Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press - Hey Joe - Grow a pair!!!

To my fellow Conservatives:

I watched this morning as Tom Broken-Jaw interviewed "Independent Democrat" Joe Lieberman on the ever-shrinking political morning talk show, Meet the Press.... First of all Joe, anything with the word "democrat" in it has nothing to do with Independent.... These people are as partisan as Gloria Steinem.

I am sure that some of you had some admiration for Joe as he supported John McCain against his own party's candidate, Barry the Messiah.... You said to yourself, "Now this guy has principles... He's supporting McCain because he knows that his experience was the right thing for the country...." But sadly, that "principled position" has gone by the boards due to Joe's fear of losing his coveted chairmanships" on various senate committees... There are greater tragedies in the world, Joe....

I have to say to Joe - Hey Joe, show some Ba--s!!!! Why do you have to cow-tow to the party that threw you to the curb only a few short years ago because you supported the President on the war.... This is the party that says they are for all Americans.... Unless you disagree with them!!!

Lieberman said in his interview today that he "regretted" some of the things he said because he said them in the heat of a campaign.... I say Bull--it!!!! When you say something you mean it!!! Admit it... The only reason you regret it now, is that you have to work with these democrat idiots and you don't want to lose your seat at the big table and have to eat with the Republicans at the kiddy table...

I would rather lose all my Chairmanships that have to apologize and kneel to the Harry Reid's of the world... I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees, a great man once said...

Always stand for your principles even though it may cost you in the short-term... Believe you me, you will feel much better if you did....

So, I say to Joe Lieberman - Hey, Joe - grow a pair..

Unfortunately, I think Joe has checked his at the Senate door...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Mike, so sorry to see that you're simply a wannabe Limbaugh. Keep up the high level of discourse. It'll keep you and your like in the minority for a long time.

  2. To Anonymous:

    If you call standing up for your principles and ideals discourse, then fine by me...

    I would rather be in the minority with convictions than in the majority and pander to the "winds of change"....

    Thanks for the comment though...

    GOP Mike

  3. There are a lot of social issues I disagree with Senator Lieberman on, but I've always admired him for his stance on the War on Terror. Even though it meant getting kicked out of his own party, he stuck to his guns there. And even without his party's support he managed to pull off a victory in a very liberal state.

    I'm saddened that he's backpedaled so much since the winds of change have started blowing. You would think after accomplishing so much he wouldn't be afraid to strike onward. I guess only time will tell.


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