Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election Post-Mortem - A few Thoughts...

In looking at the races for President and Congress, I have racked my brain to come up with answers to many questions beyond the obvious one - How could this nation (or 62 million of us!!) vote for a guy with no experience who associates with known terrorists and people who hate-America (his wife included) for the most difficult and prestigious job in the world??? That one is pretty easy – Because the Nation is mostly un-educated and susceptible to the Main Stream Media’s spoon-fed crap about the Chosen One and how “Mean and Bad” President Bush and the Republicans are…. America is a nation of Sheep…. Pure and simple…

Some of the other questions that come to mind are:

1. How could 44% of Veterans vote against a war-hero and POW - And for a guy that said our troops air-raided villages and killed civilians??? These people scream out – “Yeah, appreciate the service John and the 5 years you were tortured for this country and the 26 yrs of serving as a U.S. Senator, but the other guy is promising us some free shit??” Really sad….

2. How could 1.2 million voters in Minnesota vote for Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalley???? C’mon – do you guys even pay attention!!!! You should be embarrassed!!!! Really… And to think the votes that this troll got count equally as much as our informed votes….

3. How could Pennsylvania vote for a guy (Murtha) that called his own state racists, and then apologized by saying he meant red-necks???? And that one was not even close!!!! Utterly amazing!!!! That’s like a man apologizing to his wife for calling her fat by saying “your not fat, your ugly!” Then he gets lucky that night!!!! Doesn’t add up, does it????

Our friend Stacy K. told us about some interviews of Obama supporters the day before the election that went something like this:

· Interviewer: Who are you voting for??
· “Informed” Voter: I votin’ for OBAMA!!!!
· Interviewer: Great, great. Do you think his VP selection, Sarah Palin will help him get votes and run the country?
· “Informed” Voter: Yeah, she’s gonna do just great!!!!

If you think I am jiving you, you are not going to believe this video:

Really guys, I can't make this stuff up!!!!

To think that these people are allowed to vote….. And we wonder why we lost???? Imagine if they started talking serious issues with these cretins?? The Obama campaign did a great job of “getting” their votes out…. Thousands of vans and buses across the country scoured the soup kitchens, homeless shelters and back alleys to bring their “people” to vote…. They prey on the un-educated, the un-informed and the mis-informed…. I will never, ever see how someone can support a party that views its supporters as a commodity – like cattle – round ‘em up and get ‘em to da polls!!!

Remember the democrat motto: Keep ‘em needy, keep ‘em uneducated, get their votes, start all over again”

My cousin from California (hey Al!!!) has got it right…. The road back for conservatives is going to start from people like us… Passionate, young conservatives… Who says all the youth in this country is liberal (right Scotty D!!!!). We have to start educating more people about what is right and what is wrong for this country. We have to start articulating the conservative principles of personal responsibility, freedom and peace through strength that Ronald Reagan spoke so passionately about…. Click below to see a video of one of Reagan’s most succinct, timeless and eloquent speeches on conservative principles that was ever given (A time for choosing - 1964) and others about the conservative principles that he believed in and many Republicans, and most of the country, have strayed from recently:

Conservatives should not be afraid to speak our minds and convince the mis-informed that we have a better, more American way to achieve success and happiness… It does not lie with a single person, or party, but with core beliefs that we, as Americans should all hold dear and give thanks on this Veterans day for all the thousands of American soldiers who died for it…..

Here is a tribute to them:

Just my thoughts..

GOP Mike

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