Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barry's Stimulus - Wait till ya see What's in this CRAP Sandwich!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

When I was in College, I worked for a good 'ol Italian CPA who taught me a lot about business and people. But the best things I learned where catchy sayings that were as comical as they were true.

One day, he gave me a box filled with a client's information for his tax return. The box was overflowing and busting full of disorganized receipts and a mess of other papers and files... He said that this was one of his biggest clients who pays him a lot of money...

When I started going through the mess, I said to him that we ought to call the client and ask him to summarize and organized this disaster for us. To which he said to me, "Mike, this guy pays me a lot of money, and I know he gives us a pile of crap to organize it for him. Sometimes in life, your dealt a big fat shi- sandwich and you have to just take a big bite!!!"

Well, I have used that lines more times that I would like to admit in my life since. However, I feel the need to use it again to analyze this "Stimulus" sh-- sandwich that our new Exalted Ruler has shoved in front of us and said "Bon Appetit!!!!"

You will be amazed at some of the crap this bill has in it to "revive the economy and create jobs"...

Here we go:

Of the some $820 Billion, he has targeted only $275 Billion in tax cuts while the other $545 Billion in additional spending!!! Here is a look at where your $545 Billion is going to fund:

* $90 Billion on infrastructure projects with a majority of the money going to make federal buildings more energy efficient.... How special that is for the Greens!!!

* $32 Billion to construct a "smart energy grid" - How ironic - the government building anything smart!!!!

* $6 Billion to bring high speed Internet access to rural and under served areas... - If they have been without it until now, they could go a few years longer until a private company determines it profitable to do it. But for the government to do it is a waste of taxpayer $$$!!!

* $1 Billion for the 2010 Census!!! - A cool billion to count some heads and hand out questionaires??? I didn't know it was that hard to count!!!! I'll do it for half that and do a better job - Gauranteed!!!

* $43 Billion to extend unemployment benefits - Here's a tip, if you don't spend $820 million, you might not need to pay unemployment benefits... But that's just me...

* $20 Billion to increase food stamps benefits - Way to keep those libs on the cycle of dependency Barr!!!!

* $1 Billion for Community Action Agencies, AKA Acorn - Don't ya love how they slip this shi- in!!!! Shameless!!!!

* $4 Billion for preventive Health Care - AKA Preventing births of babies by handing out condoms!!! WOW - $4 billion is a lot of condoms!! They better glow in the dark!!!

* $1.5 Billion for Community Health Centers/AKA Abortion clinics - Gotta fund the baby killers!!!!

* $13 Billion to repair and make public housing projects more energy efficient. Man - My house isn't even energy efficient - Guess I should move to public housing to get that new enviro-friendly green AC unit!!!!

I'm too sick to go on anymore..... Ma, get me the Pepto!!!

As you can see, Barry and the libs have called this massive entitlement bill that does nothing more than create a nanny state a "Stimulus" bill. The only thing this is going to stimulate is more debt, more taxes and more power for the federal government by creating dependent little liberal voters who will always have their hand out for the next program or grant and never become self-reliant!!! The only reliable thing that will come of it is that we become reliable democratic voters....

Does anyone out there think that spending $545 Billion on stuff we don't need with money we don't have is going to stimulate the economy and create jobs????

I sure as hell don't....

But that's just my thoughts...

GOP Mike