Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beware!!! Liberals are now in charge...

To my Conservative Friends:

After 8 long years of piss and moan, piss and moan, the liberals in this country finally have their wish.... Absolute power to run their own agenda, unfettered by the "evil" Republican interference... As of this writing, it appears the Dems may get their 60 Senate seats they so eagerly strived for.... With 3 seats still up for grabs, if the dems can figure out a way to rig the votes, they will get their 60 votes.... Please note they were behind in all 3, but GOP Mike predicts they will lie, cheat and steal their way to get the 60....

So, the question that cry's out is how will they behave now that they have all the power... I have always said you should look to how someone has acted in the past to determine their future actions....

I always have said, a large majority of the liberals in this country are mean spirited and act in direct contradiction to the best interest of the country..... They are absolutely intolerant of Conservative ideals. Recently in the liberal mecca of NYC a small group of McCain supporters were marching and the reception of the NYC libs was, in a word, despicable... In case you did not see the video, here it is:

The most incredible thing about these idiots is that are flipping off the flag and a war hero in John McCain.... Disagree with his policies or his qualifications in a civil way, but to act like these cretins is beyond the pale.... Living in NY, I deal with these type of libs every day... These people are not interested in debating issues, some call them "intellectual bullies". I call them un-American... Thats right - I said un-American!!!!
Liberals also seem to take pride in denouncing America in words and in acts.... What types of "acts" you say??? Violent protests, flag burning and flag, er, um, well.... look here:
How come you never see Conservatives burn flags and spit on police and do what this despicable troll is doing..... The most amazing thing about this picture is not the idiot defacating on the flag, but look at the "Americans" cheering their friend on.... Simply disgusting.... Beyond words...

So now Barack Obama is the President... His policies, his associates and all his followers are now embolded more than ever.. They have finally achieved what they cried for 8 years for.... Alot of pundits have said that he will govern like a moderate, he will work with Republicans, etc..

I have a few quick questions.... Has he ever done that before?? Will he change now??? If the Dems pass liberal legislation on strict party votes, will President Obama veto his own party and turn his back on Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi , Harry "the Body" Reid, Chucky "Schmucky" Schumer and the far-left loons who got him elected???
I say no.... The guy has walked like a duck, talked like a duck, associated with ducks his whole life... What makes us think now he going to govern like an eagle??

No, I say watch out... Watch out indeed... Lock the doors and hide the children because - BEWARE!!!! The liberals are now in charge..

Just my thoughts..

GOP Mike