Monday, December 1, 2008

Disney.... The libs can't even leave the kids out of it!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

This past weekend, we brought the kids and suffered through the painful sequel to the Disney movie Madagascar... Quick question to the movie industry - I thought you did a sequel only if the first movie was good??? I thought wrong....

Anyway, when watching these movies, I can't even bear to follow the plot because it's just so bad and predictable that it would make 90 minutes seem like an eternity - like watching 4 days of speakers at the DNC ramble on and on about hope and change!! No, what I look for in these movies is the unabashed, below the radar liberal-friendly themes and innuendos that pepper the story-line..

It is nothing that kids can pick up, mind you, it goes over their heads. But it is subtle messages and overtures that the lefty's who make these kids movies can't resist to throw in that makes my blood boil!!!!

Now, some of you say to me , "GOP Mike, it's a kids movie, who cares???" Well, I tell you - I care!!! I care because it's us Conservatives that bring our kids to see their crap, subsidize their messages and subject our children to the oh-so subtle liberal agenda!!! Not anymore!!!

What you say am I talking about???? I will tell you just a few examples from this sure can't miss blockbuster:

* In one of the scenes, the Giraffe character, Melman - Played by David Schwimmer (aka liberal loon!!!) is agonizing over why he is so lonely and his friend says that he will meet the right girl someday... To which Melman responds, yeah, I am looking forward to meeting her, or him!!! A subtle, gratuitous homosexual innuendo that goes right over the kids' heads, but plants the seeds of liberalism at the foot of the "peace and tolerance tree" for all the libs to hug and dance around singing Kumbaya!!!!

* In a later scene, the girl Hippo character, played by Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith (hyphenated name, married to Obama kool-aid drinker = Extreme LIB!!!) is having an overly sexually implied scene (for a kids movie) with the male Hippo when the Giraffe character steps in a professes his love for her!!! She then winds up going off to be with the Giraffe...

Liberal mainstay themes of pre-marital sex promiscuity are all the flavor of this scene as the libs kill a few conservative birds with one stone here!!!!

* In one last example I will give you from the lib-flick disguised as a kids movie, is when the main character, Alex the lion, played by Ben Stiller (in the starting lineup for the Hollywood Lib all-star team!!), gets beat up by one of the the other lions and is banished from the Reserve... He then has a confrontation with an unruly mob of New Yorkers and performs dance moves to various show-tunes to "jazz" his way out of it....

The libs get their anti-war message out in these scenes with innuendos of President Bush being the war-monger bully and throw a few kudos to the gay community with the "Broadway Lion" dancing and singing a la Liza Minnelli in a Chorus Line!!!

The point is that they can't help themselves by throwing that crap in there... It has nothing to do with the plot, it is never mentioned again, but they throw it in there as they stick their left thumb in our eye and say - "There you go you conservative asses, we are exposing your 7-year-olds to Daddy's roommate" - Infuriating!!!!

So, in summary, the libs are able to throw in a load of liberal staples disguised in a kids movie to promote their agenda, albeit subtle and couched, to a young impressionable audience while getting their jolly's by flipping off the conservative parents that pay for their inflated salaries and egos...

Lets wake up people!!!

Time to start supporting Conservative companies and causes before our kids are going on school field trips to the Village to see a preview of "Daddy's Roommate gets the lead in Hairspray".

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Disney has been in the tank for years. They're responsible for ABC News, after all. My fiancee's father - who works for them - can tell you how slanted the reporting was between Obama and McCain. Obama got about 67% coverage to McCain's 33%. He sometimes wondered if there really were two people running or if this was all just a formality and the One really was the only one on the ballot!

    Back to Disney, the last movie of theirs I saw and liked was The Incredibles. It actually espoused traditional American values of the nuclear family, the sacrifices made for freedom, and the fact that there really is evil in the world that good men must stand against.

    Figures there wouldn't be a sequel to it, but the'd do one for Madagascar.


  2. Sorry sire, not all kid cartoons can show valiant warriors blowing "sand niggers" away.

    Brought to you by Disney. Still a supecompany.