Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slimy Gov. Blagojevich - He shoulda' just worn a sign!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Are you kidding me or what??? This case is so dirty, it stinks like a NYC subway on on August day...

The details are now coming out in what appears to be an amazing display of stupidity, hubris and greed to the highest degree as the Governor of Illinois, Rob Blagojevich D - Yes he's a Democrat, but you would never know that if you watch the idiots on the networks or CNN and MSNBO.. If he were a Republican, it would have been non-stop, wall to wall coverage of the "scandalous situation"...

It does not appear that this has anything to do with Barry, but the MSNBO is so petrified to have anything effect Barry's Presidency, the hosts in the all lib, all the time network all go waaaaay out of their way to note that "this in no way has any connection to the President-elect".. Oh - You have been so accurate and fair during the whole campaign season, I believe you now....

The question I have is what the heck do they feed these politicians in Illinois and why are they so corrupt... I think one of the answers is the fact that the Dems have a free reign there and are pretty much unchallenged and therefore, the temptation for corruption is much higher there because the Pols don't have to worry about re-election and they "wander" off the ethical highway of servants of the public trust...

As our Friend Bill O'Reilly says - No one is looking out for the folks in Illinois!!!

Once you hear all the tapes come out and hear how this cretin basically held an auction like a prostitute for her services for a United States Senate seat, you will be amazed.....

The Governor just as well should have held a public auction with one of those guys who talks a mile a minute...

Do I hear 300 grand and a job for the wife on a cushy
board?? Yes 300 grand!! Can we do 400 grand and a union big-wig post for the Governor??
Yes.... going once....

I mean this guy had an incredible set to do what he did and even more stupid to think he was going to get away with it... What did he think was going to happen with the people he "got bids from" and didn't get the seat?? Did he think they would just say, OK no problem...

My conclusion is this guy is one sick puppy and he is going to be charged with some heavy duty crimes, but first and foremost, he has already been convicted of one - STUPIDITY!!

He was trying to sell a senate seat for big bucks, but he wound up buying himself a one-way ticket to the BIG house...

Just my thoughts

GOP Mike


  1. From Les;
    Basically good article.
    Is slimy the worst adjective you could give him?
    You imply that only democrats in Illinois are corrupt.
    It is not just democrats who are corrupt in Illinois.
    What about his predecessor Gov Ryan who was found guilty of racketeering?
    He was a Republican.
    On a ligher note, (much lighter) it seems that as the Illinois story was breaking your buddy, Larry Craig was denied his appeal on that little charge for the incident in that airport bathroom.
    Now that's one guy who will never be accused of being a DUD SPUD!!!
    (Although it seems his political asperations came down with a THUD!!)
    Just my thoghts.


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