Monday, January 12, 2009

GOP Mike's Movie Review - Gran Torino, starring Clint Eastwood

To my Conservative Friends:

I have been receiving emails and phone calls over the past week from my Conservative and liberal friends alike saying to me - "Mike - You gotta see Gran Torino!!"

So, in the middle of the snow storm on Saturday night, I trekked out to see the film I had heard so much about...

The film is about a man named Walt Kowalski, a 70-something, cranky Korean War Vet who lives in a mid-west neighborhood that has been steadily changing to a Black/Asian community. Walt, living alone now after his wife's death, is one of the last "white guys" in the community and is an extremely old-school guy with a very, very non-Politically-Correct attitude and he doesn't give a shi- who knows about it.. In fact, I don't think Walt ever heard of the term "politically correct".

Those of you who regularly read my articles know that I usually find movies on TV and Hollywood are inappropriate and support the liberal agenda in every way shape or form. And I usually don't like any movies I see because I can't stand the inevitable, inherent liberal slant..

I would have to say that Gran Torino is nothing like I have ever seen before from Hollywood...

Simply said, it was one of the best movies I have ever seen, period!!

Never have I been so entertained by a drama from a Hollywood film. It had just the right mix of humor, emotion and action. I was never bored and when the movie ended, people did not want to leave. They just hung around the theatre talking amongst each other about the film!!! And I live in NY - People here can't stand each other and usually want nothing to do with each other..... But Gran Torino stirred such emotion, such debate that people needed to speak about it...

Let's take a look at the trailer for the film:

The trailer shows some of the movies most publicized and intense scenes that are full of action and suspense. However, these are clearly not the best scenes in the movie. The best scenes and lines in the movie are Eastwood's interaction with his neighbors, friends and family. From his snot-nosed dis-respectful grandchildren to his clueless kids who treat him like an idiot when it is they who are the idiots.

Every scene is great and has you glued to the screen as you hope the movie never ends.. Every line Eastwood delivers is chock-full of wit, sarcasm and occasionally, you see Walt's soft side coming through his steely demeanor... I found myself, as well as others in the theatre, laughing out loud with Walt as he verbally decimates everyone he talks with... As we all know, men love to quote movie lines... It drives our wives and girlfriends nuts... But there are so many great lines Clint has in this movie that will add to his legendary quotes like "Go ahead, make my day" and "Do you feel lucky punk?"

Usually when you see a movie, you forget that you saw it within a few hours. Gran Torino is a movie that I am still thinking about for 2 days now... I can't get the plot and the characters out of my head. This film should be considered for Best Picture, Director and Best Actor. However, I am sure it won't be because Eastwood, a Republican, is not your typical Hollyweird liberal and the movie portrays a Conservative as the hero and Hollywood abhors anything that makes Conservatives look positive....

My liberal friends wanted me to see it because, as typical libs, they see this film as a Conservative guy who is racist, homophobic, insensitive and should be ostracized from the community... They think it shows liberalism in a good light... I think the opposite. I think it shows that we need strong leaders who take charge and are not afraid to "offend anyone" and its shows liberalism as a failed social experiment that should be abandoned once and for all...

My Conservative friends and I see this film as a refreshing, liberating breath of fresh air that reflects the PC world in which we live today as so far off the rails that we have to slap these people into reality and this film is a great symbol of that sentiment.

I believe Gran Torino shows us that just because we all have tendencies not to trust or dislike a particular ethnic group, be them Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jew or whatever, it does not make someone racist. Funny, in this country, you can have convicted felons, drug-addicts and the like garner more sympathy and given chance after chance, but once someone makes a racial slur and is branded a racist, they are ostracized and treated like a lepers.... Everyone kill the raaaacist!! Heaven's nooooo!! He offended me me with a slur!!!! Lock him up!!!

Please.... give me a break!!!!!

Maybe this film will not change any minds or move public perception that we have to cut this PC crap out, but at least its the first film in a long while a Conservative can enjoy and not have to maul the screen with their Milk-Duds....

So, in summary, put Gran Torino on your must-see list. You will be entertained, you will laugh and you may cry... It will probably be Eastwood's final film in a glorious career that should end with his first Academy Award in, what is arguably, his best performance ever...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Grand Torino is the best picture I've seen all year. I'm an old guy and Clint Eastwood's character best displays my sentiments about what wrongs are happening to this country and all the PC crap. There was a lot of audience laughter, especially early in the film. I've always been very un-PC and said it like it was...learned that in the military. But a lot of people now days don't like that. It offends their "sensibilities". I say tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. Clint Eastwood's character, Walt, in Grand Torino does just that. My hero.

  2. Could not agree with you more and thanks for your service....

    This PC crap is one of the things that gets my blood to boil big time...

    When we can't make harmless comments and takes humorous jabs at eachother without being "Offended", we have gotten waaaay to full of ourselves...

    That's why this movie is so refreshing - because it says - to hell with all that shi-....

    Thx for the comment...

    GOP Mike

  3. I lived in one of those neighborhood and watched it deteriorate over two decades. The criminals win in the end. I sold my house for less than I bought it for.

  4. PC. Another conservative boogieman to which they try to play the victim to in order to feel some short of "specialness".

  5. Clint Eastwood used his outward crankiness to come across as tough and yet also heroic at the same time, well done i'd say

  6. Excellent entertainment in every way. Josie Wales meets William Munny.

  7. I perceived Walt as not so much a racist, but as a complete misanthrope, isolated in his integrity. Having to watch members of his own race fail to come anywhere near his conservative standards of good manors and work ethic, pains him to the point of having to give that pain back to everyone, and slurs are just an easy way of doing that.

    Periodically he uses slurs as weapons, conjuring unimaginable audacity, and throwing his opponents off guard. Audacity and fearlessness have long been Eastwood's signature weapons.

  8. This movie had nothing to do with political party so I don't know why it was even brought in.

    It was a movie about a man who had boycotted a specific group of people because he grew to dislike them through the Korean War. When he loses his wife and realize he has no one, the only people that is willing to accept and respect him is the very people he had been boycotting.

    Thao comes to be some what of a son to Walt because he was never able to connect with his own children or gran-children. He realized that he "had more in common with these gooks than he did with his own rotten spoiled children." What was said when he visited the bathroom in Thao's house.

    As a Liberal, I don't see this as a movie to promote Conservatives and demote Liberals. And guess what? I don't even see this as a "racism" movie. I just think that this is just a great movie about an old fella who finally finds peace where he least expect it.


    If you label a group of people and dislike them as an entirety. You're a racist. Racism = Prejudice. If you like it better, you're prejudice which isn't any better. The word prejudice comes from the Latin word "praejudicium" which means "prior judgement". Which means, you judge someone before knowing them.

    In the film, Walt is indeed a prejudice to the Asians. But as he gets to know them more, you see it dimish. He continues to use those racial slurs, but it's evident on a friendship level. As shown with Thao. What you are advocating is using racial slurs on people you've never even shaken hands with and expecting them to be okay with it. And the worst part, you expecting it to be harmless. Harmless to you, perhaps.

    What makes you believe that going around blanting racial slurs is acceptable? Just because someone who has a drug addiction is given a chance to correct himself, that makes it okay for someone to intensify racial tensions? To put it kindly, that's a junk of bullcrap. This is the twenty-first century.

    You respect one another and treat one another as you would like. Simple life long rule. If you can't follow that, then maybe you are just full of yourself.

    The defenders of this great nation, the Marines. In the Marines, all Marines are equal. You respect each and every diverse Marine as you would your own flesh and bone. If only all Americans can live like that.

  9. Wow!Wow!Wow! What a movie. What a performance. What great entertainment! I loved every minute. My wife and I saw this on Valentine's Day. She can't thank me enough. ( though she tried!) I only saw it because "Taken" was sold out. I have never been so glad to see my second choice. Academy Award? I can't imagine anything more deserving. Best Actor, Best Director, Best movie. It should win them all. I will not ever forget the full range of emotions this movie involks. I loved it. Dare I say almost my favorite of all time. "Forrest Gump and Rudy" ok well maybe not Rudy!

  10. I liked the movie. Ok, there were some conservative issues in there, but all in all I thought it was rather a "Reverse Karate Kid" with Clint as Mister Miyagi and an unexpected end. Very enjoyable.

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