Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hollywood Conservatives really do exist....

To My Fellow Conservatives:

One of my new conservative friends was expressing his frustration at the typical Hateful Hollywood Liberals that constantly bash Bush and everything Conservative and he said “Everyone in Hollywood is Liberal!!!!!”

I told him that although almost all are, there is a solid group of Conservatives in Hollywood that I go out of my way to support. He asked me to email him some names, so here is my best shot at naming all the ones I know of – I thought you guys would enjoy….

· Gary Sinise, Actor
· Robert Downey Jr., Actor
· Chuck Norris, Karate/Pitch- Man
· Adam Sandler, Actor
· Mel Gibson, Actor
· James Woods, Actor
· Andy Garcia, Actor
· Dennis Miller, comedian ( my personal favorite!!!!)
· Ron Silver, Actor
· Ben Stein, author and former gameshow host
· Kelsy Grammer, former star of Cheers, Frasier and Back to You
· Healther Locklear star of Melrose Place and Spin City
· Patricia Heaton, star of Everybody Loves Raymond and Back to You
· Robert Duvall, film actor
· Sylvester Stallone, Rocky
· Tom Selleck, former Magnum P.I. star
· John Voigt, film actor
· Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right
· Kurt Russell, film actor
· Ted Nugent, rock star
· John Stossel, host of ABC's 20/20
· Angie Harmon star of Law & Order
· Elizabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of The View

If anyone knows of others, please let us know….

Also, the new movie out this week, An American Carol, is a conservative movie that makes fun of Michale Moore and his Liberal loons….. It looks very funny and starts Kelsey Grammer…


Gop Mike


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