Friday, January 23, 2009

A few reasons we were safer Monday than Today…

To my Conservative Friends:

Ok, here we go… New Secretary of State, Mz. Shrillary Cankles has made it very clear that the country’s foreign policy is going “in a new direction”. She said something about 3 legs of diplomacy that I really didn’t quite get:

There are three legs to the stool of American foreign policy: defense, diplomacy and development, and we are responsible for two of the three legs."

I really don’t know where she was going with the 3-legs’ comment and there are so many ways I can go with that, but I am going to let that one sit…. However, it was more of the typical Mz. Shrill double-speak gibberish…

Terrorist don’t’ give a rats’ ass about 3 legs of diplomacy and developing relationships with us or Israel, the only thing they understand and respect is a boot in their ass and power!!! And the more power we cede the less safe we become and the more emboldened they become…

On another disheartening front, the Washington Compost and the NY Slimes both reported the same news yesterday:

The new administration also drafted executive orders to close the U.S. naval prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, review military trials of terror suspects and end harsh interrogations.”

Oh, well if that doesn’t just make you want to vomit into your Dinty Moore Beef Stew, I don’t know what does…. This is one BIG mistake. Not because no other facility can handle these terrorists, but just the message it sends to them. It says we are soft, we can be reasoned with and in a word, we can be had!!!

And over on the other side of town, the new head of the, Surrender-Monkey Leon “the Beak”, Panetta has said the Agency’s procedures on wire-tapping the terrorists’ communications will have to follow the law… Translation, we are not going to listen to the terrorists’ conversations without a warrant, at which time the horse may have already ran out of the barn and Leon and Barry are going to run in to put a fat dead-bolt on it… Idiots…

And Panetta’s top intelligence officer at the CIA, Retired Admiral Dennis Blair said Thursday that the military field manual will be used to handle terrorist detainees… The manual has long been viewed as soft and ineffective for getting information out of these animals… Liberals have long said we should treat detainees according to the Geneva Convention guidelines for prisoners of war and they should be given rights afforded by the Constitution. I say - What!!!

They say "We are a nation of laws and if we torture them, it makes us no worse than them". I have never heard such idiocy in all my life. These people are neanderthals and should be treated accordinglly. The liberals think these people can be rehabilitated?? I say go ahead and try, just do it in Paris....

First of all, these despot thugs do not represent a country at war, but an ideology of hate and they no sooner should be given Constitutional rights any more than giving them some home-baked Apple-pie!!!

These are animals people who hide behind women and children. They deserve nothing, nada, zippo. They deserve to be tortured until they admit to the terrorist crimes and agree to come and join civilization and stop living in a fantasy world of jealousy and hate…

Barry and Co. are going to realize that just because you may be more likeable to the terrorists does not mean they are going to hate you less than President Bush… This is a man who has charmed his way through everything in life and now he thinks he’s going to schmooze his way to get the bad guys to change their ways because he’s a cool guy??? I don’t think so...

But I am sure they are going to try to prove me wrong… I just hope we are around to see the results….

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. I hate to wuibble but it think "it makes us no better than them..." would be the correct way to say it. Other than that I agree totally.

  2. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.

    If conservatives are too scared of a positive proof based legal system, they can always use their private money to create their own private walled community/city/complex.

  3. We have also heard the "they are animals" talk before. Usually by those who want to hide and remove attention of a subject in order to let their sadistic and illegal desires reign.

  4. Hey Anonymous, can I play the cliche game too?

    The constitution is not a suicide pact.

    So there.

  5. Your Liberal Friend:
    I do agree that these terrorists really don't deserve a break.
    But I pose the following hypothetical to you for the moment, which is not so farf etched.
    What if the terrorist or terrorists in question are USA born citizens who commit the most heinous of heinous acts with no regard to human life?
    Do we suspend the constitution for them?
    I'd like to hear your answer.

  6. The whole thing is deceitfully based in always assuming that whoever bureaucrat calls someone a terrorist, he is automatically correct. Most conservatives don't even care to say the evidence, they just want to play the tough guys and feel empowered by seeing the blood splatter.

    Nope, sorry. A positive proof based, "scientific" legal system must ALWAYS exist. You don't like it, go back to Iran.

  7. "I really don’t know where she was going with the 3-legs’ comment and there are so many ways I can go with that, but I am going to let that one sit…."

    You really are not that bright are you? Did you start out that way, or was it only from taking in a diet saturated in right-wing radio, or....? I hope the latter, because then there is hope for you.

    Anywhoo...Let me help you out. Ok, I presume you got the defense part, the second leg is diplomacy. Take Iran for example, they are a nation state with alot to lose, and something to offer. I might suggest you read Ron Suskind's book "The Way of the World" where he paints a picture of how the Bush administration blew it with talks with Iran. This resulted in missed opportunities to get some leverage up on Al Qaeda, to get some help in Iraq, and resolve issues with Iran's possbible nuke weapons development.

    The third leg is of course development. Now this one is not to hard to understand. You help people out to make their lives better, and then they are less likely to think you're an A-hole and turn around and attack you.

    This should be obvious.

  8. Hey Sheldn.........

    Is that really Bubba????

    C'mon Slick Willy - show yourself.....

    We know your there....

  9. Yeah figures, you really have nothing to say do you?

    Can you recommend some blogs that actually have some thoughtful conservative arguments that I could engage with?

    I certainly can't find them here.

  10. Ya know Sheldn.... That's the whole thing with liberals - You always think your smarter than everyone because your so thoughtful and intelligent and the conservatives are knuckle draggers....

    But you are so naive to think that talking to terrorists and people who have nothing but hate for everything we stand for is going to be productive...

    If you think that this country does not help with billions of aid to all these arab countries, you have not been paying attention...

    And what has that done??? Do the like us know??? Will they buy us a milky way at lunchtime today??? Maybe you can pass them a note in study hall....

    C'mon - You are so typical of the liberal mind to think that you have to engage idiots and terrorists to achieve success.

    Reagan spoke to the Soviets because although he disagreed with everything they stood for, they were not terrorists who practiced an ideology of hate and were sworn to kill as many of us as they could so they could martyr themselves in the name of Allah!!!

    And when Reagan did speak with them, he negotiated from a position of strength and put his boot on their neck to win the Cold War...

    That's what these people understand - strength, not liberal intellectual "lets find some common ground crap".

    I have said it before that Barry and the libs are like the geeks in high school that get shoved into the locker and start begging:

    "Hey guys, that's not nice of you to stuff me in this locker, can't we talk about this some more, hey guys???? Guys....."

    WEAK..... These animals (Iran at the top) sense weakness and that emboldens them... They only understand one thing, and I'll bet you a buffalo nickel that it's not liberal kumbaya....

    But Barry and his crew are going to ty it your way and we'll see who is right...

    GOP Mike

    PS As far as other blogs go, there are thousands of Conservative blogs out there that are great.... But my question is why you hang with us and not your frinds over at Daily Kooks???

  11. GOP Mike,
    As to your last question, because agreement gets boring. I like to engage opposing points of view to see if my ideas stand up to scrutiny or not.

    "C'mon - You are so typical of the liberal mind to think that you have to engage idiots and terrorists to achieve success."

    Did you just call yourself an idiot? But seriously, you are simply stating this right-wing boilerplate macho-bully rhetoric.

    I didn't argue for diplomacy with non-state terrorists. I did offer a real world historical example of how the Bush admin. blew a chance to have Iran help them with Al Qaeda and Iraq, but they were more interested in saber-rattling. You could investigate this yourself if you have the courage to doubt your own boilerplate rhetoric.

  12. Ahhh, someone who gets me. Myself I am addicted to FreeRepublic and such exactly because they are almost like a "catch the collectivist/logical error" game, as opposed to reading any liberal site and going "yes, okay, I already knew that".


    We don't necessarily think that we are smarter, in a genetically predisposed way. It just happens that you think that liberals are that, as well as the whole "elite" thing. It's a cute beta human thing instinct I guess.

    Second: Oh my, you must confused me with a liberal who supports "billions of aid" to arab countries. (which in my list fall under: "religious conservatives who beat homosexuals"). Of cource just for the factually of the thing: With arab countries I presume you mean Israel right?
    Conservatives always seem to assume that, even if they can't name the specific program, budget and recipient, "someone", "somewhere" is giving money. (an excuse to feel pious and butthurt)

    The whole thing is a huge collectivist fallacy of cource, not separating between the people on the ground who might actually feel thankful with the actions of others. Just because you little conservo-blog world will never carry the pictures of some WHO doctors establishing a pump in a village (too pretty to be interesting) they don't exist, an AAAAAAALLLL people in that geographical coordinates are supposed to be thankful for it.

    With that logic, pedophiles shouldn't exist in the US because the government is making roads.

    Muslims: If 1 billion muslims believed that they should martyr themselves in the name of Allah. Then they would just have to surprisingly kill 1 persons and the planet would be depopulated by 1 billion.
    Or perhaps, its just a bunch of nationalistic, religious, islamic right winger nuts.
    Not only they haven't killed anything *near* the amounts of Communism, the memo regarding the actions of which I guess you missed, but they haven't They haven't nearly killed anything near the amounts of western caused collateral damage as well. Hell, what was the toll in the Lebannon war exactly? 1 Israeli soldier for 1000 civilians of a mediterannian country that was 50% Christian? And the interesting thing with those things is that I realized that, hey, in the end, you actually don't have to believe in Allah all that much to be pissed off about them.

    Yea right. Unlike conservatives, I call collectivists & collective punishment out when I see it. Communist, Islamic, or Fascisto-Nationalist.

    As far as your geek comment goes. How you like making Google money? (you know that they own blogger right?) Good traffic boy. Go make us some private money to give to liberal causes.

    And that's why in the end at age 25 and over geeks win, and jocks become burger flippers.

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