Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel halts hostilities for 3 hrs./day. Would Hamas do the same???

To my Conservative Friends:

I am sure you all heard that Israel has agreed to a temporary cease-fire for 3 hours/day so humanitarian aid can be delivered to the civilians in the Gaza Strip. Another compassionate, humane and civilized way to behave displayed by the Israeli's..

The question that needs to be asked is would Hamas have done the same thing if the roles were reversed??? I think the obvious answer is that they would not. These people have no compassion for their own people, let alone their enemies. And I would imagine the same media hysteria that is calling on Israel to halt hostilities would be strangely silent towards Hamas.

If Hamas were a civilized group, they would just agree to halt terror attacks on Israel, stop calling for the destruction of Israel and live a peaceful, productive life. But no, because terrorist only know one way to behave, like terrorists. I don't think they would know what to do with themselves if they were at peace and had nobody or nothing to gripe about.

Have you ever had that annoying relative that is not happy unless they have something to complain about 24/7??? Believe you me, my family is full of these malcontents... You know the type - When they arrive at your house for Thanksgiving dinner, you greet them with a "Hiiii, Aunt Edna, how are you doing????"

And she responds with a "Ohhhh, the traffic was horrendous, my corns are killing me!!!" Not a "Nice to see you too" or "Happy Thanksgiving". No. They need something, anything to complain about or they are not satisfied. These types need someone to blame, someone to hate, something to rail against or they start to convulse.

These relatives, like Hamas cannot and will not be happy. So why do we even try to make them happy??? Our guilt? Our compassion to try to bring happiness to others??? I say forget about these things because it's like trying to teach Hillary to be likable... It ain't happenin'!!!!!

Hamas and these terror organizations have no compassion, no morals and no guilt... They know their actions are killing their own people and they don't care. Israel is doing the right thing by letting the aid flow in, but they should not relent, they should not stop and they should go all the way to make sure Hamas' ability to launch rockets and kill innocent Israeli's is crippled beyond recognition....

Will that make Hamas happy? No, but it will make the world a safer place...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. From your Liberal Friend:
    You know, since you became an old man recently, you got wise beyond your advanced age!
    Great article!
    Unfortunately, the world community will turn a deaf ear to it.
    Maybe, if France had a few bombings of their own from one of their neighbors, their people could relate better to the plight of Israel.

    Keep em coming.

  2. Don't count on France ever being sympathetic to anyone other than themselves....

    They will never stand up to any aggression... It is not in their DNA....

    They should change their national flag to white....

  3. Hey Mike,
    Can you comment on the financial crisis we are having. I like to know what you think of what is going on with the stock market. I always did so well in the market I am afraid to get in the game again. I believe the short sellers and the hedge funds are destroying the market. Wondering what you thoughts are... Thank you.

  4. I will definately comment on the financial situation on an article I have in the hopper right now...

    It will be focused on the speculators in the financial and oil markets....

    Keep an eye out in the next few days...

    GOP Mike

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