Monday, November 24, 2008

NBC & Rosie - A Match made in...... Woodstock???

To my Conservative friends:

Yes, she had a comedy career that never went anywhere... They gave her a talk show that was more painful to watch than root-canal... It was cancelled.... She married and divorced Tom Arnold (No, sorry that was Roseanne Barr - don't tell me you don't get those two more-than-chubby liberal loons mixed-up!!)...

Then when the spot on the view opened up, ABC, in its infiite wisdom, said "Yeah Rosie would be great...." And that blew up in their face....

Now, the Network of the far-left Media elite, NBC, has decided that Rosie be granted her own Variety show!!!

Now, if I were a liberal, (I know that is an inconceivable, impossible "if".... But play along here for a minute....) If I were a liberal, the last person I would want as a spokesperson is Rosie O'Drumstick..... The stuff that comes out of this wom..., perso, eh, uhm.... troll's mouth is simply and utterlly mind-boggling....

If you have forgotten, let's tak a trip down ol' Rosie lane.... Courtesy of our good friend Michelle Malkin at Hotair:

Michelle makes a great point that liberal celebs that make politically correct remarks are given the perverbial "pass"... But if a Conservative does it, call in the hounds, someone is going to pay!!!

Why does Rosie get a pass from the media??? Well, she has earned her liberal "cred" many times over for various lonney-bin comments:

Do you remember that 9/11 was an inside job:

This troll caught in an off-air moment before the show sharing her "views" that 9/11 was perpetrated by our own Govt.... Despicable.... Notice the staff furiously trying to add makeup to the troll to make her presentable.... Hey ladies, don't bother.... It aint woring!!!

How about radical christianity is as dangerous as redical Islam....

This woman should be kept in a rubber room with the belt and shoelaces removed..... The most amazing thing is when she makes those outrageous comments, listen to the absolute ass-holes in the crowd cheering!!!! Yeah Rosie, I see every night on the news where a bunch of crazy Nuns be-head a journalist on behalf of Jesus!!! C'mon you idiots!!! ABC, and now NBC give this woman a forum to spew her hatred towards the country that made her rich!!!

We may have determined why Rosie seems to be so sympathetic to the terrorists.... It turns out that our investigative reporting has uncovered a distant cousin of Rosie may have ties to some terrorist groups.... The family resemblence is quite striking as you can see...

Separated at birth???? You decide!!!!!!

So NBC gives Rosie her own "Variety" show!!! Can you imagine what type of liberal crap she will spew in her "comedy" sketches??? All I can say is that NBC has lost any of the credibilty that had left....

So - NBC and Rosie - a match made by Al Qaeda....

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. If you haven't seen it yet, get on Youtube and watch the videos of Donald Trump criticizing Rosie. It's pretty funny, and true to life!


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