Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have HAD IT with the PC Commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I find myself after a long day of work, trying to catch a game or the O'Reilly factor and I have to sit through commercial after commercial of the most annoying politically correct garbage there is....

It seems to be every commercial portrays the white, conservative male as a bumbling idiotic fool who can't hammer in a nail, while his Oh-so-cool, all-together wife is so calm, cool and collected and has everything figured out!!!! It is open season on the middle-aged white, conservative male. Women and minorities are off limits... The ultimate fear for companies and ad people is to be called sexist, or worse.... raaaacist!!!

I mean, c'mon, once in a while is ok and even amusing, but every time the white-male has to be made a fool of?? And who is the audience they most likely are targeting to buy their crap - is us white-males!!!!

We have all seen the PC guy/Mac commercials that portray the PC guy as an absolute fool, a little overweight, not-so attractive, while Mac guy is thin, young and sooo cool and hip (although if this is the type of guy women like, I am really behind the times - how about a shower, shave and a haircut for this hippie???)..

A few examples for your viewing pleasure:

1. Verizon and local cable companies where I live play these commercials about every 20 minutes, they are constantly having the white husband the one whose network is a bumbling mess and doesn't understand anything and his wife and his kids' computers are "up and running"!!!! And the husband is always being talked to by his wife and kids like a 6 year old.. See what I mean here...

Take a look and feel your blood boil... How many of you guys would allow your wife and kids to treat you like an absolute idiot like this guy???? Not too many I'm guessing...

** Then, there are a series of Brinks Home Security Alarm ads that feature a burglar breaking into houses and being scared off by the alarm.. I have seen about 3 different versions and each one portrays the burglar as a middle-aged white-man... Couldn't even think of using a minority here!!! That would be suicide - so throw the white-middle-aged man under the bus again and again.... Its ok, we will still buy your alarm.... I say right - I always see middle aged, balding white guys on the news breaking into houses!!!! Sure... Happens all the time....

Anyway, check one of them out here....

And then there are the Fed-ex commercials which always take place in some office setting where the female employee knows everything and the white middle-aged conservative guy (usually wearing a cheesy tie) is the token idiot... They also throw in a few Oh-so hip young liberals and a minority for good measure to add some head shaking to pile on the idiot conservative to create a liberal paradise!!!! You say, c'mon GOP Mike your are exaggerating.... Check this one out and see what I am talking about:

Now I am a fair guy.... I wanted to see if there where any commercials out there that actually portrayed a minority or a woman in a not-so-positive light.... Well it was nearly impossible to find it on TV, so I looked online and found 1 commercial that actually did portray a female as not the most handy person in the home:

Now bear in mind that this is not an American company... Companies in America are too scared to ever portray anyone other than the white male an the dumb-ass...

This politically correct cr-p is only going to get worse before we wake up and start showing these PC morons that we will not buy their products if they keep it up....

I would love to hear examples from you guys of other advertising that meets the PC description so we can call them out on their biases...

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. (Translation: The big government conservative wants to regulate the ads of private companies now as well, obviously uncomfortable of them hitting too close to the spot)

    Damn, it feels good not to have to worry about every ad on the TV.

  2. Where in his article did he say he wanted government regulation in the advertising industry?

    He was calling for market intervention, where those likewise annoyed at who is typically caught in the crosshairs of marketing departments and entertainment programs (Several sitcoms come to mind) do a write-in campaign or boycott their products and shows in order to show that consumers are not willing to support companies that continue to denigrate the very people they want to sell their products and shows to. That's a free-market response to a socialist issue.

    If anything, it's the fear of government intervention or civil reprisals that drives a lot of these companies towards political correctness. They're so afraid of offending those who get their feathers ruffled easily that instead of showing a black burglar in a commercial or a Muslim terrorist blowing himself up in a TV show they instead show a white thief and a Christian fanatic or suicide bomber (Law & Order comes to mind with that last one). They take the easy road because they know it's less likely that the white majority will make too much of a stink about it. And even if they do, no government or civil reprisal will occur because it would get thrown out if the question was ever rasied.

    Now, if these companies honestly feel that only white people break into homes or that Christians are just as dangerous if not more-so than Muslim terrorists (Thank you for the input, Rosie. ¬_¬ ) then they are entitled to put what they want in their ads and their shows. And I am just as entitled to not buy their products or watch their shows for that reason. Political correctness is silly.

    Mike, I can think of another example of the father being dumb and the kid being condescending about her knowledge. It's some educational commercial I saw awhile back. A father and his young daughter are at the beach, and she's asking him why the sky is blue. He responds it's because her eyes are beautiful and blue, too. Rather than take the compliment she gets haughty with him and explains the scientific reasoning behind it. At the end he goes, "Who taught you that?" Her response was, "Mommy" in a "Wow, you're dumb" kind of tone. And the narrator at the end is saying you should do like the mother and teach your kids rather than be like the father and keep them in ignorance.

    If I can find it I'll post a link to it. The whole tone of it was rather annoying, I thought. Certainly fits into the P.C. category, though.

    Oh, and Mike. If you want to see some funny, politically incorrect commercials, go into YouTube and type in "Dutch Fireworks Commercials" and be prepared to laugh. There's also one for the Dutch Fire Department which is just as funny.


  3. I agree. 98% of commercials are so anti-white male it's ridiculous. That last commercial with the woman with the drill would SO NOT fly in this country. The sad part is you'll point out this bias to people and they'll act like you're a terrible person for pointing it out.

  4. Anonymous:

    You are so right that the woman with a drill spot would never fly here....

    We have become so PC, its scary...

    And your point that people would look at you arong for pointing it out is spot on....

    Thats why we have this site to air our grievances and vent....

    Thx for the comment...

    GOP Mike

  5. Oh yes, I feel like totally intervening with the market for this.

    My main interests are not, in fact, you see good, cheap products you see for my egoistic self-satisfaction. Must care about the greater good of conservative butthurt feelings over wither they like ads or not.

    The only thing I see here, is a loser complaining that society does not conform like hims personal barbie doll, to his idea of what stereotypes ads should propagandize *yawn*

  6. Anonymous lib:

    I see a lot of you and your buddies never really understand that conservatives don't want people to conform to our views or for anyone to "intervene"...

    If we don't like what they say or advertise, we simply choose not to buy their crap.. Ya see, thats what a free market system does - gives everyone freedom!!!

    But you, as the typical lib, think immedietly of intervening, because thats what libs do all the time, think the govt or some "group" should "intervene". No. Thats not what I am saying at all.. Just to exercise our freedom to choose who to support or whom not to support...

    You libs will never truly understand freedom of any sort because its not in your DNA...

  7. Free market = freedom to run what ads you like, with what actors you like.

    But don't worry, we understand you are a conservative and what you really want, you simply whine over the lack of a majority to force it so.

    As for the DNA comment, do the words [citation needed] say anything to you?
    Before you even try to touch western biology, not to mention LIBER-ty, try not to belong to the side with the middle eastern creationists in it.

  8. Again Anonymous Lib (btw - why not sign your posts????) - is that you Rosie????

    Anyway..... They can run all the damn ads they wish - that's what freedom is.... And we have the freedom not to buy their stuff...

    Do you still not get it????

    I can draw you a picture with an environmentally safe, green crayon....

    GOP Mike

  9. I think Anonymous Yet Liberal is proving Anonymous Poster # 1's earlier point that no matter how hard you try to explain the bias in targeting white males you're going to end up being the villain in the end.
    Anonylib, you stated in your response to mine that you see these complaints as wishing to impose stereotyping of minorities and women into ads, referring to it as propaganda. How is targeting white males 95% of the time also not propaganda, then?
    I see this as fear-driven. Companies are afraid of offending one group or another by showing one of their group in an unfavorable light (Which is why it’s typically only white supremacists involved in any show or film involving racial tension, and nevermind the fact that there is a lot of racial conflict between minority groups in urban locations). So, rather than risk getting sued by some civil activist or even the government they take the easy way out and target white men.
    It’s annoying to see white men (Doubly so if they happen to be Christian) denigrated and blamed for all the world’s woes when every other group out there has its share of losers and blame to take.

    Mike, did I tell you I had to deal with this same thing in American History class in college? I don't know what a Manhattan-dweller was doing teaching history all the way down in Alabama, but there she was. What do you want to bet she taught the entire time we went through history? "White men are the source of everything wrong with this country." That was literally her mantra the entire semester.

    She taught that when the Pilgrims came over they were hopelessly lost until the Indians taught them the miracle of growing food and hunting. Before then they were just a bunch of dumb Christians shivering in the cold trying to eat rocks. I had a good time arguing with her on that. Europeans not knowing how to farm or hunt? Really? It's nice to know God took care of Europe by giving them manna from heaven to feast on every day. Get real.

    She also taught that the Pilgrims returned the Indians' favor by showing them how to fight wars. Before that, no Indian tribe ever had any kind of war. In fact, their idea of a "war" was just a friendly brawl between neighboring villages that ended with everyone going home at the end of the day bruised but whole. Sure...

    And then there was the usual blame "everyone but the very Africans selling their own people into slavery" game. I raised the point in class one day that those enslaving others in Africa were just as bad as those enslaving them here. Her response was that slaves in Africa were treated so much better than slaves here, and that after awhile they would be freed like indentured servants. So, it was really those being sent to America that were the worst off compared to those remaining enslaved in Africa.

    Now, I'm not condoning slavery, and I never will. I think it's a despicable practice. Come on, though. Is that not a double standard? But, what do you expect...?

  10. I'm so disgusted with the anti white male bias too. So much so I felt the need to comment, LOL. When I was in college, I heard anti white male propaganda all the time. It's all over TV and school curriculum. That anti white male bias plus other liberal agendas are so embedded in TV, music and movies that I just have a hard time watching it anymore. Not to mention much of what passes for entertainment these days is poorly done. The movie Hancock is another example. It had potential to be really good but then Charlize's character and Will Smooth start messing around behind the white husband's back. Then Charlize & Will's character were supposedly married in the past and start fighting each other. WTH?

  11. That the lib media - ads, TV shows, movies, etc - is LOADED with anti-white male crap is obvious and not a subject of debate. The REAL issue is when are white males going to organize and fight back? The same crap if directed at minorities would have libs screaming like stuck pigs. But white males are supposed to laugh good-naturedly and go along with the destruction of their identity. Also note that this is one part of the much larger issue of anti-white male discrimination in hiring and promotion in corporations, admissions to universities and professional schools, union apprenticeships, government jobs and contracts, the military - on and on. If white males don't fight back in an organized way, they'll deserve what they get.

  12. All we have to do is start costing the company money. Just call 'em up. Act like you're interested. Keep a guy on the phone for a half-hour or so. And then abruptly change your mind at the end. If you really wanna cost 'em money, have a sails rep out to your home for a few hours, listen to his spiel, then (all of the sudden) "NO SALE. I canged my mind." If 1000 folks a day wasted that much company time for no financial gain to the company, I'll betcha dollars to doughnuts they'd make more racially balanced TV commericals. After-all, why must my children, which I went off & fought for in Iraq, grow-up feeling ashamed of themselves for the 'crime' of being born white?

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