Monday, January 26, 2009

Ya know, some of these Liberals are Racist!! That's right I said it!!!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

In homage to the Great One, Mark Levin who created the phrase, and whose Radio talk show is one of the fastest growing shows in the country, I say the liberals are like onions - the more layers you peel off them, the more they stink!!!!!

I always tried to figure out why a good portion of liberals out there in Idiot-land really think. They always try to call Conservatives racists, homophobes, etc.... But I think think that a good portion of these libs are racist!!! Case in point: In a hearing on the economic mess, Robert Reich, ex Clintonista Labor Secretary and now Obama Economic advisor/Shill (and bares a striking resemblance to someone we know...) was speaking about where our government should spend money in order to stimulate the economy.

In a video that is sure to shock you in the mere cavalier way he makes an absolute racist remark that nobody in the MSM seems to care about... Take a look here at the video from the Michael Savage Show at this troll's comments and reaction after from Savage... The 3 minutes will be well worth your time... Trust me, this is great stuff!!!!

Did he just say that he has nothing against white males???? Here is a tip Stubby, anytime that you have to say you have nothing against someone - You have something against them...

So there it is - Out in the open... Liberals, down deep, hate white men... This is the most blatant I have seen from a political figure in its absolute nakedness of its racism, but I am glad he said it.. Because we always knew they have always felt some sort of sick guilt and try to compensate for that by being racists towards white men....

This is what I always tell people is the difference between Conservatives and libs.. Conservatives never mention, never care, never consider what a person's race or religion is. We just view the person on their actions and their beliefs.. Liberals always try to classify, identify and pander to different groups. Black females want this, Hispanics want this, Jews want that and on and on...

It must be so tiring to be a liberal because you always have to figure what group you are pandering to today and try not to offend your other groups while you are pandering to one...

Conservatism is without a doubt, the best way to live and to govern. Everyone is the same, everyone gets treated equally and has a fair shot regardless of their religion, race or whatever group they are part of.

So no need to answer the question what would have happened if Bush or another Republican President would have said he wanted to "make sure" that jobs NOT go to black males.... I think we all know what would happen...

So until we realize that it the liberals who are actually the racists and treat groups differently, we can never find compromise with these people...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. "Conservatism is without a doubt, the best way to live and to govern."

    That's your problem, you don't have any doubts.

    "Everyone is the same, everyone gets treated equally and has a fair shot regardless of their religion, race or whatever group they are part of."

    The problem is not everybody starts out at the same starting line.

    You probably should have focused on what Reich actually said. He first mentioned skills, suggesting that people who already have these skills who might be "simply white male construction workers" not be the ONLY ones receiving jobs as a result of infrastructural economic stimulus. He is arguing that some of the effort focus on employing demographic groups who may be under represented in some of these trades.

    No sorry, it is people like you and Savage who are racist for attemping to incite resentment based on the sense of entitlement that some white men have.

  2. Mike,
    So conservatives are the ones for racial equality, and liberals are the real racists? Consider the following. This is one of the most intellectually honest and historically correct conservative arguments I have ever come across. It is from the comments (Gestell #58) of Prager's most recent column.’s_inaugural_address_short_on_inspiration?comments=true#comments

    "Getting down to principles
    It's about time that conservatives dusted off their principles and starting thinking with them again in connection with President Obama.

    Obama's presidency is possible because the civil rights movement happened and both Supreme Court decisions and legislation encouraged it and endorsed its goals. The inspiration for the civil rights movement came from the ideological left. Genuine conservatives in the 1950s and 60s opposed the goals and the tactics of the civil rights movement, as well as the laws that cemented those goals into American society. Bill Buckley said that the "South must prevail" against civil rights and Barry Goldwater voted against the 1964 civil rights act. Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and other southerners beloved by real conservatives opposed every major piece of legislation that followed in this area.

    The dismantling of segregation, which had always been justfied under the pro-Constitutional doctrine of states' rights, was an immense leftist piece of social engineering that paved the way for many other such efforts.

    The ending of slavery was accomplished by an aggressive act of big government by Abraham Lincoln. There was, after all, no genuine Constiutional argument against either the morality or the legality of slavery in the first place. Force brought it to an end, just as force was brought against the citizens of states who sought to retain their traditional way of life against liberal social engineers.

    From this history, it is clera to me that no conservative who understands conservative principles can possibly accept Barack Obama as our president. His candidacy and his election would have been unimaginable to the American founders, as well as to the vast majority of Americans for most of our country's history."

  3. One of the biggest projection posts ever done.

    Take this:

    "This is what I always tell people is the difference between Conservatives and libs.. Conservatives never mention, never care, never consider what a person's race or religion is. We just view the person on their actions and their beliefs.. Liberals always try to classify, identify and pander to different groups. Black females want this, Hispanics want this, Jews want that and on and on"


    And don't forget to add sexual classifications, and fashion classifications as well. (eg, long haired hippy).

  4. Let us not forget their racist views that minorities are simply not capable of success without help from the government. Perhaps this troll, and many libs like him, believe that a black man cannot land a job without big government assistance, but conservatives know that any man can be as much of a success as he chooses to be, no matter what the color of his skin is.

  5. Whites don't have entitlement they have bigger brain welcome to democracy

  6. A liberal's biggest fear is that all people truly become equal. Then they can no longer play the race card or use fear mongering to gain support.

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