Tuesday, December 16, 2008

GOP Mike's Movie Review - "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

To my Conservative Friends:

Most of you who read my articles know I am not a big TV or movie guy because the dim-bulbs that make this crap are so slanted to the left I wind up getting so pissed off at the hidden, oh-so subtle agenda, I can't enjoy the movie... I usually get so aggravated and everyone tells me I am overreacting... I say to them - "If I don't overreact, nobody will act at all!!!!"

Despite that, my son and I went to check out the premiere of the re-make of the 1951 film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. We both love action-packed movies and especially films about aliens from outer space, so we gave it a try. I purchased tickets online so I would not have to wait on line with the masses and have to listen to ill-mannered teenage punks carry on trying to impress each other while making themselves look like idiots....

We get there approximately 1/2 hr prior to show time and buy our $4 small soda and $5.00 box of milk-duds. I could buy a Fillet Mignon at the butcher shop for that!!! We then give our tickets to the troll-like mutant who rips them in half - no thank you - no enjoy the show - I had to ask her which theater the show was in!!!! She barely manages a grunt that sounded like a seven, to which I said, "pardon me?" I don't think she understood what that meant! I said louder, "Excuse me Miss, which theater?" She blurted 7 and pointed her chubby, cheese-doodle stained index finger to theater #7....

We made our way to the theater and walked to our seats as our shoes kept sticking to the filth they call a floor... We take our seats and are barraged by, I counted, 7 previews!!!! The 7pm movie didn't actually start until 7:19 - Are you sh--ing me or what???? Since when do the previews take up 19 minutes of the main feature time?

Anyway, the movie can be summed up in one simple phrase:

Typical Hollyweird Crap!!!!

The Producers in Hollywood can not help themselves by always taking opportunities to promote liberal ideas and take a supposed action/sci-fi film and covert it to garner liberal cred with loony left:

Just a few examples:

* The main character, Jennifer Connelly is your typical liberal professor that has a kid from her former marriage (she married a soldier who died - typical anti-war message) who is the most disrespectful, snot-nosed kid you can imagine and he overtly defies her at every turn and talks back non-stop. By ten minutes in, you just want to slap this punk right across his smug face!

* The Military in the movie is portrayed as a bunch of bumbling, incompetent idiots who can't shoot off a water pistol and always want to attack.

* The President and VP are mysteriously missing during the whole movie. Its amazing during an attack on the planet by aliens, that the Prez and VP are both too bizzy!!! The whole planet is run by the Secretary of State, played by none other than Kathy Bates (From the movie Misery)... Yeah, OK - I believe that one.... The libs love to promote a woman running the world, right???? Except when its a Conservative woman, like, say Sarah Palin... All of a sudden, a woman was no good to the loony left!!

* Of course, Secretary Bates is arguing with the President on the phone that we should "reason" with the aliens that have just decimated half the Planet and, of course, the war-monger Prez decides to attack!!! Surprise...

* Of course, in the end, the aliens (led by Keanu Reaves - one of the worst actors of our time) are convinced because they see Connelly cry with her kid, that the humans are "capable of change" and decide to "let us live"!!! Oh Thank you soooo much...

So many of the liberal hot spots are hit in this lib-flick - Anti-war, youth questioning authority, anti-military, global change/warming, negotiating with your enemies and I am sure I am missing a bunch, but that's enough, you get the point...

In the end, it would have been bearable had the effects been good or the plot was plausible. However, neither of those two things existed. The movie was so painful, I started checking my emails on my blackberry halfway through just to pass the time...

So, in summary, I would say wait for it to hit cable, but I don't even want you to waste the 95 minutes....

It can be better spent doing almost anything else....

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. Thanks Mike. I was going to see this out of nostalgia but will wait and get it from Netflix, if that.

  2. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. It's such a shame. Hollywood has the capability of producing great remakes of old movies, what with special effects the way they are now. A sci-fi movie from way back could easily be modernized.

    The problem comes when they decide to do what they normally do and get on the soapbox and preach to the crowd. War of the Worlds, Day the Earth Stood Still... I'm sure there are plenty of others I can't think of at the moment.

    It's annoying, but it at least saves me money with the movies. About the only things I watch anymore are superhero movies. Batman, Hellboy, X-Men.

  4. Oh boo hoo. A conservative once again criticizing the multi-million dollar industry he doesn't have.

    Obviously mr.conservative knows very well in which comical caricature he falls in the movie, regarding humans and the aliens who incidentally did not open fire until they were fired upon.

    I mean, they can only cross interstellar space and apparently use ships that don't even appear "welded" or in fact made of solids. How hard can it be to take on a several, possibly thousands years more advanced technological civilization right?

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