Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok, I’m back today – Did I miss anything yesterday????

To my Conservative Friends:

Only kidding!!! Even though I gave all of you some great advice yesterday on how to hibernate and avoid the spectacle of the One’s Crowning yesterday, I had to be an observer for the loyal opposition and take notes on the scene…

And what a scene it was man… From the estimated 2 million people who went to watch in DC to the cutaways the networks displayed of the thousands in Times Square, San Fran-Freak Show and the rest of the country…

Everyone was texting and calling me all day and night asking me my thoughts on the event, so what better place to share them than here….

So here are a few of my thoughts on the day:

I could not help but notice that the networks could not help themselves by seeking out every black person in the country. I mean, I know it is a very proud day for them to have one of their own sworn in to be the President of the greatest country ever created, but I found it to be a little demeaning to the African-American community like that was the only thing that mattered to them.

I am sure African Americans were proud when Kennedy was elected and a small percentage where even proud when Ronald Reagan and George Bush got elected… After all, no President in history has had more African-Americans in his cabinet that W… But again, the man gets no respect or appreciation...

And the networks went out of their way to show them crying, nodding and some had arms outstretched, eyes closed as if they were praying. Hey People, he is the President, not the second coming!!!! He does not walk on Water!!!!

Did you happen to see Hanoi Jane Fonda almost weeping? Yeah, now she’s proud of her country!! Can’t bash the troops now Janie????

As far as Obama’s speech, I found it strikingly non-inspiring. There was no memorable moment or line. Just his normal “Yes we can” stuff from the campaign can… I found myself very bored during it. I only noted 4 memorable themes during the speech:

1. The most comical part of the day was the absolute shredding Barry made of the oath… For those of you who missed it, Barry forgot his lines and needed Chief Justice Roberts walk him through the oath like me helping my 7-year old read a book!!!!

2. In his speech, he was very antagonistic towards President Bush, saying we have to put aside our petty political differences now… Are you kidding me, the libs have stood for nothing else the past 8 years other than petty political differences!!! Now that you’re in charge, we should all sing Kumbaya and hold hands???? We’ll see Barry Hussein…..

3. His tough talk on terrorism rang so hollow to me as he said that the terrorists better watch out if they are going to mess with us!!!! Oooooohhhh, I bet they are really, really a-scared now…. Especially when he leaves the inauguration to go meet with the new Surrender Monkey, terrorist coddling head of the CIA, Leon, the “Nose” Panetta to eliminate surveillance on the bad guys before he issues an Executive order to shut down GITMO…. Real tough Barr….. Here is my 1st of many tips to our new Prez – Barry – Terrorist hate you as much as they hate President Bush…. Once you understand that, the safer we all will be…
4. And the look on President Bush’s face said it all… You could almost here him saying – Fine – you bunch in ingrates, keep bashing the guy who did nothing but keep you safe for 7 years… I’m outta here!!!!

So in summary, I was not impressed. And from the look at the financial world, neither was Wall Street as the Dow took a 332 point dump right after the Chosen-One butchered his oath….

Oh what a looooong winter this is turning out to be….

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. You asked if you missed anything yesterday. You might have missed this, and I even wonder if I was the only one to notice it. Michelle Obama didn't wear a wedding ring all day. Now I suppose that there are a hundred reasons why and I don't wish to start any conspiracy type theories, but I decided to do a little personal research and came up with this at an Islam website.

    With regard to the wedding ring, which is worn on the occasion of marriage, this is not one of the customs of the Muslims. If it is believed that it generates love between the spouses, and that taking it off and not wearing it will have an effect on the marital relationship, then this is regarded as a form of shirk and is a kind of jaahili belief. Based on the above, it is not permissible to wear a wedding ring under any circumstances.


  2. There is a long list of errors I could nit-pick through in this long rather pathetic cry against Obama. From the idiotic over nationalistic decloration that the USA is "the greatest country ever created" founded on nothing more than pointless knee jerking to the misunderstanding that Obama forgot the Oath when in fact Roberts did it wrong, I will simply say grow up and stop writing. Pointless stupid nationalism, bias and a writing style simular to that from a 13 year old does not make for a good read.

  3. Looks like anonymous is still impressed with flashy lights and empty promises... "He makes me feel sooooooooo hopeful"

    The honeymoon ends now.

  4. Anonymous lib:

    If you think the term "greatest Country ever created" is an idiotic overly Nationalistic declaration, then I will personally buy a one-way ticket for you and your off-spring to France...

    Then we will see Mr. Anonymous lib realize how great this country is....

    Oh, but wait - today you must agree with that sentiment because Barry is at the helm and for the first time in your adult life, your proud to be an American!!!!

    Please, you liberals are such asses... You will never get it....

    And for someone who doesn't this the article is a good read, why don't you try - you would fit right in over there defeatocrat....

    GOP Mike

  5. I really think you are sooo right.
    "W" really doesn't get the respect he deserves from all of us.
    Look what we have to thank him for.
    1. Getting us into the quagmire we call Iraq, under the assumption that they had weapons of Mass Destruction, and, once finding out that it was not so, not being able to get us out gracefully.
    I am sure the families of the over 4,000 american soldiers who died in Iraq are very comforted by that fact.
    I'm sure they are also comforted by "W"'s admission (in his last press conference) that he was "disappointed" (and not sorry) that we did not find any of those weapons of mass destruction.
    2. The wonderful way he handled Hurricane Katrina. I am sure th epeople who originally lived there before the Hurricane, and who either could not go back, or are still living in temporary shelter are overwhelmed with gratitude for him.
    3. Finally we the american people are absolutely thrilled with the way he handled the prisoners at Gitmo, utilizing the highest ideals of democracy in how we tortured these guys.
    After all, it is not how we treat another human being that counts as much as what we get out of him or her, right??

    Your Liberal Friend

  6. To Anonymous -
    1. Iraq had WMD (IIRC, they used them on their own people as well as on Iranians); under the original Gulf War ceasefire, Iraq was obligated to show how they had eliminated them, not up to us to prove they still had them. I would be "disappointed" too to know that those WMD might now be in the hands of Syria or some other thugocracy.
    2. In re Katrina, grow up. Mayor Nagin clearly failed to take proper precautions or to evacuate people in need of assistance. IIRC, an entire parking lot of school buses was destroyed by flooding instead of being used for evacuation. If you insist on living below sea level, expect to get flooded - and don't expect the rest of America to bail out your stupidity.
    3. In re Gitmo, please understand - if you are talking about waterboarding, it was used three times before 2004, and has not been used since. The people on whom it was used were avowed enemies of America. They are not entitled to our constitutional protection nor the protection of the Geneva convention. They use women and children as shields. The information gleaned by all accounts prevented further attacks, saving the lives of innocents, including Americans. The people you are championing do not support democracy.

    President Bush is a good man who didn't whinge despite all of the slander and invective hurled at him, much of it unjust and untrue. Stop your whinging.

  7. 1. A bureaucratic excuse to enact invasive war. It doesn't matter how the government leeches, and unprovoced offense is always an unprovoced offense and the anti-self ownership act called "murder" is always the same regarding civilians.

    2. The new Orleans levees, were a federal project. Furthermore, the idea is to *prevent* a flooding, ya know. Further further more, Nagin's preparations are secondary to federal preparations, which were none since apparently all the world but the US had scenarios of the levees break.

    3. So you say.
    Or you are just repeating a bunch of apologetic Bull-shitious spoon fed propaganda, of information which of cource you don't have access to in the first place.
    Until there is a scientific, positive proof based legal system in place, any humans a government bureocrat leech (as is the military btw) might not "like" somewhere should be considered innocent. I know, I know, all this "proof" thing is boring, but people have kind of died in the past & and potential now. Death is kind of boring as well.

    How about we ask abducted, for a year, without warrant, German innocent citizen Khaled el-Masri what he thinks about it?

    President Bush, is a big government idiot. Who split the west, not over in US -- Europe & Canada & Japan but as well as in Liberal Metropolitan US (New York, MIT, Silicon Valley... oh I am sorry, I meant San Fransisco) -- US hickland. (not many amazing landmarks or cultural/technology production places to mention there)

  8. To Mike F:
    1. I don't believe nerve gas, as potent as it may be, can be considered a weapon of mass destruction. That is what was used on the people you refer to in your point #1. There is no evidence that anything comparable to ATomic bombs was used on them.
    Also, aperson no less knowledgeable than General Powell said openly that there was no evidence of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" EVER existing under Saddam's reign of power. (If it is not enough for you that President himself saying he was disappointed that they found no evidence of such weapons.)
    2. Katrina
    There is no way you can say tha the Federal govt didn't have the main responsibility for help those people.
    And, as for your comment that they had no business living ther, you may find this hard to believe, but not everybody has the ability to decide where they live and when they live there.
    3. As for your point #3, it wouldn't matter that they stopped doing it after 2004, even if that is true.
    The point is that this is a democracy which is sup[possed to set the standard for the rest of the world to see. It is suppossed to be beyond playing those same incredibly inhuman things non democracies play.
    Your Liberal Friend