Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gaza Conflict.... Cutting through the B.S.

To my Conservative Friends:

Admittedly, I am not an astute follower of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I am more a student of American History and politics... However, I have been watching this current conflict in Gaza and trying to understand both points of view. I am trying to understand in the most fair and objective way possible to assess the situation and determine who is wrong and who is right.... Although I never believe one party is 100% to blame and one party is 100% in the right....

Therefore, when I listen to the Israeli side, I find myself shaking my head in agreement that you can not allow your country to be attacked and terrorized without retaliation.. The Israeli reasoning on this issue is a valid one... You can't argue with a sovereign country defending itself, its freedom and its way of life.... They do not seem to be raving lunatics who would want to attack innocent civilians and children for no reason... It appears they just want to be left alone...

I heard the Israeli Prime Minister yesterday on how the Israeli military tries to be very careful only to strike military and operational sites for Hamas and limit any exposure for the civilian population.... Do you ever hear Hamas say they try to avoid Israeli civilians??? Not likely... Hamas actually hides their military instalations around civilian populations... Despicable...

And when I listen to any of the representatives from the Palastinian side, I try to listen hard and long about a logical reason why they keep hurling rockets into Israel and I hear no logical argument for their actions.. And when I hear report after report of them using their own children as human shields, I find myself grow angrier and angrier... What type of people do such a thing to their own children??? I'll tell you who - Terrorists...

Lets call a spade a spade, Hamas is a terrorists organization, pure and simple.... I have tried to understand the Palestinian point of view about how their land was taken from them and the Israeli's occupy what was their their land.... They do have some valid arguments there, but then they lose all credibility by letting a terrorist organization become their mouthpiece...

And how tired are you about hearing about the reaction from the "Arab Street"???? Every time I see the "Arab Street", I see guys throwing rocks at police and causing a ruckus. I never see women or children and I never see rationale, intelligent Palestinians articulating their point of view calmly and rationally so as to garner support for their cause... All you ever see is hate and anger...

The Palistinian argument is always old and dated about this is our land, they took it from us, and on and on and on.... In my opinion, this is no longer a valid reason for attacking today. I know there is deep, inherent, embedded hatred they have for the Israeli's because of their "occupation" as they call it... But get over it already!! It is done and it is not going to change...

If the Palestinians want any sort of change, they should do it peacefully at a negotiating table... Will that ever happen when you analyze Hamas' arguments?? Not bloody likely!!!

Sometimes, you may never get two parties to come to terms on an issue. You just have to keep them separated and over time, you can at least have peace, albeit in separate quarters....

At this point, that may be the best case scenario...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Whew:
    You make it hard for me to be a LIBERAL!!
    I'm having a hard time disagreeing with anything you said here.
    However, I do take exception with your giving the Palestinians some talking points about saying this land was unfairly taken from them.
    We could play the old religious and historical cards in order to attack your position.
    But you know, I don't really need to do that.
    Let me just say that in 1948 the British mandate created a Jewish State, plain and simple.
    And, then, all the Arabs immediately attacked it upon its formation.
    When these arab states saw they couldn't beat the Israelis in 1967 (when they closed the Gulf of Acaba and chanted in their streets that they were going to drive the Israelis into the sea immediately before the war and the ultimate israeli victory)they created this political media darling of the PLO and the poor defenseless arab refugees.
    So long as these so called refugees show no other intention but to destroy Israel, they deserve nothing!!!!

  2. Hey, Mike,

    Did you see how Obama is currently voting "present" on this whole situation? He as yet to pick a stance on the issue, acting as if it's a surprise to him and his staff.

    If something that's been building this long is a surprise to our President-Elect, then God help us all if a real surprise comes along! Not to mention if he takes this long to formulate a position once in office when minutes matter.

  3. The "Palestinains" are barbarians. It's taken me a while to reach that conclusion. But that is what they are.

    HAMAS is the worst. Even the terrorists in the PLO and Fatah think that HAMAS is EXTREME! You know you're really extreme when the mother of all terrorist groups think you're extreme.

    After they started to produce a kids show with a Mickey Mouse imitation teaching the kids about being suicide bombers I wash my hands of these people.

    The entire Gaza Strip is only one half the size of the city limits of the City of Chicago.

    Israel could bulldoze that dump into the sea in one afternoon.. adn they should.

  4. Well..Yesterday Freedom fighters are known as today's terrorists....I guess...members of " IRA " were also terrorists when they were fighting to defend thier land againist " Great " Britain....
    Nelson Mandela once known as a terrorist too....

    and yes....George Washington once was member of Boston Tea Party......and he was a terrorist too according to Royal family of England

  5. I wasn't aware that those involved in the Boston Tea Party or members of the Sons of Liberty targeted British and Colonial civilians as a matter of policy. Or that they hid behind women and children in their fight against the British. Some minutemen did hide behind trees and walls from time to time, however...

    I don't see how you can even begin to compare the kind of war the Founding Fathers waged against Britain with what the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and Al'Qaeda are capable of. These groups have shown a clear disdain for innocent life by making the targeting of "soft" targets such as schools, hospitals, buses, crowded markets as their M.O. Mike is right. A man loses all credibility in his fight for freedom when he crosses that line.

    While I have read instances where mobs during the Revolution tarred and feathered loyalists (I'm sure the same happened on the opposite side in loyalist-heavy townships) and administrators had their houses burned to the ground, I have read no text that shows this to have been the standard operating procedure for either the Continental Army or the Colonial militias.

  6. my issue, mike, is the blind eye the arabs and the UN have turned to this situation for years. how does hamas get thousand of rockets? they all know they were coming through tunnels from egypt and in "humanitarian relief" shipments. the arabs could have solved this situation decades ago - yet arafat instead dies worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

    i sympathize with the palestinian people in the same way i do the chinese, the russians, the north koreans ... but it is not lost on me that hamas was voted into office with full knowledge by the electorate of what they were.

    israel has the right to self defense. i extend that broadly. hard line, yes, but i draw it.

  7. The Israelis are the equivalent to the Palestinians of Mexicans coming to the US, reproducing much, and then taking a territory (70%+) of it over, with the approval of the UN.

    I know that conservatives would behave hardly any different, so I yawn at the usual excuses. Everyone knows that there is a difference in "saying" that you don't target civilians, and in being too lazy all around to truly verify that you don't target civilians, as Israel does.

    Luckily I am an evil liberal who thinks that the land belongs to the most secular/liberal around by default, and that is ironically Israel.

  8. from an oldie.
    the solution to the conflict and a prosperous future is simple,and therefore impossible,stop firing rockets at israel,join with them as one nation to the benefit of all,the land will blossom,the country wealthy and the people happy.
    and one in the eye for persia and syria.
    of course this can not happen because people prefer tobe full of hate than be happy.

  9. Rondo:

    You hit the nail right on the head....

    Hate is a much more powerful feeling than love, harmony or even jealousy (which breeds hatred)....

    Therefore, I sadly agree with you that this conflict may never be resolved in our lifetimes, because the hate from the muslims runs so deep towards the Jews, it makes it almost impossible to solve this conflict...

    GOP Mike

  10. Millions of Muslims worldwide were cheering and dancing in the streets on 9-11 as 3000 absolutely innocent men, women, and children were executed in America by Muslims. There were no expressions of revulsion within the Islamic world for this sub-human act. Now the pathetic appeasers in the UN and Europe want the Jews to stop defending themselves and just accept wholesale death as promised for them by Iran. My suggestion is for the Israelis to kill as many of these barbaric Muslim terroists as possible. Do not worry too much about innocent and ancillary victims as such is an unfortunate and truly unsolvable problem that exists in all wars. Recall that there were no complaints by oppressed people that tens of thousands of innocent civilians were killed in places like Dresden, Berlin, and London during WWII. Hammas is using the incompetent western media to showcase their own strategy of melding rockets within schoolhouses and rellgious places. Absolute victory over these mid-eastern monsters is the only avenue of survival of civilized people from the ongoing cruelty, barbarism and intolerance of Islam. We have all seen enough of beheadings, stoning to death, and hangings offered to us by Arab media outlets who proudly showcase their form of civility.

  11. Bob:

    Bravo, well said....

    Could not have done it better myself...

    There is no other way to deal with animals than as you have described above....

    Keep spreading the word and maybe one day, the world will wake up and realize that this is the only way to deal with these barbarians...

    GOP Mike

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