Sunday, November 23, 2008

GOP Mike's Education Series.... Don't be a Liberal!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

As most of you know by reading my articles, I have often made fun, joked, tooled, and basically mocked our liberal friends in this country for not knowing jack squat about the country, politics and history in general.... In fact, one of my most recent articles, "The Obama voter - Stupid is as Stupid does" does a more than adequate job of exposing the Messiah's followers as Kool-Aid drinking dim-lights who know less than you could possibly imagine!!! The article is filled with videos to prove the point with interviews conducted on election day of Barry's, not so intelligent supporters.... Let's just say, your not going to catch these folks walking out of any Mensa meetings anytime soon...

So, to that end, I would like to introduce a series of educational articles to "refresh" our Conservative minds about this great country, our history and our politics.

This way, when you get challenged by a pinko-liberal commie with his Skim-Milk Mochachino, you can hand him his lunch (Veggie-wrap) with a few questions to undress him (figuratively, of course - this is a family-site!!!) with your knowledge of politics and history of this great land....

So, let's not be liberals!!! When you run into a liberal that thinks they know what they are talking about, listen closely.... Most likely you will hear the same re-hashed, tired crap they hear and regurgitate back. Some of the most common ones are as like:

* Bush Lied about weapons of mass destruction....
* Corporations are evil and they screw us all the time....or my favorite:
* Republicans are for the rich and the Dems are for the "little guy" or the "working man";

Well, I have answers to all of those and the rest of the liberal talking points and "arguments". My goal is to make all of us educated , battle-tested conservatives so we not only debate our liberal co-horts, we can make them cry for their mama!!!! So, next time you see a lib at the water cooler, it'll be show-time!!!

My first article will be on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution and I will be posting it soon..... To see how prepared you are for the first article and some of those that will follow, here is a quick quiz to see where you stand:

1. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence??

2. What do you call the first ten Amendments??

3. What branch of Government contains the House of Representatives and the Senate??

4. How many Senators do we elect from each state??

5. What do the 13 stripes on the US Flag represent??

6. Who was George Washington's Vice President??

7. Who was the President that introduced "Day that will live in infamy"

8. How many Justices are there on the Supreme Court??

9. Who was Robert E. Lee??

10. In the event of the death of both the President and VP, who becomes President???

So, How did you do??? As this is just a preliminary sampling of questions, I have included the answers at the bottom of this article... But seriously, How many did you get??? Did you pass and get at least 7 right??? If so, great.. If not, you are going to love the Educational Series of articles...

Quick question - How many do you think the average Obama voters got right??.... I would bet a buffalo nickel that the odds makers would lay that over/under at around zero or 1 at the most!!!

I intend to write brief (I know your all busy...)articles approximately once a week going over a specific topic of history or current political events... Not a long dissertation, but just a brief overview with the salient points to give you enough information and knowledge to be educated and conversant on the topics... You will be miles ahead of the dolts on the left!!!!

Some of the topics I have initially outlined are as follows:

1. The Revolutionary War...
2. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
3. The Great Depression and the New Deal - The Myths and the truths...
4. World War I and II - Who had our back???
5. The Vietnam Era - The sad saga in American History
6. The Civil Rights Movement...
7. Feminism - The Real Agenda...
8. The Greatest Presidents.... And the worst...
9. The Iraq War
10. The 2000 Re-count Bush V. Gore

These are just some of the topics that I find interesting... Please let me know if there is a topic that you would like to see and I will definitely consider including it in the Series...

The first Education Series article will be appearing within the next week or so.

Keep the Faith...

GOP Mike

Answer Key: 1. Thomas Jefferson 2. The Bill of Rights 3. The Legislative branch 4. Two 5. The Original 13 Colonies 6. John Adams 7. FDR said it on December 7, 1941 re: Pearl Harbor bombing 8. Nine 9. General of the Confederate Army during the Civil War 10. Speaker of the House.


  1. In 1984, 60% of college students voted for Ronald Reagan. Among the Ivy League colleges---which draw the most advanced and accomplished students in the country---only 16% voted for Ronald Reagan.

    This is just one of many data points that illustrate the fact that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives. Go visit the most academically competitive institutions in the country and see how many people there support Republicans.

    Intelligent people see Republicans for what they are. Your arguments are twisted and backwards. The truth is, the GOP is made up of two groups: The Selfish and The Stupid. And sometimes they overlap.

    Which do you belong to, Mike?

  2. Jim:

    Your actually referencing Ivy league Universities and their extreme liberal professors and administrators for a sample of "intelligent" thought...

    That is the funniest thing I have read.... Your kidding right???

    Almost every professor that spews their liberal crap in these institions is a '60's hippie, free-lovin' freak that spews hatred for the country they live in... The very country that afforded them the freedom and opportunity to become "professors"...

    Ya gotta do better than that to make the case that the Obama voters have some intelligence...

    I work in NYC and you wouldn't be so proud of your fellow libs here.... They couldn;t debate their way out of a paper bag... I am not saying all, but the large majority of Obama voters are woefully uneducated and mis-informed on most issues...

    Nice try though....

    GOP Mike

  3. That was funny, Jim. Using Ivy League students and professors as a barometer of intelligent thought.

    Your liberals in academia excel at theorizing about ideas that would work in some unknown world that will never exist, where their proposals don't suffer from unintended (but clearly predictable, to those with an ounce of common sense) consequences. As for actually solving problems - not so much.

    Meanwhile, conservatives are busy doing the things that make America the most prosperous country in the history of the world.

    If I ever forget everything I know about both world and American history, about human nature and how to live a happy and prosperous life in general, I know what I'm going to do. I'll get a job as an Ivy League professor.

    Or I might just change my name to Jim and make idiotic comments on blogs that make my lack of knowledge of all the things I've forgotten about apparent to everyone else. Oh, sorry, you beat me to that.

    Ronald Reagan introduced the longest period of peacetime economic growth in American history. He brought a crumbling nation, a nation that was stuck in a liberal-induced malaise, back to greatness. And he put the final nails in the coffin of the most oppressive nation ever to exist, the Soviet Union. But judging from your comments, you spent the Reagan Glory Years fantasizing about Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis running the country and missed it all.

    Either you are a young kid who doesn't remember Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, or you are willfully ignorant. When Ronald Reagan asked in 1984, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" apparently only your Ivy League geniuses got the answer wrong. Because I can tell you from living through it, that way, way more than 60% of America was better off. And they were even better off four years later, in 1988. Your Ivy League skulls full of mush couldn't figure that out. Either that, or the really loved high school and were happier four years before when they didn't have a bunch of liberal hippie peaceniks indoctrinating them.

    So your point was?

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