Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Capitalism Reigns.... Even Cops win!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I have gotten several requests for guests of the site to contribute interesting and relevant articles... So I have decided that once a week, I will select a friend of the site to contribute an article for posting...

This week, one of our site's frequent readers and commenters, my friend Alabama Ben has submitted an interesting article about the future of American made Police cars and their fate should the Big 3 automakers not survive.... Ben is a red-stater that is living among the libs in the Big Blue city of NYC (Good luck Ben!!!)..

Ben has found and written on some interesting stuff about the new Cop Car of the future.... Enjoy....

When Capitalism Reigns, Even Cops Win...

By: Alabam Ben

Police departments all over the country get their standard police cruisers from the Big Three Automakers. My hometown in Alabama used Chevrolet Caprices before GM phased them out, and now currently uses Ford Crown Victorias. New York City – my current city of residence – uses Crown Victorias, Chevrolet Impalas, and Dodge Chargers, so its 30,000 man department manages to hit all three companies at once.

I’m sure NYPD and many other law enforcement agencies are worried about what could happen if the makers and maintainers of their fleet vehicles go under. But, they should worry no longer! The cavalry is on the way in the form of the Carbon E7, the first-ever vehicle designed specifically for law enforcement duties. It was designed and built by Carbon Motors Corporation, an Atlanta-based company.

This is great news to someone like me, whose father served on our hometown’s police force for 26 years and had to deal with anything from the God-awful K-Car to the excellent Caprice. He can tell you that a police cruiser is either a tremendous asset or a burdensome liability, because at no time in his career did he drive a vehicle designed and built specifically for law enforcement purposes. Even the best of squad cars was simply a civilian sedan that had to be heavily modified after purchase from one of the Big Three. This led to anywhere from performance problems (The K-Car) to comfort and equipment storage issues (The new Impalas and Chargers).

Modifying civilian vehicles is unique to law enforcement. Ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles have no civilian equivalent as they are custom built to suit the needs of those professions. Carbon Motors’ CEO, William Santana Li, was recently quoted in a Fox News article as saying, “You would never send a pickup truck to go put out a fire. Why would you send a family sedan to go take care of a homeland-security issue?"

Why, indeed? You would think the Big Three would have done something with this by now, but why should they? They got the money they wanted, so they were able to call it a day without considering any of the complaints officers raised about civilian vehicles not being as powerful or heavy-duty as was required.

It was this attitude that gave William Li and his company the opportunity it needed to create a niche market for itself. And thus the Carbon E7 was born. The E7 is superior in every way to these glorified sedans the Big Three are currently offering to police departments, as a side-by-side comparison from the company’s website shows (

A few of the comparisons: Horsepower: E7 has 300, while the others have close to 250 (The only exception is the Hemi Dodge Charger, which has 340. Only highway pursuit officers have this vehicle in New York City, however).

Torque: E7’s engine can manage 420 lb-ft due to its diesel engine; the other vehicles run gasoline, which greatly reduces torque to a low of 245 and a high of 297 (390 if the Hemi Charger is considered).

Top Speed: E7 can easily exceed 150 miles per hour; the others top out between 130 and 140. Fuel Efficiency: E7 averages about 30 miles per gallon; the others average about 20 before modifications. This would add up to a tremendous amount in taxpayer savings nationwide, when one considers that close to 500,000 police cruisers are in use throughout the country.

Ballistics Protection: E7 has integrated ballistic protection for the driver’s compartment, something only the Crown Victoria includes and to a much more limited degree. The Impala and the Charger contain no such protection.

Further, the many modifications that police departments would have to make to a vehicle once it was bought from the company (Lights, decals, computer systems, sensors for detecting weapons of mass destruction) are already included in the vehicle, or can be added as an option. Carbon Motors promises that the vehicle will be ready for use by an officer the moment it rolls off the flatbed transport, something the Big 3 do not promise or provide.

All of this is available to police departments at a cost similar to those currently paid to the Big Three for vehicles that are in a lot of ways unsuited to the day-to-day demands placed on them. What a change Carbon Motors could make if it garners enough support to begin mass production. It’s no wonder police departments that have seen the E7 are so excited about its prospects.

A vehicle designed to accommodate the special needs of law enforcement officers has been needed for a long time, and it was something the Big Three just didn’t see as important. Thank God for our capitalist economy that gives people like William Li a chance to design and build something that police officers really deserve: a vehicle built for just for them.

Ride on, E-7!

Alabama Ben


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