Thursday, October 2, 2008

Election Update - VP debate tonight...

To my fellow conservatives:

I am not going to sugarcoat this but, it is not looking good right now….. All the polls are streaming towards Barry – including all the swing state polls…. McCain just pulled out of Michigan and the drive-by media will have a field day with the fact that we gave up on Michigan and what’s next Pennsylvania, Wisconsin????

This bailout/economic disaster has been dreadful for McCain and Sarah’s interviews are being spun like she is a buffoon!!!

We have to turn this thing around now (NOBama is up 6 pts in the polls on the Average and it has been steadily growing for 2 weeks now….) If the election was today, we would probably lose by a point or two – We have to pull within 2-3 pts to get a victory – It is ok if we are behind on election day, but not by 6-9 pts which is where the polls are headed…. I still believe there will be a 3-4pt. silent vote for McCain for people who will not vote for Barry Hussein even if they said they would in a poll….. (Remember the Bradley Effect!!!!) However, we don’t want to count on that….

So our chance starts tonight!!!! It starts with tonight’s sit!!!!! Sarah has to perform well and change the momentum at a minimum…. Even if the libs are not convinced she won the debate, she has to give a strong performance to get the conservatives excited again – They have been battered with Sarah bashing (SNL, and the mainstream media bashing her endlessly)…. So if she performs well and looks confident with her answers, we can turn the tide and the last 30 days the polls will tighten and the country will, by a slight margin, say no to Barry…..

Then John has to go after Barry hard on the last 2 debates and really ask the country who do they think is best prepared to handle this country….. The war-hero, maverick senator or the community organizer/lawyer????? Also, he has to tie this economic mess to the dems and show footage of him in 2005 saying this economic mess is coming if we don’t do something and also show the ’05 footage of the dems (Barney Fag, Harry, the Body Reid, Hillary, her thighness, Clinton, Nancy, Stretch Pelosi and the others saying there is no problem with Fannie Mae/FreddyMac. These commercials are starting today and they are great!!!

But first and foremost - it’s up to Sarah to lead off tonight….. It’s the bottom of the ninth and we are down a run….. She is the leadoff hitter and must get on base for John to drive her in!!!!

– Hey Cracco and Kenny – no sexual innuendo’s meant there but I know you both pretty well and I know your minds wandered there for a minute!!!!

But seriously, back to biz – This can and must be done and there could not be more pressure on our girl from Alaska tonight…. Can she do it???? My bet is she can!!!! She must or Fridays will be KFC night at the White House!!!!!

God Bless America and the GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP Mike


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