Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Media is Koo Koo for Bam Bam Puffs!!!

To my Conservative friends:

Our friend from FoxNews, Sean Hannity has said that this is the year that journalism died in America... And all of you know that I have been railing against the media for its obvious bias towards the Chosen One, Messiah Barry the first. However, instead of just telling you about it, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and show you just had bad it got during the campaign and how stacked the deck was against John McCain..

The Pew Research Center conducted a comprehensive study prior to the election (sounds serious doesn't it??? - Like the CEO should be named Jeeves... Jeeves Corchoran III of the Pew Research center has analyzed.... I digress, sorry...).

Anyway, the study analyzed the coverage of the 3 main cable networks, FOX News, MSLSD (MSNBC for newcomers to my articles) and CNN (the Communist News Network). The Center concluded that negative stories about the candidates were aired in the following breakdown:

FOX News:
Negative Obama Stories 40%
Negative McCain stories 40%
Now that's fair and balanced!!!

Negative Obama Stories 39%
Negative McCain stories 61%

Negative Obama Stories 14%
Negative McCain stories 73%

To see the pdf file which contains the whole study, please visit:


So even the most casual observer can see that, other than Fox News (which they perceive to be biased towards the right!!!), the other 2 networks are so in the tank for Prez Barry that they tried to control the story, drive the narrative and rig this thing for their guy...
So let's look at the most egregious offender of the public faith, MSDNC. A look at their prime time lineup will show why they have driven off the left edge of the political cliff...

7PM - Hardball with Chris "Mad Dog" Mathews - His nickname comes from his inability to stop drooling as he interviews Barack and his followers... Literally, the man starts to drool when he gets excited, so much so that I find myself involuntarily wiping my own mouth as I watch him.. Also the guy who famously said after one of the prophet's speeches during the primaries that "When I listen to this guy (Obama) , I get a thrill running up the side of my leg".... Whatta think he feels when he hears Hillary speak???

8PM - Countdown with Keith Overbite - This guys has the most extreme case of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) that I have ever seen... Every pore oozes hatred and contempt for anything Republican. He is so one-sided, even hard core libs (Saturday Night Live included) don't take this pin-head seriously....

9PM - The Rachel Maddow Show - hosted by Rachel "Meaty Fingers" Maddow (Thanks to the Great One, Mark Levin for this nickname)... Now this is
one handsome gal if you ever saw one... This "gal" is so partisan and one-sided that I don't think I have ever seen her interview anyone with a brain, I mean conservative views....

So you can see why MSNBC and it's viewership has declined so rapidly... To be a journalist, one must at least be perceived at being objective and impartial. Even if they have always had leftist views, they tried to cover them up... No, I believe this time around with Hillary as the first woman running and Obama as the first black running, their liberal ideology was just too great a temptation to cover it up.

They basically said, "Ah screw it, we are rooting for our team this year, damn the consequences!!!" At one point during the campaign, the MSDNC reporter covering the Messiah's campaign, Lee Cowan, was caught on camera after one of Barry's speeches from the Temple, as saying that he "found it hard remaining objective". That's the equivalent of an umpire during the World Series saying, "Yeah, I know I am suppose to be impartial, but damn, I just love those Yankees, its just hard staying objective!!!"....

Now I won't even go into the main networks and their views which have been widely viewed and analyzed as so biased that nobody even watches them anymore... So what better way to diss the Main stream Media than to ignore them... So Katie, Brian and Charlie - don't let the door hitcha' in da ass on your way out to obscurity!!!

So basically, by being Obama's tenth man, they helped him win the Presidency... It has been speculated for many many years and now the cold hard facts are inescapable... They are official members of the Democratic team now...

What are we, as Conservatives, to do to combat such a Juggernaut??? We have to be louder, more articulate and more passionate for our ideals and beliefs, because in the end, our competitors are indeed, Koo-Koo!!!

Just my Thoughts..

GOP Mike


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