Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guess what the Top 15 most violent cities have in common - All Liberal Mayors!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Our friend at Conservatismtoday , Scott Martin has written a great article on a new report by CQ Press that has issued their report on the most dangerous cities in the country...

Perusing the list, specifically the top 15 cities, you notice what Scott points out in his article - Hey all the mayors of these cities are un-abashed, flaming bleeding heart libs!!!! That's right - there is not one Republican Governor in the whole lot!!!
Not surprisingly, New Orleans and Mayor "Crazy" Ray Nagin lead the list.... The list includes cities with 13 Democrat Governors, 1 Independent (Lib who is afraid to admit it!!!) and 1 Green party candidate (uhm... let's just say this tree-hugger is not a tough-on-crime conservative).

As many of you know, I am from NY, which was on this list pre-Republican Rudy Giuliani coming in and cleanin' house!!!

The top 15 are as follows:

1 New Orleans, LA
2 Camden, NJ
3 Detroit, MI
4 St. Louis, MO
5 Oakland, CA
6 Flint, MI
7 Gary, IN
8 Birmingham, AL
9 Richmond, CA
10 North Charleston, SC
11 Cleveland, OH
12 Baltimore, MD
13 Miami Gardens, FL
14 Memphis, TN
15 Youngstown, OH
127 New York, NY

The question I ask you, my readers, is why are Conservatives and Republicans much more successful than their liberal democratic counterparts in fighting crime... You can go over their positions issue by issue and see which party added more cops, etc...and blah blah blah...

No, the real answer is that conservatives call a spade a spade... We call a criminal a criminal. We call a terrorist a terrorist and we call evil what it is - Evil... We don't try to be politically correct and are not concerned for the criminals beyond their constitutional rights. We are concerned for the victims and those law enforcement officials that are fighting these criminals every day!!!

Rudy cleaned up NYC more than any other Mayor in the country... NYC used to be prominent on this list and riddled with the scum of the earth committing egregious crimes on innocent victims... Liberals who live in their ivory towers and PC cocoons have no idea how vicious it is in these cities. Rudy, as a former prosecutor knew that filth needed to be cleansed from the bottom up. He gave no apologies for his tough on criminal policies. He transformed NY from one of the most dangerous cities to one of the safest... Today, it ranks 127th on the list... An amazing feat for a city of 8 million+ people....

Rudy often speaks of Ronald Reagan as an inspiration for his public service and fearless assessments of calling out evil for what it is. Who can forget Reagan calling the Soviet Union, an evil empire!!! He saw the Soviets for what they were and called them out on it... No fear, no couching, just shear honest, brave leadership...

Just for nostalgic value, here is Reagan calling out Gorbachov to "tear down this wall!!!!"

So, what can we take from the crime list... I don't believe liberals or democrats are for crime, but they go way too far out of their way to worry about the criminals and their rights... In the PC liberal world, the pendulum has swung way to far to the left and it has caused their cities which they govern to become a haven for some of the nations career criminals...

The Republicans candidates got their clock cleaned nationally on election day, but if you need a local mayor to make your city safe, take a tip from GOP Mike, vote Republican!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Coming from Alabama, it doesn't surprise me that Birmingham is high on the list. It's an industrial town in the likeness of Detroit. And New Orleans was bad even before Katrina made landfall, but it's ten times worse now. It's funny that it's all Bush's fault that the city wound up like it did following the hurricane, but somehow the local and state officials who were supposedly doing their jobs superbly haven't been able to turn it around in the three years following the storm, even with all the federal aid being poured into it.

    My only problem with Giuliani was his stance on guns. He was pretty bad about setting restrictions on private citizens being able to own weapons in NYC. As far as crime goes, he's top notch.


  2. Here's an update on St. Louis. Apparently one of the city's leaders is telling the citizens to arm themselves as the police are ineffective against the crime wave:,2933,460725,00.html

    What scares me is the police chief doesn't want law-abiding citizens arming themselves. In my hometown the police has no problem with citizens defending themselves or their property.


  3. I blame it on senior citizens and retired veterans who sit on their buts all day watching TV. Get involved in your local school. Read a book to a kid. You can turn this country around in no time.

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