Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hillary's Huzpa - Hey Libs.... Can ya spare a Million???

To my Conservative Friends:

Hillary is shaking down Obama's donors to pay off her debt.... The woman has no shame...

As many of you know, Mz. Hill Shrill is one of my favorite topics for me to cover.... She gives us conservatives countless episodes and quotes and memorable photos that keep our conservatives fires going...

So, to that end, here is another tale from the land of Shrill Valley...

Madame Secretary has asked our new President to ask his donors to finish off paying her campaign debt to the tune of app. $7 Million, almost $5 Million of that to the polling company of the lame, xtra chubby liberal hack Mark Penn... The gall on this woman! Here is a woman, according to their own tax returns, who has made over $100 Million in the last 7 yrs asking every Mary J. Bleeding Heart and John Q. Looney Lib to cough up some of their "hard earned" minimum wages to help out the Pant-suited Diva from Chappaqua...

So, basically, her Thighness is having a rough time of it and can't, or won't just write a check to all the vendors and companies she screwed during her obsession for the White House... If I remember correctly, she loaned (funded) her campaign several million, so whats a few more?? Hey Hill, Isn't it better it come from millionares than ask the working families of America to foot your campaign bill for focus groups and Krispy Kremes??

C'mon Hill, your a liberal - That's fair - You want the rich to foot the tab on taxes, health care and everything else don't you???? Oooohhhh, except when it comes to you and Bubba footin' the bill for your campaign.... No, now you become a Conservative.....

Not so liberal when it hits you right in your big fat uhmmm, ahhhhh, ya' know... wallet!!!!

I am certainly not the one who should tell the libs where to spend their money, but it appears from my perspective that Hillary Rotten is not being very honest and truthful to the dem donors... And we know Mz. Hill has always told her supporters the absolute and honest truth...

Remember, her word is her bond!!! So C'mon libs, Hillary needs your help...

But if I were you, I would tell her to take a hike!!! Maybe to Bosnia - I hear the weather is clear this time of year!!!

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


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