Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gays vs. the Church - The next great Battle!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

On election day, the biggest surprise was not Barack Obama (hey, that's the first time I have written his actual name! - Don't get used to it...) winning the election and becoming the nation's first black President.. No, it was the fact that the most liberal, hippie loving, Conservative bashing, free-lovin' state in the union, Caly-fawnia (As the Govenator would say!!!) voted down gay marriage by a significant margin (app. 500,000 votes)....

This was very surprising because, the land of fruits and nuts voted overwhelmingly to elect Barry and he supports gay marriage... So, a large majority of Obmana's supports said "no go" to gay marriage!!!

Now, I believe that the greatest thing about this country is most of us can have a civil debate on any issue without getting violent or revert to vile displays of disrespect... However, the far-left loons, when they don't get their way, go BALLISTIC!!!!
Case in point - during a pro-Gay marriage demonstration, a 69 year-old woman had the gall to show support against gay marriage and brought a wooden cross to show support for the church's positon. This is what happened to her:

Well, I have actually heard looney leftists defend these mistreats as "defending their right to protest"... Poppy-cock!!! There is no need to intimidate this woman, knock the cross from her hand and stomp on it like a bunch of 3-year olds... Not to mention the absolute dis-respect for the church - which today in this country is sadly standard operating procedure for the left..

Some on the left say she asked for it by being near the group - I say bologny, but even if you agree with that point, look at case study No. 2 - A few homosexual protester go into a Michigan church and cause a ruckus right in the middle of a mass!!!! Despicable!!! In case you missed it:

Now these people should be strung up and left to rot in the desert!!!

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Why does the left in this country stoop to such levels to prove their point... Is it because they know they can not win a civil debate on the actual issues... Or is it that they can't deal with the fact that a the country does not agree with them on this issue...

The country wants traditional values and does not want the entire country to become San Fran-freak-show!!!!

Obviously as a Conservative, I am opposed to gay marriage. I think it is better for children to grow up in a traditional home with a Mother and a Father.. I don't understand why liberals can't understand why we oppose this... It is just a matter of what kind of country and what kind of life we want to live....

However, I do understand their point of view, I merely disagree with it... I am not about to insert myself in the middle of their gay-pride parade and start screaming at a 69 year-old woman and knocking her "Gays are people too" sign to the ground... If you want to live your life as a homosexual, I say fine, go knock yourself out....

Just don't interfere with the way the rest of us want to live our traditional American lives....

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike