Monday, January 19, 2009

Which MSNBC Talking-Windbag do You hate the most????

To my Conservative Friends:

Even to the Bitter End, those at MSDNC are hate-filled IDIOTS!!!

Last Thursday, I got home, finished dinner and was peacefully watching President Bush's farewell address on FoxNews and was struck by the dignity, honesty and just plain humbleness of the man that has protected this country despite unparalleled criticism, second-guessing and downright unhinged hatred towards him, his family and his administration...

However, I couldn't help myself. I could not just keep my damn hand off the clicker. I couldn't resist. I wanted to see what the deranged, troop-slandering girlie-men on MSDNC were saying about the President's speech. I was having a nice day, until then, because after hearing Brett Baer, Bill O'Reilly and the FoxNews crew say how gracious the President was and how, down deep, he loved his country to then go over to the unhinged Bush-deranged meat-heads bashing him to the bitter end was just too much...

So, I ask my you all - Which MSDNC demagogue to you hate the most????

Here are your choices....

1. Keith Overbite

This guy has to be one of the most evil, Sushi-eating socialist there is at the Pigeon... uhm.... I mean Peacock network.... This guy can't even bring himself to say President Bush, no...... He refers to our Commander-in-Chief as Mister Bush - What a disrespectful waste of space this A--hole is!!!!

2. Chris "Mad Dog" Matthews

As he was convulsing about how President Bush is responsible for 100,000 Iraqi deaths, the drool was just streaming down his chin... Either they have to get this troll a bib and a diaper when he does the show or its time for the dog track and Sunny Grove rest home along with the rest of the old-bags!!!

3. Rachel "Mad-Cow" Maddow

Now this "lady" is not only real tough to listen to, but I have trouble watching a female anchor that looks more like me than my wife... I mean, I think we go to the same barber!!!! This one makes Greta Van Susteran look hot!!!!

Anyway, she is such a knee-jerk Bush hater, she has lost any credibility as a journalist - not that she ever had any in the first place. But this is the new star of MSDNC!!!! Good luck with all of that!!!!

4. David "Block-Head" Shuster

The author of the famed "Pimping Chelsea Clinton out" line is always on the BDS express as he recently berated a Conservative that it was "obvious" Sarah Palin was unqualified for VP. Oh , and this schmuck is qualified to host a show!!!

Hey Dave - I bet I can fit more people in my car than watch your show!!!

And then you have the rest of the pundits and talking heads that pollute this excuse of a network that hates the President and everything he stands for without giving the man an inch or an ounce of credit for protecting their rights to insult the man that has protected them for 7 years....
I did not agree with everything the President has done during his 8 years at the helm. His amnesty policy for illegal aliens was a disaster and correctly blocked by the true Conservatives on the hill. His bailout plan has given the Federal Government never before seen power over our financial institutions that will be hard to revers as it is always very difficult to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

However, on the overriding issue of our time, keeping us safe so we can debate finance and immigration in a civil and democratic way, he has been steadfast and resolute, despite what the trolls at MSNBC say....

I really detest all of them... Which one is your favorite to loathe????

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. Sounds more to me like a butthurt conservative doing his 1 minute daily hate. Quite revealing that the more eloquently someone shreds conservative viewpoints (see: Keith) the higher he ranks. I guess its a subconscious selection of "priority targets"

  2. Wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Go watch Republican bullshit network (Faux News) then if MSNBC bothers you so much.

  3. MSDNC is nothing but a PR firm for the hate wing of the Democrat Party. CNN, the Communist News Network, makes more of a pretense of being balanced, but it is just as leftist as is MSDNC. CNN just hides it better.

    Fox has better ratings than MSDNC and CNN combined, and though it leans somewhat to the right, it is much more balanced than the two leftist cable noose networks.

  4. Fox has better ratings, because it is going to be last of the dinosaur media, aka the one dinosaurs are going to watch, get it?

    Conservatives haven't caught up to the fact, that there is a new generation out there (to which I belong), and it is called the Internet. Why pay, and wait to be fed from your hardware streaming video players (known as TVs) what you can instantly get?

    But keep doing it, its this cluelessness that will ensure conservative gets its proper place next to the Aztecs. Extinct.

  5. Olberdick is the biggest idiot, followed by Matthews, Schuster and Maddow,,,(she's last because she's been there the least amount of time.)Here's a site to FIRE KEITH OLBERMANN. Check it out Mike, and others...Read comments...leave a comment.

  6. If you ******-up Conservatives don't like MS-NBC, they must doing something right. I watch MS-NBC every day, and I hope you are 100% enjoying the Obama Administration. ;)


  8. keith overbite knows nothing about football, or the real world.

  9. Oops. This just in! It's a tie. EVERYONE on MsDNC is a complete waste of protoplasm. The Being they believe in least will have the last word on all this hate. Hope they are enjoying their 15 minutes of infamy. (Boy, it's really hard not to single Chris Matthews out though; he still thinks he's a Catholic. He should read Canon 915. He's toast).

  10. A liberal really gets fired up angry about a conservatives view while a conservative feels sorry for how misguided the liberal has become when expressing his view .