Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama on Meet the De-Press-ed - Wow, he sounds like a Republican!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

As I have told ya in the past - That Barack Obama - He's one smooth talker!!!!

If any of you just came back from a 2-year trip to Mars and had no idea who Barry Hussein Obama was, and watched our new President on Meet the Depressed yesterday, you would swear to Ronald Reagan that you were listening to a new, Republican President. Not a rock-ribbed lefty from the south side of Chi-town!!!

The obvious question that begs for an answer is - Do you buy it??? Now, I don't want to spoil your Monday morning with any pessimism, but I would have to say I am less than convinced that this dyed-in-the-wool lib has changed his stripes so quickly....

First let's review some of the less-than-liberal comments our new Prez made Sunday to the wily veteran, quasi-socialist anchor, Tom Broken-jaw yesterday:

* "The days of just pork coming out of Congress as a strategy - Those days are over!" - WOW!!! - Hey, Bar - I have some of my buddies on the left side of my street here that just heaved their Sunday eggs into their laps!! And I could imagine a couple of Congressional leaders that might not agree with that one!!!!

* The new Presdent totally backed off on his stance to raise taxes on the wealthy, saying that in tough economic times, we should not raise taxes... Verrrry interesting - the class warfare people just through the morning paper at the screen!!!!

* On Iraq - Obama said he "would direct U.S. generals to come up with a plan for a responsible drawdown". Sounds a little Republican to me.... I don't know about you guys, but what about his promise from the campaign that all troops will be out of Iraq within 16 months of his Presidency... - Watch out Barry, the Code Pink and the MoveOn crews will be marching on your office in about, say 44 days or so with pitchforks and Barry voo-doo dolls!!!! To those people, dem fightin' words....

Overall, his tone was extremely measure and careful, as always... He seemed very confident and reassuring... I would love to believe that this man will govern as a centrist, as a pragmatist!!! I just have to see it before I believe it... In my initial conversations with even some Republican friends, they say, "Give Barry a chance. He is a moderate and will do the best for the country, not the libs." I say, of course I will. I am an American first and wish him the best of fortunes and give him my support 100%..

But lets be honest, we live in the real world. You know the left will tug on him like a 3 year-old at their mother's leg... Is he going to say no to the crazy left, MoveOn and Daily Kooks crowd and piss off the people who got him elected to put the country first?? I hope so.. I just know how this government works and paybacks a bitch!!! He has to deal with the asses in congress who will demand to be heard from (and we know who this crew answers to..)

The real question that everyone awaits is how is going to handle the first real confrontation with Dirty Harry and Stretch Pelosi?? Do we really believe that either an "Immediate withdraw the troops" or a pork-laden tax increase bill passed by these libs in congress is actually going to be vetoed by the Messiah?? I find that extremely hard to imagine that actually happening... For now, Barry is still all talk... I hope and pray he smart enough to tell Dumb and Dumber to make like a tree and get the hell outta here, but I am skeptical...

As always, talk is cheap... But Barry is soooo good at it....

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. I just found your site on Urban Conservative and I really enjoyed reading some of your stuff. I just subscribed to your feed. I look forward to reading more from a like minded blogger. Keep it up.

  2. Thx Derek:

    I appreciate the comment... I try to keep it topical and still a lot of fun to read...

    I will check out your site and we can link to eachother's blogrolls...


  3. Excellent article, and definitely how I feel on the subject of the President-Elect. While I worry he will be as liberal as I fear, I pray I am wrong and that he lowers taxes for all, keeps the pressure on Al'Qaeda and the Taliban in the War on Terror, and protects the homefront by building a strong border defense and by not allowing the wall to be built up between the CIA and the FBI like it was during the Clinton years.

    I do worry that the world - namely in the form of either Al'Qaeda, Russia, or China (Though the first two seem more likely) - will test Barack Obama, and I pray that he and his administration have the strength to answer any militant challenges with an iron glove wielding a gun rather than a velvet glove bearing a white flag.

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