Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Worry Rush, We've got your Back!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Just the other day, our exhaulted, enchanted ruler, King Barry Hussein the First came out an said to the GOP Congresional leaders that "If they wanted to get things done for the American people, they better stop listening to Rush Limbaugh!!!"

And I keep reading all this absolute crap about GOP leaders asking Rush to back off on his comments that if Barry is going to advance liberalism as a solution to the country's ills, he wants that to fail.... Well, I have one thing to say to our GOP leaders in congress:

Grow a pair, you spineless, pathetic excuses for Republicans!!!!

I am so steamed about this you have no idea!!! Every liberal I know that has this knee-jerk, uneducated and misinformed opinion of Rush is so absurd, I want to vomit in my oatmeal every time I hear it... The mere mention of Rush's name brings a "oooooh, he is so extreme" or "he's a zealot"..

And I always call them on it... I ask them, "Have you EVER listened to Rush for more than a cursory minute here or there??? And their response is Ralph Kramden-esque "HuMaDa HuMaDa......"

They know they can't lie and say they have listened to him, because I will expose them as liars the second they do that. So they have to sheepishly admit, "No, not really, but I have heard...."

If ever any of the American-Blaming, bedwetting socialists actually spent some time listening to Rush explain his Conservative Principles which are rooted and guided by personal liberty, freedom and self-responsibility they would have to honestly admit that this man is no extremist. But liberals honest, pleeeease....

The cold, hard truth is that Rush is no zealot with wacky views... He is a Conservative to his core that espouses his beliefs so much better than the monkey-Ass lot we have in Congress pretending to be Conservatives but the minute they get confronted they turn tail and hide under their desks!!!

I am not surprised that the libs in Congress are actually passing a petition around condemning Rush's comments... However, I have a question:


Because we sure as hell Ain't in Kansas anymore Dorothy!!! We have come to a point where a private citizen expressing his beliefs is singled out by the exalted ruler as a trader and congress is lapping it up with a spoon.... Unreal and quite a sad day....

But I am not annoyed at Barry or the libs. I expect no better from a bunch of sanctimonious, terrorist-coddling defeatocrats than this... What annoys me is the weak-ass Republican leadership actually cow-towing to Barry and the Appeasers... They better wake up or else they will find themselves out on their asses!!!

What Rush said is right on point. Whatever socialist programs Barry tries to implement for some short-term fix is disastrous for our Nation in the long run... To pour money at this economic mess is like puring gas on a fire. It will make it worse, even if there would be some short-term benefits to which Barry would take full-credit for and the MSM will lick his boots as they bow at his feet...

So I think its high time we support the man who has stood for nothing other than the Conservative principles we all support and try to live by. So the next time some liberal-bed-wetter makes a off-handed comment about El Rushbo, don't let them get away with it. Be prepared with a series of questions that will expose these brainless moonbats for the idiots that they are...

I know I do...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. right on dude... i am with you

  2. "singled out by the exalted ruler as a trader" What's he trading???????????? Perhaps you meant "traitor"

  3. Your Liberal Friend:
    You eat oatmeal??
    Maybe you should have that condition checked.
    They call it Acid Reflux.
    But really, youlost your right to defend Rush when you placed him #2 in the top 5 of Cosnervative stinkers (Oh, i'm sorry I meant thinkers.)
    Just my thoughts.

  4. Another old loser who couldn't get a real job.

    Listened. Rejected him. Real life is does not progress by a position whose main position is to fuck up other people's lives and then pretend that you anti-socialist.

  5. You stupid, STUPID, Reaganazis......of course you closet fags have Fat, Repulsively ugly, Rush's stinking arse in your sights.

    You live for this loser......birds of a feather flock together, asswipes.

    Seig Heil, Conservatives....continue dragging your shitty country into the sewer. The world laughs. The world laughs away.

  6. "Anonymous said...
    "singled out by the exalted ruler as a trader" What's he trading???????????? Perhaps you meant "traitor""

    No wonder these fuckers envy liberals, feminists, etc.
    Because liberals are intelligent, educated, hard-working patriots and these lazy, stupid conservatives live to only beat their wives, live off the government, and inbreed.
    You Reaganazis are so funny.

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