Friday, February 27, 2009

Krauts are Koo Koo for Bam Bam Puffs!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Did anyone catch the parade in Germany with a GIANT-sized Obama Angel float??? They idolize this guy so much is it bordering on Creepy...

In the parade, the Germans decided to "salute" America's new President that has done nothing other than write checks and promise every Harry Hard Luck and Sally Sob Story a Prime-Rib in every pot with a side of mortgage payments and free health-care for dessert...

If you did not catch the parade, here is the, more than weird, pic:

Now I follow American politics closer than I would like to admit. I understand the liberal mind as much as I can without getting too close to be infected with some disease. So I understand the Slobbering love affair, as Bernie Goldberg has written about in his new book, the media has with Barry.

However, I don't understand this sick infatuation the Euros and, more specifically, the Germans have with Barry. Its not like he is going to pay for their mortgages and give them free crap. And if they get attacked, they surely would be better off with a Republican at the helm to kick some Arab ass and clean house rather than some socialist softie that wants to "talk" his way out of the locker he just got stuffed in by Ahmadinejad...

When the Messiah was running for President, he visited Europe and they showed up in the thousands to come and scream his name and carried signs proclaiming him the Saviour!!!

I don't get it...

So I ask you folks what you think the reason is... Because it certainly doesn't make sense to me...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. The Euro's are tired of democracy. The EU is basically set up as a dictatorship with no dictator. So the people are getting desperate for somebody to fill the top slot, relieve them of the necessity to think about issues and make the trains run on time.

  2. That float looks to be more satire than serious. I would hope. Hmmm, guess not, I dunno. If they really think this way, then oh yes, it's creepy. But I just can't help but snort coffee out of my nose it's so funny.

  3. Remember the Euro float from the 1990's - showing Bill Clinton reaching around the Statue of Liberty to grope her boobs? Yep - Bill Clinton brought far more to the table that the alleged "oaf" of George Bush!

  4. “They idolize this guy so much..”

    Some Europeans may, but the makers of the floats that I’ve seen, were MOCKING 0BAMA!!

    The flying angel 0 with Europa hanging on to his, yep, penis, was right in line with we who disparagingly call him “the Messiah”, “The One”, etc. and criticizes the EU for expecting 0 to save them!

    The float of him as the oblivious captain of a sinking ship made out of dollars, while W safely rows away in a lifeboat; certainly isn’t idolizing 0!

    If that doesn’t convince you: the float with him playing with children’s blocks while the Statute of Liberty is about to bash him with her torch, is DISDAIN pure and simple!

  5. Read the Bible, specifically Revelations. When you read about the unabashed adoration of the Anti-Christ, and how the world lets him control every aspect of their lives, you think "there is no way people could fall for this stuff!" Then you see how more than half of America and most of the rest of the world have gone ga-ga for Zero. I'm not saying or implying he is the Anti-Christ, I'm just making a point that the Bible has predicted this sort of un-deserved, uncritical adoration on a world political figure, and ... sure enough we are seeing it happen in our own time.