Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Update - The Powell endorsement....

To all my Conservative Friends:

I received a bunch of emails and calls over the weekend asking me what my thoughts were on this and I have to say, after hearing the General’s explanation on why he endorsed Nobama, I have to call bullshit on him……

He claims that he tremendously respects Senator McCain and his vast experience and believes he would make a
fine President, but he has watched Obama during the past 2 years and he feels NoBama has “showed he is ready”…..

Are you kidding me????? What has Barry done for the past 2 years – Run for President!!!! And of course, he chooses Meet the Press to announce this so that the in-the-tank liberal Tom Brokaw would not ask any tough questions to absolutely and fully obliterate his arguments…. Such as:

1. So General, you claim that this endorsement is not about race, but can you tell me any other white liberal, or for that matter, white democrat that you have endorsed in your 40 year career???? I am sure the list would total to a big round number – ZERO (0)!!!!!!
2. General, you claim one of the reason’s your endorsing Senator Obama is that John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as VP concerns you because of her “lack of experience”. Well General, doesn’t Senator Obama possess that same “lack of experience” and he is running for President. Again, there would be no answer other than for the General to repeat his line “ he has intellectual vigor” – whatever that means!!!! Next time you go on a job interview and they say you don’t have enough experience, say “but I have intellectual vigor!!!!!” See if that line gets you the job!!!!!
3. General, you claim that one of the reasons for your support is you know Senator Obama will work with Democrats and Republicans alike to face the very tough challenges we face as a nation today. Now we know Senator McCain has done this many times, but can you name one instance where Senator Obama has worked with Republicans and against the leaders of his own party??? There would be some tap dances around that question because he NEVER has and he NEVER will!!! Another Fake, phony, fraud reason to support BHO!!!
4. General, you claim that you would be concerned about more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court. Did you not support the nominations of Justices Roberts and Alito, two judges who are strict constitutionalists who Senator McCain has said he would model his selections after??? There would be no answer to this question because, again, he is just grasping for reasons to support Barry...

These are just a few of the points I would ask the General to un-mask the real reason he picked Nobama, which, of course is race……

I would have more respect for him to say “Yeah, I am endorsing him because he’s black and I’m very proud of the fact that we can elect the first black President!!! Done!!!! Don’t masquerade the fact that he’s ready and he’s a great transformational communicator that would bring us together as a country – BULLSHIT!!!! You want a black President, nothing wrong with that, just admit it!!!!!!

Any person that calls himself a Republican could NEVER truly support the most liberal, radical person ever to run for the highest, most powerful position in the world. He did not endorse him for the phony reasons he stated because it contradicts his entire 40 years in public service.

So I am calling bullshit on the General, because he lied and he needed to be called on it, but the media won’t do it, because God forbid you call a black man racist in this country!!!! Only whites can be racists!!!!! Again, BULLSHIT!!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to go over the effect of this on the polls and predictions for the final 2 weeks!!!!!

GOP Mike


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