Saturday, November 1, 2008

America - This is your WAKEUP Call!!! - Back to the Future

To my fellow Conservatives:

Those of you that know me personally, know that I am a big fan of the Back to the Future movies. So if you would indulge me for a moment to enter Doc’s time-machine and go forward 4 years to see what would happen if the course of events continue as they are:

It’s late October 2012 and President Obama is up by 25 points in the polls in his bid for re-election. He is getting 56% of the vote while an un-known Conservative candidate and the Republican candidate each are at 21%. It’s hard for anyone to want compete with the President, not because of the job he has done (unemployment is 18%, inflation at 10% and interest rates at 12% - He still Blames Bush for everything!!!), but because he has re-written the election rules and re-drawn the political map – to the liberals favor of course… Since you just arrived from the year 2008, let’s take a minute to review the President’s first term “accomplishments”:

· He signed the “Marriage Fairness Doctrine” which made Homosexual Marriage legal in all 51 states…

· Yes… I said 51 states – President Obama has made Washington D.C the Nations’ 51st state ensuring 2 additional Democrat Senators and 3 additional Democrat Congressmen for the state with a 70% Black population.

· President Obama passed sweeping Immigration “reform” which basically gave amnesty to app. 20 million illegal aliens and afforded them quickie citizenship essential guaranteeing Democrats millions of new voters to consolidate and maintain their power for generations… This law, for all intents and purposes, puts New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and the last strong-hold for Republicans on the electoral map, Texas more or less out of reach for any Republican candidate. This is the reason no known Republican candidate chooses to run since the game has been “rigged” against them…

· With and eager and willing Congress, President Obama engaged in massive, nation-wide redistricting the congressional areas to favor the Dems…. Once where 2 districts were split 1-Republican and 1-Democrat – Not anymore - Now he re-draws the lines to make sure both districts have a majority of Democrats. This, along with all the new illegal immigrant votes, further enhanced the democrat majority in the Congress during the 2010 mid-term elections. The dismal count in congress which now stands:
· Senate: 73 Dems – 29 Republicans
· House: 339 Dems – 99 Republicans

· President Obama has drastically reduced defense spending by 50%... He, in effect, lays off tens of thousands of Military personnel along with hundreds of thousands of military affiliated workers as he institutes the “Sabbatical of Military duties act” which gives military personnel a 6-week severance package and a year’s supply of food stamps in recognition for their “outstanding service to our country”… The Military becomes a shell of its former self, moral among the branches has reached an all-time low, but the Democrats still claim to “support the troops”!!!! Then, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a terrorist bomb goes off in 4 different airports across the country and once the FBI catches the perpetrators (all Iranian born Al-Qaeda), President Obama decides to take the terrorists to the World Court where they dismiss the case due to lack of evidence. All the while, the Military, although depleted, begs to attack the enemy and defend freedom… President Obama said “This is a criminal matter for the World Court to handle and seek justice”… The USA is a laughing stock…..

· Of course on taxes, President Obama more than keeps to his word on re-distribution and spreadin’ that wealth around!!!! He enacts the following changes to the tax code

1. Elimination of the FICA income limit – Now all income is subject to the egregious tax…
2. Raises the top bracket to 50%, claiming that in tough times, we should be partners, so I want Half EDDIE!!!!
3. Raises the Capital gains rate from 15 to 35%, claiming, hey since the stock market isn’t growing and nobody has any gains, there should not be a problem, right???
4. Gives tax credits to people who don’t pay any federal taxes – Essentially creating a massive welfare state.
5. Raises all rates up 10% to pay for Nationalized health care and social programs too dizzying to list…

· All schools in the US are now required to abide by the “Public Awareness Mandate” which forces them to teach students, starting in kindergarten, about sex education and alternative lifestyles… Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi writes the House bill with Barney Frank, co-sponsor.

· President Obama has signed the “Freedom of Choice Act” which takes away virtually all barriers to any type of abortions (including the barbaric partial birth Abortion) and also removes any and all parental notification… This resulted in America becoming the friendliest nation in the world for quick and easy abortions as “House-call abortions - in about an hour” become prevalent and pepper the billboards in San Francisco!!!!

· President Obama signs an amended “Fairness Doctrine” which was abandoned in the 80’s and deemed unconstitutional and a violation of free speech…. But, with his filibuster-proof congress, he enacts the bill in his first term which has the effect of forcing talk-radio stations (the last remaining bastion of conservatism in the US) to offer equal time to “opposing” views…. This basically kills talk radio and forces tens of thousands of talk stations across the country to switch to alternative formats of country and gospel music as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and hundreds of other conservative talkers are forced to satellite radio where their audiences, and influence, are reduced by untold amounts….

· A lot of the Messiah's, er, I mean President’s initiatives and proposals were fought vigorously by the depleted and demoralized Republicans in congress, but they are seriously outmanned and muzzled by the Super-majority, filibuster-proof Dems…. However, some of the great conservative intellectuals fight these measures as unconstitutional in the courts only to be re-buffed by the now Liberal US Supreme Court…. Oh, I forgot to tell you, 2 of the conservative Justices (Scalia and Clarence Thomas) had to retire due to health reasons and were replaced by 2 liberal justices. One is the nephew of Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and one is Justice Gerard O’Donnell (yes - Rosie’s Uncle!!!!)….

I could go on and on about what has happened here, but I don’t want to depress you anymore…. So basically, when they said back in 2008 that this was the most important election in your lifetime, I guess they weren’t bull-shitting us after all.. Because, in that one election, the entire country has irreversible changed to something we don’t recognize….. It is, indeed, a very sad day in America – I wish we could go back to 2008 and change history…….. Hey….. wait a minute, you can!!!!

If you think this can’t happen, think again!!!!!

Indeed, WAKE-UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

GOP Mike