Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood Liberals are Shameless Hypocrites!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Just a few weeks back, I went to see one of the best movies I have ever seen in my forty years. I enjoyed it so much that I veered off my political ranting and liberal tooling for a day to write a review of the film, Gran Torino and to give our man, Clint Eastwood, a pre-congratulatory pat on the back for his inevitable, long overdue Oscar win (you can read my review by clicking HERE).

Clint gave an amazingly real, heartfelt performance as Korean War Veteran Walt Kowalski in what was widely viewed by every movie critic that I saw as “One of the best performances in one of the best films of the year”, period, end of sentence, end of story… Start polishing Clint’s first ever Best Actor Oscar to cap off what is arguably one of the most iconic and memorable careers in Hollywood for the 78 year old screen legend.

After all, this is most likely his last opportunity to win because, at 78 years old, I don’t know how many starring roles he is going to get or want. Although from looking at the film, he is clearly capable of more great performances. And the Academy has in years past recognized great careers by awarding the Oscar to a legend in the tail end of his career when he has been denied in prior years – remember Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman??? So, clearly they would reward Republican Clint and his film portraying a Conservative as a hero the same, right???

So on Jan 22, when the Academy announced its nominations, it was a foregone conclusion that not only would Clint and the movie both be nominated, but the film would rack up many nominations….

So how many nominations did Clint and Gran Torino receive from the Academy?????
A BIG FAT ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, None, Nada, Zippo, Zilch!!!! What a travesty!!!! Now I know why I don’t get into these types of things, because they are infuriating….

I was sickened enough that the bedwetting Academy libs snubbed Clint and Gran Torino, but what was more sickening was the all-star Hollweird pantywaists that got nominated… Let’s just take a gander of a few of the Academy’s faves that got nominations:

** Sean Penn – Oooooooh, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes sense….. The American-Blaming, morally superior surrender monkey and friend of every enemy of our great Republic won a nomination for his portrayal of a flaming homosexual running for political office in “Harvey Milk”.

It goes without saying that GOP Mike would not be caught dead at this “film”, but needless to say, this is a lib-tard’s dream picture with their dream actor……

** Meryl Streep – Ooooohhhh yeaaaaah!!!! Another unmedicated, terrorist coddling appeaser makes it again for her umpteenth time in a film called "Doubt" which mocks the Catholic Church!! How shocking and how original of the libs!!!

** Josh Brolin – The no-talent, my Daddy’s a star, tree-hugger who portrayed President Bush in the despicable piece of crap “W” that slandered, libeled and defamed a sitting President in the time of war to the liberal’s glee!!!

Do you get the point here???

If any of you libs think that Clint or Gran Torino did not get snubbed because Clint is a Republican and the movie portrays a Conservative as a hero, you are smoking from the Michael Phelps Bong!!!!

I don’t want to belabor the point here because we all get it… We know that if liberals control anything, they will blatantly go out of their way to smear, silence and screw any conservative and then brazenly appoint, defend and promote their wacked-out positions and fellow Marxists like we don’t know the deal….

I don’t ask the lib-tards to change their ways… They can go on screwing anything Conservative and keep promoting their liberal friends and causes. The only thing we should demand is that they just admit it and not pretend to be fair and balanced. Because they are the worst hypocrites I have ever seen….

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. If you actually had the common decency to experience things before you judge them, you would realize that "Milk" is by far a better movie than "Gran Torino," and that it's also suited to the Academy's standards.

    It is well-known fact that the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences appreciates films of a certain caliber. There are rarely action or comedy films in the mix; the Academy prefers dramas, biopics, and (more recently) musicals. And all three of the performers you named fit the mold of the Academy's vision of an award recipient.

    Sean Penn's performance as Harvey Milk was heart-wrenching. Many still do remember Milk in his crusade against Anita Bryant's discriminatory ordinances and legislation. It's a biopic, which usually fits in well with Oscar critics, and it also tells the story of someone that has to overcome a struggle to become a success. The juxtaposition of the film with real-life footage (especially the newsreels of now-Senator Dianne Feinstein announcing the assassinations) is a celebrated filming technique. If you got over your prejudices and your biases and actually *saw* "Milk," you'd realize that this film is far better put-together and Sean Penn's performance was far more realistic and celebrated than anything Clint Eastwood could put together.

    Meryl Streep is the definition of what the Academy wants. She's been nominated a record fifteen (15) times, and she's won both the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars. Her film this year, "Doubt," is an adaptation of a critically acclaimed and Tony Award-winning play. The film does not smear the Catholic Church; in fact, Streep's character does far more to combat abuse by priests than the actual Catholic Church does. The film speaks, instead, of the ideal of doubt, which truly originated with Rene Descartes in the 1600s. But being as ignorant as you are, I'm sure you didn't know that.

    And finally, Josh Brolin delivered another stunning performance in the film "Milk," which I've already described as a critical success. Brolin's character, conservative Christian Dan White, could easily have been portrayed as a homophobic maniac; yet, Brolin managed to add depth to the character and win praise from Christianity Today, a leading Christian magazine. They stated that Brolin humanized Dan White, instead of portraying him as a traditional crazy Christian villain. And while Brolin certainly had an initial career advantage due to his connections to James Brolin and Barbra Streisand, his performance in "Milk" shows exactly why his career is actually successful.

    There's a reason that Clint Eastwood was not nominated--and it's not because he's conservative. It's simply because his film does not fit the Academy mold--one that's been well established for decades. Penn, Streep, and Brolin have all delivered incredible performances this year, and their nominations (and, at least in Penn's case, win(s)) are well deserved.

    Furthermore, nominations were announced at least two weeks ago. If this blog is supposed to report news, then you're doing an awfully bad job at it.

    Keep up with the lies, I look forward to dismantling every single one of your arguments.

    Yours truly,

  2. Dear LiberalLad,

    You dismantled nothing. What you did was walk blindly into an obvious trap.


  3. Liberal Laddy-boy....

    Where do I start with you?????

    So many delusional comments, so little time....

    Point 1 :
    Your whole argument is based upon what you call "Academy Standards"... That IS my whole point!!! Their "Standards" reward the most liberal, left-wing, homosexual-loving, extreme feminist, anti-church, anti-anything traditional agenda there is....

    You make my whole argument for me... I should hire you to be a guest Looney Lib writer on the blog and my readers can see first hand the mind of the kooky liberal... Here comes the white coats laddy....

    I almost pissed my pants when you referenced Diane Franken-Stein as a reason to see the film....

    Ooooh, they had Diane Feinstein in the movie!!!! Now I see your point!!!! Gotta see her give a "heart-felt" monologue!!!!

    Anything that woman ever does is to pander to the kook fringe... Grandstanding to the freaks I call it...

    Point 2:
    You say the Academy favors Dramas... Well, what the hell was Gran Torino, a comedy????

    Get a clue Laddy-Boy!!!

    And the next movie I see has gotta be a Biopic!!!! Speak English there softie, no Coffee-House, over-educated, elitist high-brow talk allowed here that you use when you’re sharing a mocha-chino and a raspberry scone with your socialist buddies!!!!

    Point 3:
    You libs are so out of it…. You speak of the most extreme leftist in Hollyweird, Meryl Screech doing a film called “Doubt” about the Catholic Church being actually pro-church??? C’mon!!!!

    The libs put this actor and that title out there and they accomplish their goal of smearing the church because they know nobody in their right might would plunk down 10 bucks to see this crap, so they get their message out anyway….

    The crap about “Rene Descartes in the 1600s” in just cover for the libs to have a backup story so they defend their pathetic garbage….

    Point 4: “Josh Brolin actually “humanized” the character “instead of portraying him as the traditional crazy Christian Villain”???? This is so insulting you can’t even know.

    You socialists did the same thing with W and the Nixon crap. Conservatives always need to be “Humanized”??

    Do you actually read back the shit you write, or do you lift it straight from Pravda and cut and past????

    Point 5:
    As far as the nominations 2 weeks ago, Laddy, this is not an entertainment blog. It is a political one. My focus is to write and keep current on events in government and politics. When I have time, I comment of stuff like this…

    So, when you grow up and create a site of your own and write your socialist talking points you will decide what and when to publish articles..

    btw – I just checked GoDaddy and www.I’ is available…..

    Better snatch it up before Barry trademark’s it!!!!

    Last Point:

    As far as dismantling my arguments, the undressing you just endured is what the kids today called – getting “OWNED”!!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your lesson …

    Class Dismissed….

    GOP Mike

  4. Unfortunately, Sean Penn will get it for MILK

    Sharise Parviz

  5. Laddy-liberal, whatever your name is,
    I just want to say, I enjoyed your comment, because it gave me hope. Hope that GOP Mike would rip you a new one, and I was not left wanting.

    Good day, you brainwashed, out of touch, liberal.

    And a good day, or rather, night to you GOP Mike! Keep at it. I know I will.

  6. Sorry, it seems the shows of a capitalist industry do not get to vote according to "whom is conservative" around.

    Do your own oscars leech.

  7. All time box office:

    Enough said.

  8. Conservatives dislike Milk, because their middle eastern religion instructs them to kill homosexuals and violate the liberty of others. Milk is a representation of them, of the ongoing threat that a secular society values individual liberty and takes no non-scientific excuses over the wishes of the sadistic mob.

    Its no wonder they don't like it. But then again, who cares about the opinion of losers whose main self-descriptive point is how everyone else is more "elite" than their ilk.

  9. So Mike, I read this post earlier this week, and coincidentally I had Eastwood directed film Million Dollar Baby on the way from Netfilx, which by the way was excellent.

    Anywhoo, Although he hasn't won best actor, it seems the Academy has recognized Eastwood quite well over the years. See below. So quit whining on his behalf.
    Results displayed by nominee; sort is alphabetical
    Win indicated by an asterisk (*)

    Clint Eastwood
    1992 (65th) * DIRECTING -- Unforgiven [statuette]
    * BEST PICTURE -- Unforgiven [statuette]

    1994 (67th) * IRVING G. THALBERG MEMORIAL AWARD -- [Thalberg bust]
    2004 (77th) * DIRECTING -- Million Dollar Baby [statuette]
    * BEST PICTURE -- Million Dollar Baby [Clint Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy and Tom Rosenberg, Producers] [statuette]

  10. Hollywood is Chock full of communists.Just think of how many stars have become absolutely giddy when they met their man Fidel Castro.I have an idea:The next time one of those geniuses goes to meet Fidel,Let's suspend their visa so they can't reenter the good old US of A.No more You Red "Stars."

  11. Hey there Commie,It's obvious that you are out of touch with everything.

  12. Hey commielad,GET A LIFE!!!