Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GOP Mike's train confrontation....

Just a little anecdote to bring a smile to my friends faces to raise our spirits on debate night….

I was chatting with my buddy while waiting for the train this morning about the election when quite rudely and un-invited, this liberal, hippie, loud-mouth interjected:

“It’s over – you Republicans better get used to President Obama!!!!!”

Well, I thought about debating this troll who was so ugly it appeared she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!!!!

Why is it all the ugly ones are liberal?????

Anyway, I thought about debating the effects of the sub-prime on the economy or foreign policy experience, but I opted for the feel-good, quick comeback since the train was coming and I can’t let these commie’s interfere with my train nap…. So I turned to her quite calmly and said:

“I don’t have time to debate the issues with you Miss, but I am going to the supermarket later and we can chat, so which cash register will you be working at?????”

Sometimes these people aren’t even worth the effort!!!!

Big night tonight!!!! We are down, but not out….. Don’t pay attention to 11 or 14 point polls….. The ones that matter, ones that track every day are the most reliable:

Zogby Tracking: Obama +3.8
Rasmussen Tracking: Obama +5
Gallup Tracking: Obama +6

So it’s basically a 5-pt gap…… Good debate, some Acorn stories, media saying it’s over and the race will tighten to 2-3 pts…. And then it’s anyone’s game…..

I will be back tomorrow with my debate analysis…..


GOP Mike