Monday, December 22, 2008

Why do we take it up the A-- from OPEC!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

OPEC came out last Friday and said, based on plunging oil prices, it will dramatically cut production to raise prices. If EVER there is a reason to finally realize that we must not just CUT, but ELIMINATE our dependency on these foreign Oil clowns it is NOW....
After the past year of being hit over the head with the shovel again and again with almost $5 dollar/gallon gas prices and oil prices at $140+/gallon, we finally find relief in the midst of this economic collapse with oil coming down to under $40/gallon and gas around $1.60...

But don't get comfy yet, here comes OPEC and their ilk to say they will cut production to minimal levels to "stabilize" prices...

Translation:"Hey wait a minute, dropping oil prices is helping the Americans - can't have that!!! We are capable of screwing the Americans, so damnit, we are going to screw the Americans!!!

Let me get this one point out right now - I have no problem with them doing what is in their best interest. If I were them, I would do the same thing... They are well within their right to run their business the way they see fit to make the most money they can and if it hurts America - Hey that’s just an added bonus!!!!

The point here is we should never have been in this position to be lap-dogs for OPEC and as dependent on them for our financial existence as we are.... We CAN and we MUST drill and drill and supply our country with our own oil....

Does everyone see that we are slaves to these idiots and we have to cut it off now... The best way to do is to drill now as much and as fast as you can.... Even though we won't see oil immediately, OPEC will be forced to keep prices low so the impetus will not be as great to move the process along because Americans and our idiot leaders in congress will not "feel" the need as much because foreign oil will be cheap - I have a word of advice for them - It is NEVER Cheap and never will it be when we have no control over it...

They can jack us around all they want but we must eliminate them like a heroin addict has to eliminate the juice!!!

We have to do it now or we'll never do it... I am so tired of hearing about solar, wind, Geo-thermal - whatever the hell that is!!! It all sound like Bullsh-- to me... These are all nice technologies, but we must drill now for our own oil in our own country... We must not listen to these global warming nutcases

We have enough oil in our country to sustain us for the next 60 years!!! By then I am sure we'll have all the fancy/shmancy energy sources you can imagine, wine, solar, Tree sap, whatever...

But for now - Drill long and Drill hard.... The mere action of us moving forward on drilling everywhere in the U.S. ASAP will have these bastards shaking in their turbans. This will force them to keep prices low to try to lull us into a false sense of security that we don't need our own oil.... That may work on the idiot libs, but we must not fall for that...

When that happens, drill FASTER!!!, C'Mon Faster, FASTER!!!! The Faster the better.....

With the American work-force and ingenuity, if we had our own energy supply, there would be no need for a debate over what will be left in Social Security or tax breaks for this one or that one... We will all be swimming in prosperity... If the libs let us drill....

But they won't do that because we may harm the spotted liberal or something... Or they are just plain schmucks, pure and simple!!!! So I say to the loony libs, if you won't let us drill, we have to find a nice Middle East country and we will have no choice but to:

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. Don't you worry, OPEC! Once President-Elect Obama is in office he'll get Energy Secretary Chu on the job. He wants gas prices to be as high as they are in Europe, and he will do what it takes to make that happen!

    And since he also considers coal to be one of his worst nightmares, that'll be one less source of energy we'll be allowed to use, thus increasing the demand for foreign oil all the more. Because God forbid we should ever drill in our own country or offshore. ¬_¬

  2. Your Crazy Liberal friend:
    General tenant of article good.
    But I do disagree regarding dril, drill, drill sentiment.
    It is not that smple.

  3. Your Crazy Liberal :
    One more thought.
    What makes you think that if our companies drill here, they willautomatically sell it domestically?
    And if the Chinese or Indians outbid us domestically, what do you think happens to the price anyway?
    Just my thoughts.

  4. We have to look at "the big picture." Our days of tunnel vision need to cease. Our nation better wake up and smell the coffee. With all our bail outs along with the 168 billion economic stimulus package, that btw did nothing for our economy it is hard to understand why our government can't see the need to bail us out of our dependence on foreign oil. The high cost of fuel this past year seriously damaged our economy and society. Meanwhile, while we are busy doing the Happy Dance around the lower prices at the pumps, OPEC is planning to cut production to drive prices back up to between 75-100. per barrel. Why don't we invest in America's Energy Independence. It would cost the equivalent of 60 cents per gallon to charge and drive. The electricity used to charge the car could conceivably be generated by solar or wind. Why not invest some of these millions in getting some of these projects set up? Create clean cheap energy, badly needed new green collar jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What more of a win-win situation could there be? Now there is talk of another stimulus pkg. Don't get me wrong, if you hand me a check I will take it. I am broke from this past year myself. I just think we are going about this all wrong. I just read a fascinating book by Jeff Wilson called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. We need to look at the "big picture" This book Is the big picture.

  5. Beyond:

    I am all for the big picture and think we should do all of that and start yesterday...

    In the meantime, we should drill now for our own oil until the new sources become commercial viable which could take some time...

    Thx for the good comment...

    GOP Mike

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