Friday, January 16, 2009

Hollywood Conservatives - They do exist!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

After my review of the Clint Eastwood movie on Monday, a lot of you said to me that your were surprised and did not know Clint was a Republican. I guess you thought he was like all the other unhinged, culture-war-wagering pantywaists in Hollyweird and voted with the defeatocrats.... As I told you guys before the election, although 90% of Hollyweird are bedwetting lefties, there are a few solid Conservatives there. And, unlike in the past, they are not afraid to admit it...

The dems have their usual deranged mouth-pieces out there like Susan Sarandon with her non-husband sidekick Tim Robbins and Matt the "weasal" Damon. Lets take a look at some of the more well-known, hard-core libs and Conservatives in Hollywood.. I am sure you'll be surprised with some of the names on each list...

Here are a few of the well known hard-core knee-jerk Socialists and how much they have ponied up for their American-blaming cause:

Hollywood LIB-TARDS

Barbara the "Schnoz" Streisand - Babs put her money where her NOSE is....

Rosie O'Drumstick -That's a lot of all-you-can-eat Buffets!!!!

Dustin Hoffman - I bet Tootsie was a Conservative!!!

Hanoi Jane Fonda - What a shocker!!!

Michael Douglass - What a shame - Gorden Gekko is a lib!!!

Ron Howard - Aunt Bee is turning in her grave!!!

Tom Hanks - That's not very BIG of him.....

Glen Fry - I can never listen to another Eagles song the same way again...

Robert DeNiro - C'mon Jimmy, look what these mutts did to my country!!!

Richard Dreyfus - That damn shark shoulda ate him!!!!

There are soooooo may more, but these are the core-offenders...

But have no fear, we can field a pretty solid team of our own - Here are some entertainers we can support:

Hollywood Republicans:

Alex Trebeck - I'll take bed-wetting liberals for $500, Alex....

Gary Sinise - Way to go Lieutenant Dan!!!

Drew Carey - I'm sure he Feuds with his Family over this!!!

Ben Stein - The Dems aint taking Ben's Money!!!

Traci Lords - Hey - She's an entrepreneur....

Jose Feliciano - He's got a cult following in South America!!!

Paul Shaffer - I bet Dave has no idea!!!!

Heather Locklear - The dems can't compete with this (Rosie/Babs... please...)

Elizabeth Hasselbeck - We got all the hot ones...

Robert Duval - One of my favorites

Ricky Schroder - They call him RICK now....

Robert Stack - Maybe you can help defeat a democrat....

Adam Sandler - A rare loss for the libs in funny-man Sandler...

John O'Hurley - I always knew Pederman was solid...

I am sure I missed a bunch, so please let me know which ones you know of and we can add to the list....

I will admit, when you do the research on this and look up the contributions, the libs outnumber the Conservatives 10 to 1 in Hollywood and the disparity in the amount of contributions is even more staggering.... I am just glad the capital of the country is not La La Land!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Robert Stack is dead, and in any case he was bisexual.

  2. So what if he is dead, he was a Republican....

    I don't know about being bi-sexual, I thought he was gay, but I know a lot of Gay Republicans...

    GOP Mike

  3. you missed bruce willis, mickey rourke, jimmie walker.. and how can you forget fred thompson?

  4. also theres kelsey grammar, stephen baldwin, patricia heaton, dennis hopper, jon voight, kevin farley, and there's rumours of robert downey jr being a closet conservative.
    that's just actors, there's also gotta be lots of producers, writers, directors, etc. out there too.

  5. John Larroquette
    James Woods
    Bruce Boxleitner

    Are a few that I know of.

  6. Zero and Anonymous:

    All great additions to our "Support" list....

    I did not intend for my list to be all inclusive... I know there would be a whole bunch more that you guys would bring up...

    Thx for the comments....

    GOP Mike

  7. Rock Hudson and Liberace always voted Republican too.

  8. Ah, idol worship.

  9. Michael Douglas is spelled with one "s" and is a descendant of Russian Jewish stock. Given that, little wonder, re his liberalism. However, please be aware that the ancient form of the Scots' name "Douglas" is actually with two "s's" and going back to William le Hardi (and beyond) the Douglasses were staunch patriots (for Scotland). Look up James "The Black" Douglas(s) if you're looking for a hero to match William Wallace and "The Bruce"!A true key to that spelling variation is that Frederick Blaine (?) Douglass derived his new name from Sir Walter Scott's "Lady of the Lake". It's spelled with the one "s" now, but wasn't always. Payne's Heraldry points out that the true historic origins of "Douglass" and shows that Sholto and earlier variants pre-exist the somewhat questionable Flemish/Norman origins of the family. I'll keep my Pictish two esses, thanks you!

  10. Liberalism is a mental disorder

  11. You forgot Jon Voight, Bruce Willis, Kurt Russel, Rene Russo, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarznager

  12. Wow, can't compete with a bunch of fags, doormats, idiots and other freak, Retard, er, I mean Conservative.

  13. Wow, Traci Lords, not surprising, every cheap, cock-sucking hole seems to be a conservative woman.
    I mean, you right-wing man sure like your women stupid, useless, slutty and cheap. No wonder why smart, classy, worthwhile women don't want anything to do with you extreme, out of touch idiots. But then, who wants some weak, stupid Reaganazi?

  14. Even Clint Eastwood distances himself from you stupid, conservative weaklings. :)

    So out of touch and envious. No wonder the world thinks the U.S. is overrun by lame-brained, right-wing nutballs.
    You morons make that evil, elitist, murdering prick Ronald Reagan look "somewhat" human. LOL

  15. Why can't you Reaganazis and Dittocowards spell?

    Didn't you losers go to school?

  16. I think this was a good post because it finally clarified the conservative rules about having an opinion. 1. Plumbers, garbagemen, and truck drivers are all eminently qualified to have their opinions, and it is a beautiful American thing when they express them. People in entertainment, however, have no right to have an opinion.... 2. unless it is a conservative one, then they are qualified for public office. 3. Since we poor conservatives cannot refute other points of view, nor offer evidence-based or logical defenses for our own positions, we should call people with opposing views crazy, loonie, or mentally ill. That way we don't risk getting into a factual argument, which never goes well for us. 3. Even though Hollywood "conservatives" have a more principled and thought out approach to government, we must pretend that they share our base, lowlife, rabid, simpleton beliefs. Annoyingly, they sometimes actually DO believe in individual liberty, and would puke at the very mention of a social "conservative." Nevertheless we will keep giving lip-service to the idea of individual liberty while trying to control every aspect of people's personal lives and fighting to get the old testament codified as the law of the land. Boy I feel much better now that this is all clear to me. Thanks!!!

  17. Great pic of Rosie, Mike.

    Love the list, it'll come in very handy!

  18. Robert Stack was a straight arrow. Easy for you low lifes to slander a dead man. He dated some of Hollywoods most glamorous women in the 1940's and fifties. I take it as an insult, and remember this, his ancestry was Sicilian. He'll put the evil eye on you (even from the grave. Remember, he was UNTOUCHABLE.

  19. Robert Stack was a phony, elitist FAGGOT.

  20. I love how the females are either druggies, cock-sucker twits, or complete idiots.

    But then again, you conservatives like your doormats USELESS.
    No wonder smart, classy women don't want anything to do with you butt ugly Reaganazis and Dittoshits. :)

    1. I feel sorry for you. You must be very, very unhappy to be so bitter.

  21. It's "pantywastes", you stupid, uneducated Reaganazi.

  22. There was a time when Republicans were decent, intelligent, open-minded moderates.

    Now the Reaganazis, Dittotwits and other vile, stupid, right-wing wackos have taken over.

    God help us from these dangerous, elitist monsters. :)

  23. Reagan liked banging underage girls. He was the typical conservative male, a dense, uneducated COWARD who didn't even serve his country.
    Why are all the men who serve the U.S. almost always DEMOCRATS?
    The Reaganazis and Dittoshits just lazy-minded, elitist cowards who always run away from a fight. :)

  24. Why do you judge women based solely on their looks? Seriously, as a girl I'm offended. . . if you want to be taken seriously, stop being so shallow. Whatever, my father (a hardcore Republican) has convinced me that most conservatives are secretly, if not outrightly, racist, homophobic misogynists anyway.

  25. I'm a conservative, but I will admit all the hot women are liberals.
    Women like Barbra Streisand, Rosie O'Donnald, Janeane Garofalo, Rosanne Barr, Whoopie Goldberg, Sandra Bernhard and Helen Thomas.
    They're also great intellectuals.

  26. I cant for this country to fall because you idiot liberals im 17still and i know more about polotics then you people i know driving through town and seeing sketched posters of obama well isnt that what they do in communist countries off topic but i dont care when this countey falls and the democrats throw tou in prision and have you eating rice and beans and maybe a rat leg if.your lucky dont fucking cry to us and say we were right were the nut jobs fine ill take it but you shut your mouths when this country goes to shit and everyone except for the payed off poloticians is scrounging through the garbage to feed thier families

  27. Sorry for my many typos using my phone and didnt care to correct it just typing witj anger... besides these libtards can only attack us when we make human errors cause thier so peferct and imtelligent

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