Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 5 Best Conservative Talk shows in the Nation....

To my Conservative Friends:

In the midst of Obama-Nation taking hold across the Peoples Republic of the USA, we are forced to deal with the terror-coddling, hand wringing liberal Nobama administration coupled with his allies – the bedwetting, surrender monkeys in congress.

Every Stretch Pelosi and Stinky Reid press conference will send us into an enraged state so severe, we need to extricate ourselves from our Lazy-Boy’s and take a step back from the steak knife drawer!!!! Just when we think it can’t get any worse and we can’t bear to hear another word, we take a deep breath step away and find our bearings. We Conservatives need solace, we need hope. Nooo, not that type of hope!!!!

So we turn off our TV’s and turn on our radios and we engross ourselves in some of the best Conservative minds on the planet. Talk Radio is Conservatism at its best. It is the epitome of Conservative thought and where we all go to discuss the Right way to govern and live…

So who are the best Conservative talkers today???? Here are my faves:

Number 5: Laura Ingraham

Miss Laura has come a long way in just a few years. She takes no shi- and she is always on point and is a very entertaining listen. She is always a guest on O’Reilly and even slaps Bill around sometimes when he strays too far off the reservation.

She is the only female on my list and she is movin’ up fast!!!

Number 4: Sean Hannity:

What list would be complete without Sean. He just recently jettisoned his TV partner, Alan “ACLU-lover” Colmes, so he is now solo on TV as well as his HUGE syndicated radio show.

Hannity is a rock-ribbed conservative who is as good as they come on the radio.
Always prepared and ready to take on any lib, he was the first on the Jeremiah Wright story months before the boobs in the MSM where able to follow his crumbs to a front-page story on the Messiah’s pastor of 20 years that blames America for 9/11 and AIDS… My favorite Hannity segment is Sean’s man-on-the-street interviews where he was the first to expose liberal stupidity for what it is...

Number 3: Michael Savage:

Very entertaining and combative Conservative. Savage has been savaged by a lot of the press for going over the line on many topics, but I think he is a man of courage and conviction and he’s unafraid to call ‘em like he see’s ‘em… And we need more of that…

Number 2: Rush Limbaugh:

The King. The Grandaddy of the Conservative talk radio will go down in history as the voice of Conservatism. Barry and the libs are deathly afraid of his HUGE following and he always gets referenced when libs try to demonize Conservatives. This just makes his audience grow louder and stronger!!!!

Long live the KING!!!!

Number 1: The Great One – Mark Levin:

Never has a talk-show gained so much popularity and shot up the charts as quick. If you guys reading my blog everyday listen to one thing from me, it is this:

Mark Levin is FANTASTIC…

I get much of my material for this blog from the Great One. From his thoughtful Conservative ideology to amazing nicknames (i.e. Stretch Pelosi, Joey Plugs, etc….) Levin is an entertainment genius…

And with all due respect to Rush, I think Levin has become the most entertaining show in all of radio.

So there you have it… I am sure a lot of you will agree and some will disagree… Please let me know your faves and we can add them to our list of Conservative talkers on the rise….

So Barry and the libs are going to try to institute the fairness doctrine (or whatever panzy name they are trying to rename it to shove it thru undetected – yeah right…) to shut up our Conservative talkers. It won’t work…

This issue is something that would cause Conservatives to take to the streets with the pitchforks… Although, I am one Conservative that would like them to try… Then they will see how passionate we are in defending our First Amendment rights…

Just my thoughts..

GOP Mike


  1. "Talk Radio is Conservatism at its best. It is the epitome of Conservative thought and where we all go to discuss the Right way to govern and live…"

    You know, that's really sad. I have always thought that talk radio was conservatism at its worst. But if it is the best of conservatism, then no wonder conservatives are so under-represented in university faculties.
    Talk radio.... what can I say, is pathetic.

  2. ...and with pitchforks you mean sit around one more day dreaming of the day they will be free to beat gays up rite?

  3. What does being under-represented in universities have to do with anything? There is a cultrure of hate at most universities that shut out conservatives. There is more hate spewed out on MSNBC in 5 minutes than in a year of Limbaugh. There are a few who go overboard and are an embarassment on the conservative side, but overall talk radio is currently the most effective vehicle for conservative thought.

  4. It's important for conservatism to move the bomb throwers off of the list.
    Mike Savage and Mark Levin are bomb throwers.

    Conservative credibility depends on thoughtful, informed voices like Bill Bennett and Hugh Hewitt.


  6. You are right about Michael Savage being courageous. Every night he chooses a few current events and exposes the truth about them, backed up by facts and followed by opinion. For this he attacked by every liberal group with a self-serving agenda.

  7. "Self serving" agenda is the opposite of mindless altruistic collectivism I assume?

  8. Levin is the best because of his smarts and wit, but Hugh Hewitt is on my top list because he gets great interviews (Mark Steyn every week, for example).

  9. To Sheldnnnnn:

    Universities are what you are referencing as an argument??? The most American-hating bunch of over-eductaed dim-bulbs ever???

    Man, you are a hard core knee-jerk lib....

    And as far as talk radio, the comments you make make it clearly obvious you have never listened more than the cursory fly-over to get some liberal talking points to bash it...

    If you ever would listen to Rush or Levin for more than 5 minutes, you might see the light...

    Otherwise, we may need the smelling salts and electro-shock therapy to bring you back to reality....

    University faculties.... Really... Thanks for the laugh this morning Shel....

  10. You see the difference is that for some of us its the mega-church crowd that is the true America hater there. Continuation of a battle that has begun long ago from when the enlightenment begun to kick the ass of the religious in Europe and saved mankind from being at the level the other middle eastern savages are now.

    Unfortunately leeches are attracted to power, and disgust in individual freedom, they have figured out that what they can't create, they can always pretend to hijack, and voila suddenly we are full of "patriots".
    Hint boyo: You don't really come out as a live & pursue happiness guy if every second suggestion is "how to interfiere with other people's lives"

    Now, we understand that this is a cute, yet futile attempt, and conservative is eroding more and more by the day (globally I'd say) but nevertheless, just for the amusement of the thing let me clue you in:

    University educated guys make space shuttles.
    Priests don't.

    It takes just a look at how many and of what quality Iran has vs Japan, to see that there is a small, tiny correlation there between a civilization's idea & patent production and how much it values education whose main textbook hasn't been produced by goat herders in a middle eastern desert.

    Like it or not, its those university educated guys in the white coats who will always know what a "diode" actually is, and will be making those ipods and pacemakers and know hot to turn brown water colorless again least we all end up drinking our conservative shit.

    That conservatives just "can't do" the university thing, is very telling. That's all.

    As far as their low level idols of hate and empowerment go, it takes a single look here: http://michaelsavage.wnd.com/?pageId=404 to see that their so called "true conservatives" are full of big government proposals and protectionism. Hey, when you are around closing those massage houses and, putting tariffs in other people's competitive products and double taxing "aliens" for being subhuman don't forget to ban alcohol.

  11. Savage is the only one who goes after our enemies with a vengeance. We need his ranting and raving so we don't ever get complacent or forget.

  12. Anonymous keeps talking about the brilliant libs in the white coats... I think the white coats are coming for him!!!

    Anyway, the whole premise of your article that all Conservatives are crazy, bible-thumping crazies who are uneductaed rednecks and the libs are soooo inteligent meeting for their economic think-tank seminar....Please....

    Conservatives have always been the doers, the inventors, the entrprenuers... The libs are always the John Kerry type snobs who think they are God's gift, but they are just bumbling fools who can't lead the way out of a paper bag....

    liberals are the smart ones???? please....

    Your argument is so flawed, I don;t know where to begin...

  13. Your Liberal Friend:

    How dare you!
    How dare you!
    How dare you place anyone ahead of the GREAT CORPULENT ONE, the RUSH MAN!
    For the most outspoken tru believers, for the sheer showmanship, how could you put anyone else ahead of him.
    I'm disappointed in you!

  14. Oh yes, look at all these inventors and "entrprenuers" (entrepreneurs) around.
    Let's see, let me go down my rich list on Forbes, let's try the first 10:

    First richest American: Bill Gates? Big United Nations WHO donor and AIDS research donor. Supports gun control?

    Second richest American: Warren Buffett? Outright open Obama donor?

    Lawrence Ellison: Campaign contributions to both parties. (aka, "also" democrats), third divorce by now. Atheist.

    Jim/Robson/Alice Walton: Hows those Wal Mart pro gay polices going? (in fact, you probably *don't* want to touch that subject lol. "Liberal-ish" business with that criteria are Boeing, Disneyland, Ford, Mac Donalds, Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Pizza Hut...)

    Michael Bloomberg: Abortion, Stem cell research, same sex marriage, need I say more, lol.

    Charles Koch: First Republican-ish person in the list. Minus the 30.000$ he has given to the National Democratic Senatorial Committee, but hey, since his majority of money goes to republicans and can't find some clear opinions of his, let's call him republican. Btw, you'd be amazed how many of these guys have a BA of arts if you search them, lol.

    David Koch: He, George Soros. The Rockefeller foundation (the members and polices of which you might want to search) and the Ford Foundation (the members and polices of which you might want to search) gave the ACLU 10 million to crush the Patriot Act. Any questions?

    Aaaaaaand these were the 10 in the Forbes list.

    Sorry buddy. Remember. You don't like geeks. You like the homo beating burger flippers. Unfortunately, with no ideas, and being so easily swayed by collectvist ideas (religion, nationalism etc) you DON'T get to be an entreprenaur. You are simply someone who wishes he was rich because he is so pro snobbing poor people and all, and think thats some great skill. \

    And the list hasn't even begun right. Other heavy names there are George Soros (didn't come up in the x10 list. Still a billionaire), Richard Brandson, Steve Jobbs of cource (do read his biography please), and since I a wee involved with Architecture myself, let me gell you that Calatrava, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Donald Trump hold ideas that'd make your little globalist fearing republican ass shit bricks.

    And these are just some, out of memory, of money making guys. You want Inventors? INVENTORS?

    One word. MIT.

    Second word: Oppenheimer. Nukes anyone? The guy almost got jailed as a thank you for being too much of a commie.

    Third word: Einstein. "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." Anyone? Hey, you know that relativity thing kind of matters, in said dvd writing lasers and satellite communications thingies I hear...

    Fourth word: Alan Turing. Almost single handedly wiped out the German U-boat fleet by virtue of breaking the enigma code. Guess what happened to him.

    Keep trying silly conservative. But in the end, the truth is that creationists homophobes are only of so much use to mankind. About as much as a Taliban really.

    P.S. If I am not mistaken, the way out of a paperbag is the same way you entered it no? (you could also tear it up I guess)
    I never understood why you conservatives consider that act so difficult lol...

    I propose a people’s movement to DEMAND that a POLITICAL TRUTH LAW be established, whereby politicians are libel for any misrepresentations, lies, half-truths, presented to the American public regarding their political positions, their intentions in office, their opponents, and/or credentials. And, if found guilty, they are to be removed from office and held to the same standards as all American Businessmen/women and sued, jailed, and/or fined for DECEPTIVE TRADE. After all, there is no bigger business in the U.S. than the government, AND WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ARE OWED THE TRUTH.
    Dr John Stangel

  16. How has no one mentioned Dennis Prager, or Michael Medved? Two of the best in my book.

  17. Mark Levin totally rocks... he's the best talk radio personality on the air. Listen and I guarantee, you'll learn something.

  18. I saw a political cartoon that described you conservatives pretty well. It called you "The tabernacle of the tea drinkin' say no to everything kill of Medicare and Social Security damn the homos deny global warming and save the rich birthers tent show. You have the compassion of Hitler and the brains of a dish rag.

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