Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obama pulls a Hillary..... on Hillary!!!!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Do you remember about a year ago today leading up to the first primaries and caucuses? Hillary Rotten was ahead by double digits in every poll against her obviously unqualified, wet behind-his-BIG-ears, novice challenger Barack Hussein Obama...

It was a foregone conclusion, the nomination for the Democruds was her destiny, her birthright. She was on top of the mountain singing:

I am woman, hear me Shrill!!!!!!

Look at her now - after having her pantsuit handed to her by this "kid" from the south side, she crawled away in shame.....

I tell ya - that Barry is one smooth operator....

She thought - OK - No way a guy by the name of Barack Hussein Obama beats a war hero POW with a lifetime of experience in the 9/11 era. After all, the guy has no experience and he's more liberal than me!!!!!!

Well, some 60 Million votes later, BHO sends the war hero out to pasture and becomes the 44th President...

Did I tell you that Obama is one smoooooth operator???

So Her thighness says - Its OK, with this economy and his politics to the left of George McGovern and Michael Dukakis, he is sure to fall flat on his face and his Presidency will be one failure after another... And with my new popularity, all of a sudden, people are saying nice things about me.... I will run again in 4 yrs and take this arrogant kid down a few notches!!!!!!

Then Barry strategically and stylishly convinces Mz. Shrill to be his Secretary of State and basically be responsible for any and all foreign policy successes and or failures....

Do you see the genius in this move?? Ya see, with the worst economic disaster since 1929 about to hit us like a Tsunami, Barry basically has a free pass for his first term on domestic policy..... If the economy recovers, he's the Messiah the libs have prayed for (oh sorry, libs don't mix church and state!!!) - he's the miracle worker they voted for... If the economy continues to struggle - hey its Bush's fault!!!!!

Why not - that one line worked to get him elected!!!

So with the economy covered in both directions to cover Barry's ass, his success all comes down to his foreign policy - and now he has tied that around the chubby neck of the only person who can take him down, his new BFF, Hillary!!!!

If foreign affairs are successful, Barry takes all the cred - after all, he's the Prez. And Hillary could not possible run against him in 4 years - After all, they are partners in the success and that would make her look small and petty..

If it fails, Hillary is to blame!!! And Barry proclaims - We'll fix this in my next term with a new Secretary of State.... He gets off the hook and totally minimizes and banishes his main nemesis..... Smoooth moooove....

Did I mention this Obama is one smoooooooth operator????

What Barry basically did here, was all but guarantee either success for his first term, which would lead to an easy re-election, or a scapegoat for his failures - HRC!!!! Brilliant!!!!!

As a conservative who idolizes Reagan and his deft political maneuvers, I have to give kudos where kudos are deserved....

Everyone admired Hillary as the "smartest" woman alive and so politically brilliant she would walk into the white house...

But Barry pulled a Big Hillary.... On Hillary!!!!

That Barack Obama - one Smooth Operator!!!!

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. You make some valid observations but the one thing that I believe will hurt Barry if he attempts to pull a Bill and blame others for his administrations short comings is that those who elected him for "change" won't buy any excuses. Obama has campaigned on the premise that he is the agent of change. If those around him fail, he will have to take the blame and you can bet there will be a chorus of people holding his feet to the fire that he take responsibility.

  2. Jacques:

    Your forgetting the media LOVES Barry and will always give him the benefit of the doubt....

    If there is any reason to believe that Hillary is to blame - the media will be all over her like a new Pantsuit!!!!!

    And teflon Barry will be fine...

    As always, just my thoughts...

    GOP Mike

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