Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Obama Voter - Stupid is as Stupid does!!!!

To My Conservative Friends:

I am sure most of you have heard of the new documentary by filmmaker John Ziegler, http://www.howobamagotelected.com/ that's coming out about Obama voters and their "knowledge" of the issues and their unbelievable viewpoints on the election and how they were utterly and absolutely brainwashed by the chosen one and manipulated by the media to believe the "message" that was being fed to them with a big-ass spoon!!!

If you have not seen the trailer, here it is (it is 9 minutes long, but once you start watching it, you can't stop):

Man O' Man, I am tellin' you guys, this is UN-REAL!!!! If you found yourself involuntarily shakin your head in disbelief, you are not alone... The job the media did with this election was one for the ages!!! Basically, it was a 2-fold strategy. First and foremost, search and destroy the enemy and make a laughing stock out of them but going to town on frivolous crap like clothes, the daughter's pregnancy, McCain's houses and his comments on the economy... Secondly was to bury anything and everything that would in any way harm their Messiah!!!

Bill Ayers story - Bury it!!!
Reverend Wright story - Kill it!!!
Palin interview flub - LEAD STORY!!!
Tina Fey skit from SNL - Keep on a video loop until the election!!!!

By the time the election came, The Messiah had risen and Palin was a cocktail party joke.... Mission Accomplished!!!

Now, I am not saying that McCain and Palin did not make mistakes, they did... But the conditioning of the amazingly ignorant public (the masses are the asses!!!) made them emphasize Republican mistakes while intentionally hiding and covering up Obama's and Biden's gaffes (57 states comments, JOBS is a 3 letter word, etc....)

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The absolute character assassination and decimation of Sarah Palin was utterly amazing!!!! This woman needed to be taken down and boy, was she ever taken down... They trained the majority of the public (52% to be exact!!!) to lap up the Obama kool-aid like Pavlov's dogs!!!

Now, the Media 2-step alone was not enough to help the Messiah and his militant spouse grab the White House.. You also needed a candidate so eloquent, so vapid and so hypnotic to give his cult-followers reason to believe that if they voted for him, he would be the answer to their prayers, the cure to all their ills and the second coming.... His speeches had many of his followers in tears and some even fainting in the aisles....

He peddled his snake-oil so well that many of his commoners felt that as long as they helped Barry by voting for him, Barry would return the favor and gas up the 'ol chevy for 'em and have the Fed Reserve cut a check to Freddie Mac to cover the mortgage payment if they get in a pinch next month!!! If you think I am exaggerating, take a peek at this 26 second clip that reveals an amazing revelation about the Jonestown, er..., I mean Obama supporters:

So the absolute dumb-ification of America has reached new lows.... The Obama campaign with it's ready, willing and more than able partners in the media have won the Presidency with deception, vicious trash-journalism and the most vapid, issue-less campaign that has ever been waged... In no time in history has a candidate won an election by talking so much, while saying so little....

His supporters are living proof of it...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Conservatives are enraged and resentful that they lost the election. And they can't accept the facts. They have this delusional mentality about America; they believe that most Americans look at the world in the same, twisted, confused, extremist way that they do.

    They don't. It's more complicated than that. But right-wingers don't like things to be complicated. In their worldview, things are always black vs. white; good vs. evil; right vs. wrong, etc.

    So, when they get their booties kicked in an election, they have to invent a "reason" for it. Because God knows the American people couldn't possibly reject John McCain because his ideas were bad---there has to be some "liberal media conspiracy" or "uninformed Obama supporters", etc.

    This "poll" was a joke. Anyone who has ever taken Statistics 101 or who has done even the most rudimentary work with survey research would laugh at it. I won't waste my time refuting what others have already done pretty effectively.

    This Ziegler guy is a joke too---but a clever one who knows how to line his pockets with the dollars from downcast, embittered McCain supporting losers---like you, Mike. That's what this "poll" was really all about.

  2. Jim:

    The videos were not the poll, but merely a sampling for the poll... The actual poll was taken from 512 Obamaa voters by nationally renowed pollster, John Zogby, who has been conducted polls for decades.

    BTW - His scientific poll had a margin of error of +-4.4% - So much for your Statistics 101 comment...

    Log onto to Ziegler's site at www.HowObamagotelected,com and you can see the actual Zogby poll results for yourself...

    It was a very good indictaor of the knowledage, or lack thereof, of Obama supporters... Pretty embarrasing for the libs I would say...

    As for calling people who support McCain, an American hero and POW who bled and suffered for this country "losers", well, I will just say that is quite a window on the liberal soul...

    It appears that you and your lib friends are the ones who are still bitter and twisted.... And you guys won the election!!!

    Imagine how vile and ugly you would be if you lost....

    GOP Mike

  3. Mike

    My name is Brandon and I am 22 years old. I voted for McCain because I didn't drink the kool-aid like all of my friends. At my age, it seemed like the 'cool' thing to do was vote Obama. But, I pay attention to politics and the liberal media is literally brain washing people my age. I went to a party at Indiana University and everyone had on their cool Obama shirts, but no one knew anything about him or the issues that our great country faces. They all just saw SNL and Obama's seemingly spinning and hypnotic eyes telling them all their financial problems would go away. And whats funny, is most of them had no financial problems because they're all in college! Im in school and my folks have made a good living for themselves. Through HARD WORK, not a government hand out (oops I mean stimulus, wait I mean bailout!) I don't have any money right now (Im a student), but I anticipate that not too far down the road I will, and I don't need Uncle Sam digging in my pockets to fix the problems of the lazy and worthless in society.

    Brandon B.

  4. Brandon B:

    You are well wise beyond your years my young friend...

    If only some of your friends even were half as enlightened as you, we would be so much better off as a country than to have kool-aid drinking sock-puppets just parrot what they hear from Keith Overbite and Rachel Mad-Cow....

    Maybe you can email the link to my site to some of your dim-bulb college buddies so they can get educated between bog-hits and funnells (I went to college too)....

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and supporting the site...

    Keep commenting as we don't have enough young people engaging in the issues and in the comment section and love to hear your points of view....

    GOP Mike