Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Biggest Liberal Hack in the Senate!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

One of our loyal readers to the site called me the other day to say how much he enjoyed one of the articles I wrote last week. After I thanked him, he mentioned to me that one of the videos in the article had the bedwetting libs in one of their usual press conferences/whining sessions. The camera's panned all the usual suspects from Stretch Pelosi, Harry the Body and the one guy who annoys him the most:
Little Chucky Schmucky Schumer

He said to me that this guy is in every damn press conference the socialists have. And sure enough, I went back to look and there he was on his tippy-toes to get that shi- eating grin in the shot!!!

So I did a little research and found that this guy is, indeed, the biggest media whore in the Senate. He is the ultimate liberal hack and one of the most strident, partisan Skells the Senate has ever seen. The guy has never, ever to my knowledge taken a Conservative position on anything. It's all lib, all the time for the Schmuck of the Senate

Just to show that our friend was not hallucinating, here is what we are talking about:

Notice in this scam-conference that the hack is not in the shot, but he keeps pretending to turn so he has to move withing the camera's eye - Shameless Hack!!!

Here is the Auto bailout bitch-session where Schmucky gets so close to Stinky Reid he could smell his pits!!!

And here was the one yesterday of Chucky behind Stinky:

I am not the one that should be giving Grandpa Harry any advice, but Stinky should hire a food taster because, Chucky seems to be gettin' a little too close...

Additionally, Chuck Schumer is the biggest political hypocrite I have ever seen. When he gives interviews, he is always asking for bi-partisanship and for compromise. However, when it comes to the rubber meeting the road, this windbag has never compromised and never gives an inch in his Marxist views. He is a socialist to his core that abhors anything resembling self-responsibility and has never met a tax he did not fall in love with...

And who can forget the blatant, despicable ways he has treated every Conservative nominated to the Supreme Court. This Skell voted against John Roberts and Samuel Alito... But you can bet he bends over backwards for Ruth Bader Ginsberg!!!

So I thank our friend who pointed out that this guy is the ultimate media whore.

So, GOP Mike declares Chucky Schmucky, the No. 1 liberal Hack in the US Senate...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. "Chuck Schumer is the biggest political hypocrite I have ever seen."

    I would say he is behind McCain and possibly Lott.


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