Monday, February 9, 2009

Barry, Harry & Stretch - Their Brains need a Stimulus.... (videos..)

To my Conservative Friends:
I just heard on the news that Barry's Tax-Cheat head of the Treasury (Man, that is sad....), Timmy "I don't own a brush" Geitner has postponed the Government's roll out of the mortgage plan to fix the toxic debt issue that has single-handedly crippled the economy, until Tuesday...

The reason for the delay? They want Barry and his idiot socialist partners in Congress (Stinky Reid and Nasty Pelosi) to have more time to "hammer out the final details" of their "Stimulus" plan. Can this government walk and eat its caviar at the same time???? Evidently not.....

No, Stretch was busy making an ass out of herself last week the usual way by just opening her mouth... If you didn't see this, watch this 20 second clip and ask yourself "how dumb is this woman?".

WOW, and to think the libs called Sarah Palin unqualified!!!

This woman is so dumb, when your IQ hits 50, she should sell!!!

It takes her an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes!!!

I'm sorry, I digress - I just can't help myself.....

Now for the other dim-bulb over in the Senate, listen to this jack-of-no-trades, Harry the Body calling this ludicrous spending of $800 billion "wonderful" and calls the money we are going to borrow from the Chinese for this mistake "New Money":

Hey Harry you Ass - If ya gotta borrow the money to spend it, it Ain't new money, it's borrowed money!!!

And don't ya just love Chucky "Schmucky" Schumer grinning from ear to ear in the background? These libs just love spending your money!!!

It's just staggering that these people get elected - ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING that these 2 dolts run the congress and people keep voting for them!!!!

Putting the "Stimulus ahead of the bailout is so wrong and idiotic on so many levels that I don't know where to begin... Whats more important?? Fixing the root cause of this whole economic disaster in the mortgage mess or putting a cherry on the fattest, most wasteful pork-barrel spending spree any liberal has created in the history of this great Republic??? We can clearly see what the liberals' priority is...

Now, I have ranted about this economic mess for many months now and what has caused it... Just to summarize one more time - The overwhelming cause of this recession has been caused by these bad loans... When the banks went on this joy ride and started handing out free $$$ like libs handing out "give peace a chance" buttons, it created a massive snowball that crippled the entire Global economy. If this had not occurred, not only would we NOT be in a recession right now, but Barry Hussein Obama would have NEVER, EVER been able to sniff the Rose Garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let alone be its 4-year resident...

But let's leave that alone. The issue here is the priorities of those leading us... They choose to make their #1 goal finalizing this asinine "Stimulus" package and not work on the real problem that has been neglected ever since they voted last year to approve the TARP plan.

They must fix the mortgage mess first and foremost... What they are doing by prioritizing the "stimulus" over the mortgage plan is the equivalent of someone finding out that have a massive, cancerous tumor that needs to be addressed ASAP. But instead of going straight to the hospital to cure the disease, they opt to go on vacation for a few weeks to blow some coin and spend money like a drunkin' liberal!!

This economy will not recover no matter how much $$$ Barry and the libs spend... We must fix the cause of the disease first, then the rest of the body will heal.. The mortgage plan is the only hope that we can fix the housing mess, because once housing starts to recover, it will be the engine to fix the economy as a whole....

But Barry, Harry and Stretch seem to have other ideas....

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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