Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Update...The Final Debate Analysis....

To all my Fellow Conservatives:

First and foremost, let me say that John McCain won the debate last night by every objective measure… He was aggressive, honest, scored more points and he brought to the table many issues that should cause Americans to seriously pause before they vote for the Messiah. Did he win by enough to totally close the gap, I am not so sure….

That being said, I was sitting there and found myself saying several times after McCain engaged BHO on a topic – “That’s it????Follow up, pin him to the wall on that one, don’t let him get away with that answer!!!!!!! If it were a boxing match, I thought McCain hit Barry with several good shots, but knocked him down only once with, clearly his best line of the entire campaign when he said:

“Senator Obama, I am not George Bush, if you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have ran 4 years ago”

I said, finally!!!!! They have been pinning GB to McCain the entire campaign like a kryptonite necklace around Superman’s neck and he finally ripped it off!!!! I know all of you were sitting there saying “Yeah Johnny, tell him!!!!!” The problem is that he needed 2 or 3 more moments like that and, although he had the opportunities, he failed to follow thru on them that would have made a good win a potential knockout blow….

For example, I believe he missed several opportunities like:

1. When he brought up Ayers, he let Barry get away with his stock answer that he only served on a Board with “Professor” Ayers and he did these “acts” when I was only 8 years old”. McCain should have said “First of all Senator, “Professor” Ayers is a Terrorist and it doesn’t’ matter how old you where Senator when these acts were committed. To serve on a Board or associate in any way with an admitted, un-apologetic terrorist is unacceptable to me and the American people!!!”
· This would have been a bring the house down moment when you stand up and yell “Yeah, go get him John!!!” – But he let slip away….

2. When he brought up Acorn, he let Barry again give his stock answer that “I represented them in a motor voter case, blah blah blah”. McCain should have said “Did your campaign pay Acorn, a group under investigation in 11 states by the FBI for massive voter fraud, $800,000 this year????” And go silent and wait for an answer….. And if he doesn’t answer, demand an answer that his campaign is funding Acorn!!!!!!!
· Again, he brought it up and let him slither away like the snake he is……

3. On Abortion – This issue is very divisive and the country is mostly split down the middle on this one, but not on banning partial birth abortion which over 70% of the country favors (and the other 30% don’t really know how atrocious it is)… Again, he brought up the fact that Barry has voted, on more than one occasion against banning this procedure…. He let Barry give the standard “The bill did not allow for provisions for the health of the Mother, blah blah….” McCain should have said “I don’t care what provisions it had in it, this is a barbaric procedure that should be banned and you have consistently opposed it at every turn”….
· Again, this would have been another “Yeah, John” moment but he didn’t follow thru….

This was a pattern throughout the debate that McCain would bring up a good point and let Barry lawyerly talk his way out with his slick “eloquence”….. He scored well on taxes and brought up the “spread the wealth around” comment to Joe the Plumber several times….. Anytime McCain can bring up taxes, he wins…… Nobama’s claim that he wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans is so obviously a lie when app. 40% of Americans don’t even pay federal income taxes….. McCain never called him on that one….

Again, don’t get me wrong, I think John won the debate and I was happy to see him get aggressive and bring these issues to the forefront, but I left a little unsatisfied like it could have been better….

· A great analogy would be it was like when you send the new kid in the office to get lunch and he comes back with all the right sandwiches and drinks, but forgets the straws and utensils!!!! He did a good job getting lunch but didn’t go the whole way and finish the job!!!

So, overall, it was a good night that could have been much better…. It will move the polls closer and give him a shot, not a long shot but I would say right now a 40% shot….. I will analyze the post-debate polls and come back to you shortly with my predictions for the final 2 weeks to see if we can avert the disaster that would be President Messiah!!!!

GOP Mike

P.S. I am enjoying your responses to these emails I am getting as I am curious what you guys think as well, so keep ‘em coming….


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