Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night - Final Predictions....

To my Conservative friends (and a few dems as well):

Well, we are finally here and it will be over very soon….. I see it breaking one way or the other….


· Obamania will permeate thru the bowels of the country and the polls are right – He will carry the popular vote by a 54%-46% margin and carry 10 of the Bush states of VA, NC, FL, OH, IN, IA, CO, MO, NM and NV for an electoral landslide of a whopping 375-163. So an 8pt win and a 212 shellacking in electoral votes – A truly disturbing and depressing night….


· An amazing come from behind win for McCain as he loses the popular vote by a slim margin 51-49 but manages to win the electoral votes by the slimmest of margins (273-265) by hanging on to most of the Bush states by narrow margins except CO, IA, NM and VA, but taking the Kerry state of PA in the surprise of the night that wins him the election…. So a 2 pt loss in the popular vote, but a slim 8pt. win in the electoral votes to win the Presidency while the Libs in the country take to the streets with pitchforks and torches as they go Oballistic crazy!!!!

So – I see it going one way or the other…. If it breaks bad, it will go way bad, if it starts looking like a lot of states are close calls, it could be great!!!

The easy way to tell what’s going on: Look at VA (7pm polls close) and PA (8pm polls close)…. If McCain loses both, say goodnight Gracie, it’s over, go to bed early….. If he is able to win either of them, he has a chance (much better chance if he wins PA)….. (So your tellin’ me there’s a chance?????)

Yes, but not a great one – If a gun was put to my head – I would say – pull the trigger!!!!! No, seriously, there is a chance, but it’s a long shot….

Everyone say a prayer, because tomorrow, we could be facing Prez Barry!!!! Say it ain’t so joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the post-mortem…..

Keep the faith….

GOP Mike


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