Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madame Secretary Hillary??? Please Ma' - Stop the ride!!!

To my Conservative friends:

Just a quickie bonus post today as I read the news buzzing around that Her Thigness Hillary is about to become Secretary of State in the New Obama administration... Just when we thought we dodged a bullet by having Barry diss her for VP, he slaps us across the face with a shovel and could make us listen to Mz. Shrill as our "voice to the world" for the next 4 years...

Ya' know, since the Obamania affected 52% of this country, I think Barry and the Dems forgot what they hated so much about Hillary... Remember during the primaries?? The level of animosity between the Hillary supporters and Barry's apostles was at an all time high!!! These two groups hated each other... Now he wins the election, fells pretty good about himself and wants her as Secretary of State???

Please say it ain't so Bo!!!!!

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Just to remind Sir Barry.... This is the woman so shrill, so offensive, so annoying, that the cool, calm and collected Chosen one could barely contain himself during the debates from lunging towards the pant-suited chubby Senator from NY..

Remember the Shrillness:

And the Pantsuits:

The Orange one...

And that Damn Bubble Bee one...

And oh, by the way, this is the reason that Mz. Hillary wears pantsuits:

And, as Secty. of State, Hillary will have some long and boring diplomatic meetings...

Which will wear on her and leave her a shrill, bitter woman at the end of the term..

So Please Messiah, re-think this before its too late.... Just imagine answering the phone at 3AM and its not Putin or Gen. Petraeus on the line, but it's Hillary in all her glory and all her shrillness...

I have always said, Hillary to me is like nails on a chalkboard... He already has to deal with his "rock" in Michelle ordering him around all day on the home-front. Does he really need Hillary giving him marching orders on the foreign front??

I think not...

Just my thoughts..

GOP Mike


  1. I love it, what more can one say Mikey

  2. Thanks for the kudos....

    Update: Hillary to Accept nomination for Sec. of State!!!"

    What more can I say - 4 years of unlimited material for w/ Mz. Shrill running our foreign affairs!!!

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