Monday, November 17, 2008

Ban the Pledge of Allegiance??

To my Conservative Friends:

A Vermont school that had previously eliminated it's students from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance has recently been the center of much controversy because some of the students' traditional, country loving parents objected to the ban and sought to have the Pledge re-instated...

The "progressives" on the school board and some of the liberal parents were the reasons for the ban... Quick question - Why do liberals call themselves progressives??? Is it because they are making progress in taking any and all traditional values from our schools, our government and our lives???

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It turns out the school recently reached a "compromise" that students that wanted to do the Pledge would assemble and go to a different part of the school to recite the pledge... I am dead serious and kid you not!!! They made the kids isolate themselves from the rest of the students like leppars a generation ago... Does anyone in Vermont think that there is something seriously wrong with you guys???? I live in NY (a liberal state) and if my kids had to go to the gym to recite the pleadge, there would be hundreds of parents at the school before lunch demanding this be corrected!!! So, Vermont - I ask you - Are you serious or just brain-dead????

Some of those in favor of the ban say they object to the word "under God" in the pledge as a violation of church and state as outlined in our constitution... I say hogwash!!! Absolute and utter cheap, supermarket bought, non-Boars-Head baloney!!! I have to ask them seriously, "What really offends you about the pledge??" This is the same rat-pack that think it is ok to burn flags and curse the President because they claim "it is our right to do so that makes us Americans..."

Have you ever heard of such crap in all you life??? I truly believe the founding fathers believed we should have the right to question our government and have a respectful debate and/or disagreement with our elected leaders and if we can't persuade them to our point of view, we vote them out... But I think their intentions of the constitution were not to endow us with these freedoms to dis-respect our country, our President and our flag???

I mean, really.... What is so offensive about pledging an allegiance to the greatest, most free country ever created.... If you don't want you or your children to pledge allegiance to the country, then why do you live here???? Go pledge allegiance to France, Germany, Italy or wherever you want... Something tells me that a little time spent away from our great land will have the same people "progressing" their way back to the good ol' USA....

No, I believe that this group of "progressives" seriously dis-likes our country (for reasons we would have to dig real deep beyond the parameters of this article) and want nothing to do with showing respect for her... However, this country is not perfect and will never be... But it is the most generous, benevolent greatest country in the world and it sickens me to see people denigrate her, dis-respect her and to speak ill of her.

These people think they are so intellectually accurate at their cocktail parties and coffee shops about the literal interpretation of the constitution and legal precedents.... However, I believe there is nothing wrong with showing respect for the very country that has given millions freedom and opportunity for their pursuit of happiness.. Remember - they call it the American dream, not the French or the German dream!!!!

So my liberal counterparts, I say, please feel free to pledge allegiance to our flag or.... find another one to salute!!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. It always amazes me how people can so such utter disdain for this country, her flag, and her men-at-arms who strive to not only defend her but to also protect the very people who ban the pledge, spit on our troops, burn our flag, and carry out a myriad of other disgraceful, if not outright seditious, acts.

    I'm glad the parents are raising Cain about it. I only hope they're able to make heads roll, but who knows with Vermont? At least they make good syrup...

  2. Great points Ben - Of course the Libs claim that their actions being allowed are what make America greta....

    I say, yes it's good to have free speech and not be put in the brig for saying anything negative about the country, but there has to be a line drawn to show respect for the country and the gifts it has given all of us....

    And btw, the syrup is not enough to make up for this stuff in Vermont....

    I will be writing some stuff in the future about the judges in Vermont and how they are not protecting the kids up there at all!!!

    Thanks for the comment...

  3. USA is not the freest country Sweden is . The pledge of allegiance is a form of brain washing. The USA s*** and that's a fact. Is there anything . I am glad that i don't live in the usa a live in the real land of the free ie france .

  4. Move to Sweden and then you well lurn how free the USA really is.

  5. Sweden is the freest country in the world, that's for a fact.
    now i think the plague of allegiance is a 'interesting' way of expressing our love to the USA EVERY single morning in school. now, I live in the US and I am from Sweden and i get kinda offended when the plague states 'I plague allegiance to the flag of the united states of American' why do we who is not American have to say that? I don't want to give my allegiance to the US flag.

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