Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah's debate Analysis....

To my Fellow Conservatives:

Well, we all got nervous for nothing……. As you remember from my pre-debate analysis, I said Sarah had to lead off the bottom of the ninth and get on base….. Well, she lead-off with a game-tying homer to the deep center of Joe Biden’s gut!!!! She has now given John McCain a chance to win this thing….

Although I was getting many a text and calls from my nervous right-leaning compatriots that Sarah was not answering the questions and she did not seem as well educated on the issues, she won the debate, she won the spin after the debate and almost all of the media coverage analyzing the debate.. Even the libs agreed last night… I know most of you can’t and won’t watch the liberal networks to get their reactions…. Your stomachs can’t handle it…. I did and I tell, you, they begrudgingly gave her many a kudos and praise….

I have analyzed several of the polls of “who won the debate” from the right and left leaning networks and here is how it came down:

Conservative Polls:
Fox News Poll: Palin 86% - Biden 12% -- Palin +74
DrudgeReport Poll: Palin 70% - Biden 29% -- Palin +41

Liberal Polls:
CNN Poll: Palin 36% - Biden 51% -- Biden +15
MSNBC Poll: Palin 39% - Biden 51% -- Biden +12

As you can see from the polls, the most liberal networks only gave Biden narrow margins of victory and the people who voted in these polls are the most vile, hate-America, 9/11 was an inside job type of crowd you can find….. The Fox poll and the Drudge poll gave her an overwhelming vote of confidence as you can see from the numbers…..

What I think happened last night is simple….. You see going back to Reagan and W, the Libs think that knowing policy details, voting records and slick-talking guys with phony caps like Joe “Plugs” Biden (yes, he has hair plugs) are what America is impressed with…. And they are always wrong…. What resonates with most voters (inside the country, not on the liberal coasts) is real people who answer honestly and can relate to normal people. That is why Reagan won and W. and yes, Bubba…… That is why middle America loves Sarah Palin – she is one of them….

I am sure you are going to hear from your liberal friends that “she didn’t answer the questions” or “He knows the issues better”…… Yeah, Yeah….. These type of people, who score debates on policy knowledge and slickness, are never going to vote Republican…. The elections in this country are decided in the middle of the country where guys like Joey Plugs stick out like a sore thumb as a phony, self-centered snob who refers to himself in the third person (“there is no better friend to Israel in the Senate than Joe Biden”)…. Get over yourself, Pal!!!!

So, in summary, Sarah did what she had to do last night and what McCain absolutely needed her to do – She put to bed that she could not handle the position and has taken that issue off the table…. She re-energized the base that had gotten a little wobbly in the past 2 weeks and she has started the process of taking Nobama down and calling him what he is – A tax and spend Liberal who would devastate an already shaky economy with higher taxes and a weak-ass surrender foreign policy….

Now, All John McCain has to do is hammer the nail all the way into the board that Sarah punctured last night….

Can he do it??? I think he can….

God Bless America and the GOP

GOP Mike


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