Friday, November 14, 2008

Where is the Republican Cavalry???

To my Conservative friends:

The other day, I wrote to you about the future of conservatism and we need some fresh young faces to lead the conservatives (and Republicans who have not lost their faith – or their Cahones for that matter!!!) out of this electoral abyss…..

Let’s face it – in the elections of 2006 and 2008, we were taken out to the wood-shed for a serious ass-whuppin’!!!! I mean to lose some 50 house seats and 15 senate seats along with the Presidency is basically an embarrassment beyond words… Not to mention coultless Governor seats and state legislatures… Yes, I know the economy gave the President and the Republicans a shovel to the back of the head, but we still did not help our cause…. And I will not tolerate any of us Republicans actin’ like little fairy democrats do when they lose – they piss and moan and cry that they were cheated or were swift-boated or whatever as they order another Frappachino from Starbucks….

We lost - plain and simple - We take it like men and we move forward…. We see what we did wrong and we fix it….

On that note how do we fix it???? Well, I have heard some RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) out there saying that we should now “move to the middle” and “build consenses” with the liberals…. I have one question to those folks – Have we not done that for the past 2 years??? And look what that has gotten us….. Has not President Bush acted like a liberal with his out of control government spending, amnesty for illegal immigrants and trillion dollar government bailouts that are unprecedented in the history of this great nation???

The Republicans have reached out to build bridges and we have had out lunches handed to us by the American people… John McCain reached out and got his hand bitten off and spit back at him!!!

I believe we lost because we were all over the map with our principles and abandoned our conservative ideals – small government, limited spending, low taxes, secure borders, etc…

We went along with everything… A man much smarter than me once told me

“When you are for everything, you stand for nothing…”

That’s the libs…. They are for everything so they don’t offend anyone…. They offer something for every group – “Free healthcare for him, free childcare for her and more votes for us!!!!”

No, I believe with all my heart that the reason we lost is because we lost our way…. In 1994, The Republican congress had a vision. A conservative plan that was clear, concise and simple…. And they routed the libs and Bubba Clinton into politically oblivion!!! So much so that he had a little too much time on his hands to explore other ventures at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….
So we need to get back to our basic core values…. Start from scratch again… New leadership… No re-treads from D.C. or anyone that had anything to do with the current mess the party is in right now….

So, who are the ones who are going to take the lead in bringing the party of Lincoln and Reagan back??? Well, that not so clear at this point….

Quick question for all you Republicans out there: Who is the head of the Republican National Committee???? Don’t know do you??? Ya’ see, that’s a problem…. We need to be better organized as a party to seek out and cultivate new leadership and it starts from the top…

Who is the leader gonna be???? Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Jindal , Palin or someone not even on anyones radar yet….. But whoever it is needs to step up soon and say loudly and clearly – Follow me guys, this is the way out of the woods!!!!

Otherwise, I think we will all be waitin’ a long time for the Cavalry!!!

GOP Mike


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