Friday, January 9, 2009

The Libs' true colors come out with their support of Terrorists!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

The war is on. The sides are defined. And who is right and who is wrong is as obvious as the nose on Leon Panetta's face!!! They might as well wear white and black uniforms its so obvious who is on the right side of Morality and Justice and who is on the evil side in this Gaza Conflict.

However, the loony-libs in this country are exposing their true feelings about their terrorist-coddling beliefs in ways that you will be shocked to see. The libs have decided that they don't care about perceptions anymore, they are coming out in full-force support of the terrorists, Hamas as they do what they do best - Take to the streets to protest Israel's "terrorism" and killing of innocent civilian Palestinians... Are you shi---- me or what???

Let me ask you a quick question - Why do the Jews overwhelmingly support liberals??? Hold that thought - We'll get back to it later...

Again, they are protesting Israel's terrorism and Israel killing innocent civilians??? What big-fate dube are these people smoking and where can I get some???? So, this week, across the country from New York to Florida to, you guessed it, San Fran-Freak show, the libs have gathered in the "hundreds" (although the media portrays these protests like it's the million-lib march) to protest Israel's military response to being terrorized without cause or justification from the Hamas murderers:

Let me ask again, Why do Jews support Liberals??? Hold your answer for another minute...

Let's take a look at some of these ass-holes to get a sense of what we are truly dealing with here:
In Florida last week, a group of Pro-Terrorist/Hamas dim-bulbs actually were screaming "Jews - Get back in the ovens!!!!" and "Death to all Jews!!!" Other than FoxNews, I did not see coverage of it anywhere on MSDNC or the Communist News Network... Take a gander for yourself to see what the Jews are dealing with and ask yourself as you watch this - Can there ever be peace with these people???

Could you imagine the coverage they would have had had Israeli protesters had been yelling, "Death to Palestine" and "Throw Mohammad in the oven!!" The outrage would have been as big and wide as Hillary's ass!! But anti-Israel, Anti-American stuff is all too sadly acceptable in the liberal world.

Here's the recent lib-tards in San Fran-Freak Show:

And in the NYC protest, their hatred was directed at Mayor Bloomberg for going to Israel and showing his support for the Jewish state.. The protesters said he wasn't not being even-handed and should also show support for Hamas!!!! I kid you not...

Could you imagine FDR taking flack from Germans in the country in 1940 for not showing support for the Nazi's???? No... Have we gone completely mad people??? Since when do we need to show support for terrorists???

So, in summary, it appears painfully obvious from reading the news, watching the libs protest and show support for the terrorists that Israel's best friends in this country are Conservatives and Republicans...

So I ask you one last time - Why do Jews support Liberals and Democrats???

I don't really know, but they might want to get new voter registration cards and check the Right box this time...

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. Right Arm!!!!
    Panetta's nose and Hillary's you know what!
    Give it to them!!!

  2. I don't get it. I was a registered Democrat until Dukakis. When Bush took on Saddam Hussein, I found Jesus. Why my coreligionists should vote for a man whose minister praises Farrakhan, thinks 9/11 was Amerikkka's just desserts,friend of Ayers,Rezjo,assorted Columbia University pro Arab pro Iranians confounds and baffles me.
    It is maddening to see such stupidity.

  3. But they are very intelligent...

    So there must be a reason why they do it... And for some reason it is not obvious....

    We'll get to the bottom of this...

  4. They do it because the true religion of the secular Jews is the Bolshevism that their grandparents (or great-grandparents) brought with them. They view the world through this prism, though they themselves are unaware of it.

  5. Actually, I am a very capitalist liberal, thank you very much.