Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barry and the DOW - A Match made in DC!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Have you ever been pumping your gas (except the people in Jersey where it is against the law to do it yourself! What kind of rule is that???? Other than Tony Soprano and his crew, NJ has become a liberal panty-waste-land!!!) and when its fills up, you tried to get every last drip and “top off” your tank. This way you get a head start on the tank and get the biggest bang for your gas buck…

Well, that is what I think the friends of Barry are doing in the stock market. Just 2 weeks ago, I was discussing the economic situation with some friends and I told them that I would bet a Buffalo nickel that the day before Barry gets sworn in, the market will tank and fall below 8,000.

Well….. Low and Behold….. The 332 point crap the DOW took yesterday (the last day on President Bush’s watch) did just that. Miraculously the market closed yesterday at 7,949 so as to give Barry his “head start” and plenty of cushion to take the credit once the market will invariably “bounce back”…

I find this absolutely staggering!!!

But wait…. Look today, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, Noooo, Its Super-Barry and the DOW starts its recovery and climbs 279 pts. to close at 8,228. SHAMWOW!!!! That Barry, He’s goooooood!!!!

Give me a break. If you don’t think that this shi- is not manipulated then I have some great land in the Everglades I would like to show you… As I have written in the past, I was in the real estate and mortgage business when all these bad loans that caused the economic collapse where being written. I told you then and I will tell you know that blaming this economic mess on President Bush is the ultimate liberal hypocrisy if there ever was!!!

These bedwetting, welfare-glorifying socialists were the ones who pushed for “everyone to own a home” and then when it collapses, they act like a kid caught in the act and says “What??? What did I do??? C’mon, we were born at night, but not last night…

So the answer to one of the comments from yesterday asking me if I think the speculators (I call them manipulators) are rigging this thing for their guy is Duh!!!! Of course they are. They are stacking the deck, controlling prices by using influence and power to control production of commodities, press releases of corporate earnings (which are always rigged), the stock market, the commodities markets and the public perception market....

The bad news is that the knee-jerk, brainless liberal media will fawn and give all the credit to Super Barry and his “deft” touch and amazing political prowess. They will tell us the he is a miracle worker and has “saved us" from ourselves… The good news is I believe the economy is going to recover quicker than predicted because it is what the powers that be want, so it will happen... This way, we can get this over with so we can all get on with our lives before this mess happened…

And then, with no head starts, we can really see if this new President can part the Red-Ocean that is the Federal Budget…

Just my thoughts..

GOP Mike


  1. Damn is good to be an evil, economy controlling liberal. I don't want to boast but I have to admit, for us elitist technocrats, it was almost easy.

    At any rate, time to begin implementing the second phase of our global Illuminati plan. The one world, secular free market! See ya!

  2. everyday this blog gets better..
    Mike keep up the good work!!!11