Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joy Behar - Hey Libs... Is this the best ya' got???

To my Conservative Friends:

I have a question for you libs out there.... Is Joy Behar the best spokesperson you got???? Now, don't get me wrong, The View is not a show that I watch... If I actually tried to record it, my DVR would melt in revolt and disgust... But she has become the voice of liberal woman in this country after Rosie "Triple XL" O'Wide-Load was sent out to pasture by ABC. No need to worry about Rosie, MSDNC gobbled her up and offered her her own variety show!!!

Word has it she was offered a multi-year deal with many perks, including a private dressing Barn and unlimited Krispy Kremes....

There are far too many statements that border on insanity made by Mz. Behar, but I have selected a sampling to make our point here....

First, Joy-less says the reason we have no saints today is because there was no Thorazine in the old days...

Why not get a slap in at the Catholic church - a favorite in the lib play-book!!!

And in this one, when you have Whoopie Goldberg reigning in your idiocy and admonishing you, ya' know Joy's large derriere has fallen off the deep-end...

And this un-beleivable video, Mz. Joy-less makes assanine statements that John McCain will roll-back civi rights if elected....

Yeah Joy, John McCain is a racist, riiiiightttt....

The pitiful thing about this "woman" is that a lot of woman listen to this troll and think she knows what she's talking about and wind up conforming their thoughts to hers...

And this is why we are losing elections, because the majority of woman agree with this beast and we need to call this and other Lib-Tards like her out on her bullsh--!!!

I don't understand why liberals would want this dim-light, no-talent trollop to be their spokeperson with her grossly un-eductaed, uniformed point of view...

The liberal slogan - An un-eductaed voter is our best customer....

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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