Screw Keith Overbite and Tom Broken-jaw - liberal-pinko Commies!!!! They are only one vote and we know what that vote will be!!!!

I keep sayin’ – keep talkin, keep talkin…..

John McCain is fighting the perfect storm – A bad economy, an in-the-tank determined media and 8 years of extreme liberal rage that they can’t wait to unleash on the old war-hero from Arizona…. He’s behind in every single poll conducted and in every battleground state survey taken…. However, I am seeing something in these numbers that gives me hope and pause.

Most Republicans are not apt to take to the streets or argue policy and polls with their left-leaning neighbors (your friendly author and recipients to these emails excluded). I believe, there is a silent majority out there that know that even though John McCain is not their be-all, end-all, this Obama is a fake, a phony and a fraud - And they can’t wait to finally have their say next week… Again, these poll numbers are telling me something that I think is being missed and I will share it with all in my next article to you soon…..

So you ask me – Do I believe in Miracles? ……..Yeah, maybe I do….

GOP Mike